Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 110

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 110

Katya POV

“I shifted, ” I said, shocked, looking down at myself. I sniff the air only for Ares to come lick my nose, making me shake my head before he nips at me again.

I felt stronger, felt buzzed in this form. Everything felt new, even when Kora was with me it never felt like this. I could even see the dust in the air, smell the river that was pretty far from the packhouse, hear the patrol wolves’ paws on the earth as they ran the border, every little sound had my head snapping in every direction and my ears twitching on my head.

I could also hear Maddox even locked away within Ezra like a direct link to him that not even Ezra could block me from me. He wanted out but Ezra wouldn’t let him come close to the surface. I could feel both of them like a teether, a live wire directly to both my mates so much stronger than before, so much more overwhelming.

“Maddox?” I whisper hearing him whine in my head, Ezra stares at me and I cock my head to the side listening to him trying to claw his way out, yet Ezra doesn’t acknowledge his presence.

“Let Maddox out” I tell Ezra, stepping forward. He ruffles my fur, grabbing handfuls of it gently tugging on it.

“Not now, ” Ezra says.

“But you’re hurting him, I can hear him. Why are you hurting him?” I ask Ezra, sniffing his neck.

“I’m not hurting him” Ezra says, staring at me but I shake my head sitting on his legs. Ares comes closer tugging on my ear making me shiver.

“Yes you are, you’re rejecting him, stop rejecting him” I tell him softly, Maddox whining was breaking my heart, he wasn’t just wanting to be forward with his mates but with Ezra.

“I can’t let him out, Kat, he may hurt one of you,” Ezra says.

“Maddox won’t hurt us, I can feel him just like I can feel you and Mateo and Ares, I can feel everything” I whisper the last part, because it was true, feel everything not only what Ezra and Mateo feel but their wolves. Like a hum, a direct link to their mentality and emotions it was hard to explain.

Maddox was hurting, Ezra hurting but they were both hurting each other more with their own inability to trust the other.

I pull on his teether, pull on Maddox. It was the weirdest sensation but I could do it, pull on his energy when Ezra gasps, grabbing my head and I know he could feel me pulling him from the confines of his mind, forcing him forward with him.

“Stop it” Ezra says firmly, yet his hold is gentle.

“No, you don’t trust him to behave but he doesn’t trust you to let him live. I know what he did, he won’t do that again”

And I did know, his memories filtering into mine and the more I focused on it the more I could see, every memory he ever had, I could see not only Ezra’s memory’s but Maddox’s when he would block Ezra out. I shouldn’t be able to see this but I could, it was like filtering through my own memories but they weren’t mine, like watching a movie, feeling what he felt in each moment.

Looking at Mateo and Ares, I could do the same as I shuffled and filtered his memories before stopping on one in particular that made me chuckle. It was when he first met me at the storage sheds could even hear what he thought.

‘That’s the Beta’s daughter? Pretty scrawny for a she-wolf, damn she has nice tits though’

I watch as he steps closer and shakes my father’s hand before catching my scent. He found it odd, making me wonder if I smelt like that, because I smelt like them, like Mateo and Ezra rolled into one. I shake the memory away.

Ares ducks his head when I repeat Mateos thoughts.

“Stay out of my head Kat” Mateo says, making me laugh.

“Your perverted thoughts are safe with me” I tell him.

“You can feel both of us?” Ezra asks, making me look back at him.

“Yes, Maddox didn’t recognise the patroller Ezra, he was overrun with my emotions that he didn’t pick up his scent, thought he was trespassing, he didn’t do it intentionally, so let him out, he would not

hurt his pack member’s deliberately, he isn’t your father’s wolf” I tell him.

Ezra sighs, but still doesn’t let him out having not forgiven him. “Soon Maddox” I tell him.

“Can you speak to him when he is locked away? ” Ezra asks, a little baffled.

“Yes and feel him, pull on him as if he is my own” I tell him trying to find the right words to accurately explain the weird link to him.

“Can you do it in human form?” He asks.

“I think so” I tell him but that leaves another dilemma, how the heck do I change back? I knew I could shift again now that I had done it, but I had no idea how to do it in reverse.

“How do I shift back?” I ask, looking down at my furry legs and tail.

“I can probably command you Now that you have shifted and we know you can” Ezra says, when Ares speaks his voice flitting through my head.

“You can feel me right? So feel what I do” he says before licking my cheek. He shifts back slowly and I know he was making it painful for Mateo as he showed me. Kind of like extracting and retracting claws only with body parts, like tensing a muscle except it was snapping and rearranging the bones.

I tried it, feeling my shoulders pop, the feeling was sickening, making me hesitate. “Keep going, just don’t think about it, think of your human form” Ares says, Mateo eyes pitch black showing Ares still had control even in this form.

I focus on trying to remember what it feels like to be human before suddenly feeling everything snap at once, skin replacing fur, fingernail instead claws, hands instead of paws, everything adjusting and next thing I am straddling Ezra’s legs.

Mateo smiles and I see Ares recede yet could still feel him and Maddox like I suspected in this form.

I was trying to catch my breath, shifting back so quickly taking its toll on me, yet I felt oddly calm and centred, whole.

“I guess we should call Andrei” I tell them before sighing, I just wanted to go to bed.

“Or we could wait till tomorrow, there is no rush Kat, your father is safer with Andrei, at least we know where he is” Mateo says and I nod, thinking. I was worried about seeing my father, I felt sick knowing he just tossed his son away like he meant nothing to him. I felt guilty knowing I got our fathers attention while he was forgotten about.

“Come on, lets go inside” Ezra says and I stand up allowing him to completely forgetting we were outside and two of us were butt n*ked.

Ezra POV

I woke early in a sweat, nightmares of Maddox ripping him apart tormenting me, how powerless I was to pull him back from the insanity. Sitting upright, I toss the blanket off before walking in the bathroom and wetting my face and neck, trying to slow my racing heart and cool down. Walking back out into the bedroom, Kat and Mateo were both still asleep and had become an entanglement of limbs. I shake my head at them, three days I felt them, I was a little jealous at how easily things came for both of them, Mateo never having to worry about Ares ripping her apart, never having to hold himself back with her because he had full control and a bond like no other with his wolf. Whereas I couldn’t trust Maddox, couldn’t trust him not to hurt them, though I know it is never his intention. I grab a shirt pulling it on before heading downstairs to my office.

“Walking in I text Andrei letting him know kat shifted, despite the early hour his reply was instant but not the response I was thinking I would receive.

Andrei: Is my sister ok?

Me: Yes, asleep but perfectly fine.

Andrei: Ok good, I may come over tomorrow so she can get used to her new abilities.

Me: New abilities?

Andrei:Yes she should be able to see into everyone’s past now, she won’t be able to help it. She will become curious. Also her senses should be heightened more than even ours and you may want to tell everyone to steer clear now, she could go into heat again. If you notice any other odd things let me know, not much is said about Gemini wolves

given she is the second to exist. Be good to write it down for future reference.

Me: Will let you know how she goes tonight. I send back before placing my phone on the desk. I sit down going over pack finances and checking what bills need to be settled. It wasn’t long before I heard footsteps signaling one of them was up and by the overtired feeling through the bond I knew it was Mateo. He has barely been sleeping, worried about Kat sleep walking or going off the deep end, so had made sure to keep himself busy of a night until he was certain she wasn’t going to wake.

My office door creaks open and Mateo sticks his head in. “Coffee?” He asks and I sit back in my chair before nodding he closes the door, yet I could feel he was upset about something. I shake the feeling off instead intending to ask him about it when he returns. I finish the small pile paper’s, writing down the receipt numbers on each form before looking around for the rest. Usually there was twice that size of a pile for one day and I had been gone for 3. so that can’t be all of it. Getting up, I walk over the bookshelf to see if Marge had dropped any letters in the grey basket of odds and ends. Yet there wasn’t mail in there either.

Mateo walks in handing me a mug of coffee.” Thanks” I tell him. Searching for the mail just as Mateo goes to walk back out.

“Wait stay, I want to talk to you” I tell him, sipping my coffee before walking around my desk and opening drawers.

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