Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 107

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 107

Katya POV

“About 8 weeks” Jasmine says excitedly, I furrow my brows at her, looking down at her stomach.

“Ah you haven’t been with your mate that long, and shouldn’t you be massive seeing as werewolf babies are born in half the time?” I ask. Jasmine chuckles obviously finding what I said rather funny. Yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the non existent baby bump.

“No, Kat bub is 8 weeks in a fetal development, I a m only like a week or two pregnant but scans are still done with human technology” Even Angie laughed at my idiocy.

“Hello kat, did you not pay attention in your child studies class” Angie laughs.

“In my defence, I have hardly been at school” I tell them with a shrug besides babies were the last thing on my mind, though I am happy and excited for Jasmine.

“I am surprised Ezra and Mateo haven’ t knocked you up yet though” Angie says, thoughtful.

“Not like we are exactly careful either” Ezra says walking into the kitchen, it had been the most he had spoken to either Mateo or I and it wasn’t even to us, but to the girls. He walks over and grabs a beer out of the fridge before sitting at the dining table and watching us. I watch Angie grow nervous but Ezra pays her no attention instead looking out the double glass doors to the treeline.

“Well eventually, too bad you haven’t found your mate it would be nice to not be the only one getting fat and pregnant” Jasmine says looking at Angie.

“Sure I will get right onto that” She chuckles.

“Yep as soon as you find him, just shag him so we can be fat together” Jasmine tells her, Angie’s face grows bright red at her words.

“Gotta find him first” Angie laughs nervously. Yet her blush didn’t go unnoticed by either of us,“ What you all embarrassed about, look how bright red she is. Not getting any Angie?” Jasmine asks and I also look at her blushing face, finding it odd, she has boys hanging off her all the time at school, yet mention sex and she turns bright red.

“She is a virgin” Ezra says, making both me and Jasmine stare at him like he just grew two heads.

“Bullshit she dated half the football team” Jasmine says looking at Angie whose face just grew redder before she processed what Jasmine said. “That doesn’t mean I am whore Jas” I chuckle at their bickering but even I thought Angie was far from being virgin.

“Hey not my fault, I heard the rumours going around school, I assumed some of them had to be correct”

“ Thank Jas for thinking so little of me, Just because I dated them doesn’t mean I slept with

them besides could you imagine what my brothers would have done to any poor boy that tried” Jasmine seems thoughful for a second. “Hmm, true ” Jasmine says before apologising to her.

“Sorry, my judgement was clearly wrong, wait how do you know she is a virgin?” Jasmine says turning t o look at Ezra, he taps his nose before looking at his phone screen.

“Everyone should leave soon Kat, Andrei will be here in twenty minutes” Ezra says.

“Who, that Alpha from the next pack over?” Jasmine asks him and he nods.

“Yeah turns out he is my brother,” I answered her, making both their heads whip back to me.

“You have a brother?” Angie asks.

“Yep, I will fill you in later, just another thing that has came out of the box of family secrets”

“Well make sure you ring us later, I will be heading to Angie’s tonight anyway. I want to hear about this alleged brother you have” Jasmine says and I nod. I follow them both out to the car giving them both a hug, when I notice Angie sniff me quickly before shaking her head.


“Nothing, I can smell your mates is all” She says before unlocking her car and climbing into the driver’s side. Jasmine honks the horn as she leaves and Angie follows her. I wait till they disappear around the bend before heading inside.

Walking into the kitchen Ezra was still sitting in the same spot at the table. “You okay?” I ask, walking over to him, he pushes his chair out before pulling

me onto his lap.

“Yep, fine, I just have things to do today” He says.

“Like what?” I ask him.

“Patrol rosters so hopefully Andrei isn’t here too long”

“Already did it, done it yesterday with Alex” Mateo says entering the kitchen. He leans on the counter staring at Ezra. “How is Maddox?” Mateo asks him.

“Under lock and key” Ezra says, his mood instantly changing.

“Sure that’s wise?” Mateo asks him.

“For now it is” Ezra tells him before tapping my thigh wanting me to get up.

“I’ll be in my office, call out when Andrei gets

here” He says before walking off. Mateo sighs but doesn’t say anything else and lets him go.

Mateo and I wait around and once it hits 12, I hear a car pulling up out the front. I quickly get up to greet Andrei. “I will let Ezra know he is here, ” Mateo says, wandering off down the hall toward his office. Walking outside Andrei was just getting out of his car while I walked toward him.

“Hey Sis”

“Gosh that sounds so weird” I tell him as I approach him. He grabs me, squishing me against him and hugging me before I feel his entire body tense. I try to pull away from him but his grip tightens as he yanks me back toward him.

“Andrei?” I Shriek his grip tightening on my arm. He jams his face in my neck, before pulling back and I see the eyes of his wolf peering at me. Andrei

shakes his head, his eyes returning to normal yet he still hadn’t let my arm go. Instead he rips me back to him as I try to step away from.

“Andrei let go, you’re hurting me” I snap at him, his claws slipping into my arm when he grips the front of my shirt sniffing me.

“Who were you just with, tell me now Kat”


“Whose scent is that” He demands his eyes flickering black and his canines protrude from beneath his upper lip. When suddenly Andrei is ripped away from me, I shrieked before seeing Ezra punch him making Andrei stumble back before Ezra slams him on the bonnet of Andrei’s car.

“Keep your f*cking hands off her” Ezra growls at him, while Andrei puts his hands up not even fighting back. Ezra shoves him before stepping away from him.

“You ok?” He asks, turning to face me when Andrei slides off his bonnet to his feet.

“You told me every girl was here when I walked through” Andrei growls at him before spitting blood on the ground.

“What?” Ezra says, spinning around to face him.

“When I did the walk through looking for my mate, yet I can smell her all over Kat”

“Kat’s not your f*cking mate” Ezra tells him. Andrei pulls a face at him.

“Not my sister, smell her shirt, I can smell someone else on her, tell me who it is” Andrei says.

Ezra growls at him but pulls me to him before sniffing me. “It’s only Angie and Jasmine scents”

“Then get them here” Andrei tells him.

“Don’t come on my pack and order me around, Andrei I don’t give a f*ck if your kats brother,”

Andrei sighs, “I can smell my mate on her, you said I saw the girls here, clearly you lied” Andrei tells him.

“I didn’t lie, I showed you all the girls of age, Angie would have been only 12 when you walked through Andrei, I sure as hell wasn’t taking a 20 year old Alpha to a school of underage girls, you could have said any of them were your mate and they wouldn’t have been able to tell if you were or not” Ezra tells him.

“Well she is of age now, I want my mate, bring me my mate please Ezra” Andrei says just as Mateo comes over hearing the commotion. “What’s going on?” Mateo asks.

“Andrei thinks Angie is his mate, he can smell her on Kat” Ezra explains.

“Yeesh got your hands full there” Mateo says. Andrei growls at him and Mateo smirks at him folding his arms across his chest.

“I just want my mate, I will give you Derrick back”

“Angie isn’t going anywhere unless she says she wants to leave with you” Ezra says, making me look at him, he hates Angie why the sudden change of heart.

“ I’m not leaving without my mate” Andrei says, sitting on his car.

“Mateo get Angie here” Ezra tells him.

“I mean it, she doesn’t want to go with you, she stays Andrei. I may not like the girl but she is still my pack member”

“I’m not going to hurt my mate, Ezra, ” Andrei snaps at him.

“ She is on her way” Mateo says, obviously having mindlinked her.

“I will have one of my men drop our father to you” Andrei tells me.

“I don’t care about a swap Andrei, but Angie is one of my friends” Andrei holds his hand up.

“I won’t hurt my mate” Andrei says before rummaging through his pocket, he pulls a packet of smokes out before lighting one and then he offers me one.

“She doesn ‘ t smoke, don’t offer that shit to her” Ezra tells him and Andrei shrugs, placing the packet back in his pocket. A few seconds later I feel the mindlink open up. Angie’s voice flitted through my head.

“Kat is everything alright, Mateo told me to come over urgently”

“Everything is fine, are you running or driving?”

“Running, he said it was urgent”

“I will grab you a towel, someone is here I want you to meet” I tell her.

“Well I am not far out, probably five minutes, I can meet you out the back” She says and I cut off the link.

“Who was that?” Andrei asks, watching me.

“Angie, I need to get her a towel, she is in wolf form, she should be here any minute” I tell him walking toward the house.

“Well hurry up then Andrei, I haven’t got all day, come see if it’s her” Ezra tells him walking around the outside of the house to the backyard while I walk inside to grab her a towel to cover herself with.

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