Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 104

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 104

Katya POV

My eyes fluttered open to see the ceiling, I sat up confused. The last thing I remembered was getting in the car and Maddox pulling me on his lap. I rub m y eyes wondering if I was dreaming, yet I don’t remember falling asleep and how did I get in our bed? Rolling over, I come face to face with Ezra’s wolf. He was curled up beside me, growling in his sleep. I go to wake him when I hear footsteps making me look at the door. Mateo steps in, his voice flitting through my head.

“Don’ t wake him, he only got home 3 hours ago” Mateo tells me, making me look at Maddox beside me, he growls in his sleep and I go to climb off the bed when he moves, his big furry head landing on m y chest.

“What time is it?” I mindlink back.

“5:30 A.M.” I sigh, putting my head back on the pillow. Maddox moved and placed his paw on top of my head. I push it off so it lands on the pillow above my head before rolling on my side to face him. His

head moved as I rolled, his nose pressing against my neck and I brush his fur. I see Mateo sit on the other side of him.

“Why is he in this form, where is Ezra?” I whisper to Mateo.

“Maddox didn’t give him control back and then he fell asleep” Mateo tells me.

“Wait, why did he take control?” I ask Mateo and his eyes snap to mine.

“You don’t remember?” He asks and I shake my head wondering what there was to remember.

Mateo sighs before muttering. “Of course you don’t,” Mateo rubbed his eyes. Looking at him, he doesn’t look like he had much sleep. He leans back

against the headboard closing his eyes before speaking again.

“How do you feel?” He whispers and I furrow my brows in confusion.

“Fine, just wondering how I got in bed” I tell him, running my fingers through Maddox fur. He purrs in his sleep before I hear Mateo snoring softly, making my eyes dart to him. Looking at the clock, I still had 2 hours before Andrei was meant to get here. I wiggle out from under Maddox’s Paw that was on my hip and his other above my head. I gently place his huge furry paw on the bed pushing my pillow closer for him. He sniffs it in his sleep before he exhales loudly, his giant furry body rising and falling heavily with each breath.

I head to walk-in and grab some clothes before sneaking to the bathroom in the hallway and quickly chucking them on, leaving them both to sleep in the bedroom. Once dressed, I walk downstairs to the kitchen and flick the kettle on and make myself a coffee, being careful not to bang the teaspoon on the cup and wake them. I could feel

they were both still asleep. I felt wide awake and knew going back to sleep was not going to happen, I feel like I have been asleep for days. Walking around the packhouse I do some housework filling the time. When it was getting close to the time he was meant to arrive I slipped some socks on and my joggers.

Hearing a car pull up, I quickly duck out the front door to see Andrei’s car pull into the driveway, parking next to Ezra’s and Mateo’s. I noticed he didn’t bring his usual guards like yesterday when he climbed out of the car. I half expected him to bring at least one person with him since he was going onto another territory, but he brought no one. He shuts the car door and I cringe at the noise before he looks over the rooftop of his car at me. I raise a finger to my lips telling him to be quiet. He nods before walking around his car towards me.

“Is there a reason I have to be quiet?” He asks and I roll my eyes at him before walking around the back of the house.

“Maddox took control of Ezra or something, I am

not sure. Mateo fell asleep before he told me why, but they are both asleep” I tell him.

“You seem in a better mood” He says.

“No guards? ”I ask him. He chuckles, shaking his head following me out the back.

“What, Do I need protection from you sis?” he asks, making me shake my head.

“Coffee?” I ask him but he holds up a water bottle before walking into the centre of the yard making me follow him.

“He sits on the grass and I put my hands on my hips, staring down at him wondering what he is doing when he pats the grass in front of him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be teaching me how to shift?” I ask him.

“What do you think I am doing?” He asks patting the grass in front of him, he cracks the lid on his drink bottle before taking a sip. This was the most casual I have seen him as he only had shorts on and Black T-shirt.

“How can I be your sister, I don’t understand or was that a lie?” I ask him and he places the cap back on his bottle before shaking his head.

“No, it is the truth though I am a little shocked you couldn’t tell when you first met me, I recognised you instantly as a relative”

“I didn’t even know my own mother wasn’t my mother” I tell him with a shrug.

“Your scent gave you away, you smell like my bio father” He says waving his hand forward telling me to come closer. I pull a face at him.

“I am not doing anything, if I was going to I would have already” He says. I roll my eyes, leaning over and sniffing him.

Hmm, I thought, he does smell like my father but it is very faint.

“But wait you tried to mate me ” I tell him, grossed out. Andrei also cringes at my words.

“No my wolf Donnie did, I wasn’t prepared for you to go into heat in front of me and he locked onto your scent, our wolves don’t recognise family when they are crazed, I am into some kinky shit but that’s just disgusting, even I have limits Katya”

“How are you my brother though?”

“You should ask our father when I hand him back”

“I would rather hear your side first, my parents don’t have the best track record with telling the truth, did he know about you, wait did my mums know about you?” I ask him, suddenly curious about who Andrei actually is.

“ I’m not sure about your mothers but yes he did. I will tell you, but don’t accuse me of lying, I am not a liar” He says leaning back on his hands. I nod wanting him to tell me and he does.

“Your father, well technically our father. Met my mother when they were both rogues”

“My dad was a rogue?”

“Yep so was I for 1o years of my life, when 1 6 dad said he was going to ask Alpha Jackson if we could join his pack only he never returned, we thought at first that Jackson was holding him for trespassing, it wasn’t until 2 years later when we met Anthony, he was banished from Jackson’s pack and was one of their new warriors, he spoke of a woman, who was his mate but she rejected him because her other mate, refused to share her”

“My mother Katherine?” He nods his head.

“My mother wasn’t your father’s mate, he never marked her, so when he found his mate, he abandoned us and moved on leaving me and my mother behind and leaving us as rogues”

“So how come you were rogues?”

“Have your mates father to thank for that, he killed our pack Alpha forcing those of us that survived to turn rogue”

“But you’re an Alpha?” I tell him and he nods.

“I am now, not by blood obviously, Dad was the Alpha’s Beta. We remained a pack of rogues for a few years until Anthony and few others saved up enough to buy some land and we made a packhouse, everyone pledged to him wanted him as Alpha, then when I hit 18 he handed the title down to me, making me an Alpha”

“ So is Anthony, my mum’s other mate, is he still Alive?” Andrei nods his head.

“Yes, while you got raised by dad, Anthony marked my mother and took her as his mate, he used to tell me stories of his old mate being some sort of

healer, so I started researching, honestly I thought he was losing his marbles, well until I met you and I realised everything my stepfather told me was

true” He says turning the cap on his water bottle and opening it, he takes a sip offering it to me but I shake my head.

“Anyway enough chit chat, let’s get you too shift”

“Wait, just one more question” He sighs but nods.

“Why do you want my venom?” He laughs before shaking his head.

“Can’t tell you all my secrets” He says and I press my lips in a line.

“Do you know anything about meditation?” He asks and I raise an eyebrow at his words.

“You want me to meditate?” I ask him and he shrugs, crossing his legs and placing his hands on his knees.

“Hey don’t look at me like that, it is good for you. Helps find your grounding place” Great, I had a brother and he was some sort of hippy.

“I will try it” I tell him and he smiles, he actually did look like my father slightly when he did that, I shake the thought away. “Okay, just copy me and close your eyes and take a deep breath in” I try not to laugh but do as he says.

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