Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 101

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 101

I push Ezra away, he knew where my father was and didn’t tell me? He knows how much I am struggling with not having my family, and he knew where my father was and kept it from me.

“And you didn’t think to tell me?” I ask him.

“We didn’t want to worry you, my men saw him at the border and reported back to me, but your father attacked my men and slipped across into Andrei’s pack. I tried to get him back but Andrei won’t hand him over unless” Ezra doesn’t finish and Mateo growls behind me when he doesn’t finish what he was going to say. But I already knew what he wasn’t saying.

“Unless you give him me” I finish for him. Ezra nods before rubbing my arms with his hands.

“I won’t let him hurt you Kat, I think he just wants to talk to you, he said he can help” Ezra explains.

“Help with what, he killed my mother and now has my father?”

“Maybe we should hear him out, Kat. He seems to know what he is talking about” Ezra tells me and I scoff at his words. He wants me to go play friends with the man responsible for helping kill my mum, i s he insane. In what universe did he think I would b e ok with that?

“No,I will go to get my father back but I am not having anything to do with Andrei” I tell him before walking off only to stop again when he speaks.

“Your mother lied Kat, she never got rid of the scrolls she gave them to Jackson. Andrei has them” Ezra says.

“Why does Andrei have them then?” I ask turning back around to face them.

It made no sense why Andrei would have the scrolls if she gave them to Jackson.

“He made a trade, he was never helping Jackson or s o he claims, he just wanted the scrolls”

“Let me guess my mother was the trade, her life for these stupid scrolls that supposedly break the curse, well what a waste of time that was, the curse is broken already” I tell him.

“Just see what he has to say, ”

“No, now take me to wherever my father is so I can get him back before he kills him too” I tell him.

“Kat he won’t just hand him over, you want your father back you will have to hear him out Kat, I have known Andrei for years he isn’t just going to hand him back he will make you earn him back”

“Earn him back?”

“Yes Kat, why else would he take your father and the scrolls, he knows something, or I don’t know Kat. But you go in there demanding him back Andrei may just kill him and declare war. We can’t afford a war with them along with Jackson’s pack, Andrei is best off as an alliance, I won’t put my pack at risk because you can’t see past your anger or because you want your father back”

“He killed my mother, Ezra I am not helping him do anything”

“We should hear him out first, maybe he hasn’t got bad intentions, we won’t know till we speak with him, you go in there looking for a fight we could start a war we can’t afford right now”

“I am not trying to start a war I just want my father back”

“He is right Kat, Andrei has more alliances than our pack, we go to war with them we will lose, Andrei has numbers we don’t have and the other packs will back him if it means taking our pack down” Mateo says.

“Why would they get involved when they are scared of your pack?”

“Because you don’t get the reputation my pack has Kat, without making a lot of enemies, half these packs ran around here were built out of those that survived my pack when we ran through them, they keep there heads down to not draw attention but I a m not stupid kat, if they see Andrei step up they will follow him, Andrei’s pack is just as strong as ours we are evenly matched if he declares war, they will follow him”

“So you want me to do what he asks?”

“He said he just wants to chat, we will find out what his intentions are, he wants to keep the alliances going, we need the alliances to stay in place”

“And what if he wants me to be his healer or whatever then what, my father just dies?”

“Andrei knows I would never give you to him, he knows I would go to war over you. He won’t be that stupid, he wants something else we just need to figure out what it is” Ezra says.

“We won’t ever hand you over kat, that is never an option” Mateo adds.

“I couldn’t care less about being handed over, I care about my father being killed because of me”

“If it becomes a choice between you and your father Kat, I’m sorry but I will lay your fathers life down in a heartbeat, I won’t lose you” Ezra says.

“Enough people have died for this curse, I won’ t lose my father to it Ezra”

“That’s not a choice you will get to make Kat, your father wouldn’t want you dieing for him, and I won’t allow you to give your life for his, we will try to get your father back but if not kat, when it comes time to choose, you walk away because if you don’t. I will kill your father myself” Ezra says before walking past me and heading inside.

“Just hear Andrei out, he isn’t all bad Kat, we have known him for years he may not have bad intentions”

“He took my father and killed my mother Mateo”

“And with your family’s secrets, he might just have a reason too, Kat. He knew what you were the moment he saw you, it is too much of a coincidence. He knows something Kat, Ezra is right and for once listen to him, don’ t do anything where you force Ezra’s hand because if he says he is going to do something he will, even if it means killing your father”

“You can’ t expect me to just walk away if Andrei says he is going to kill my father Mateo”

“Yes I can, because if our roles were reversed and that was me or Ezra, who would you choose Kat?”

“Both of you, you know this” I tell him.

“Then why would you expect our answer to be any different?” He says, also walking to the door. He stops just inside the door before turning back to look at me.

“Inside Kat, don’t make me get Ezra to drag you in, we will go see Andrei tomorrow, now upstairs, the last thing we need is to be chasing you down because you have run off to try to get your father” Mateo says.

“ I’m not suicidal, I know how stupid that would be” I tell him.

“Good means you have no issue coming inside then, now in, where we can see you” He says and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“You know I command you right?” I tell him, rolling my eyes at him trying to order me around.

“Ezra!” Mateo calls out.

“That may be so, but I would love to watch you try it on Maddox,” Mateo says, pushing the door open wider. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs inside and sigh, I was no match for Maddox.

“What’s it going to be?” Mateo says looking in through the door, I huff annoyed but step past him just in time to see Ezra walk into the kitchen.

“I’m coming geez” I tell him and I hear Mateo chuckle behind me as he follows after me.

“What’s going on?” Ezra asks Mateo when I shove past him.

“Nothing Kat is just on a power trip” Mateo says as I stomp up the steps heading for our room.

Walking in the room, I pull my pajamas from the drawer and quickly slip them on. Mateo and Ezra both shower while I climb in bed. My mind was plagued with what Andrei wanted with me, Ezra was right. Now that I had time to think, Andrei would know they won’t give me to him but that made me more curious with what he wanted, and what he wanted with the scrolls.

Getting up, I was about to go downstairs and grab the journal when Ezra’s voice rang out from the bathroom. “I can hear you moving around Kat, back on the bed” He says.

“I wasn’t doing anything, I wanted to get the journal” I explained before hearing the water cut off and the door opens. Ezra walks out before walking into the closet with his towel draped dangerously low on his hips. Mateo walks out with him, his eyes sparkling deviously as his eyes roam over Ezra as he walks back out of the closet with some loose fitting shorts on.

“It’s late, the journals can wait. We have to be up early to go meet Andrei, now lay back down it is time for bed” Ezra says before turning to Mateo.

“Bed Mateo, ” Ezra tells him.

“I am going to bed, ” Mateo tells him.

“To sleep, we have to be up early so that means pants stay on” Ezra tells him, pulling the blankets back and climbing in beside me.

“Wearing pants won’t stop me,” Mateo chuckles.

“Mateo!” Ezra tells him and Mateo smiles, about to climb in bed beside me.

“My side away from Kat” Ezra says, pushing me over before spooning me.

“Does that mean I get be big spoon?” Mateo asks, I hear Ezra sigh before feeling the bed dip on his side.

“Always wanted to get up behind you, you have a nice ass” Mateo teases.

“Mateo! ”

“Hey don’t mock it till you try it” Mateo says and I feel Ezra bump into me.

“Mateo, I will make you sleep on the floor” Ezra warns him, making me giggle.

“Well if you feel anything dig into your back while we are asleep, I won’t lie and tell you it’s a remote ”

Mateo says.

“Sleep Mateo”

“Fine” Mateo mutters and I feel him moving.

“I didn’t say stop hugging me” Ezra says before I feel Mateo move, chucking his arm across both of us. I yawn snuggling against Ezra before drifting off, hoping I can sleep without the dreams plaguing me. Hoping tomorrow I will get my father back.

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