Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 100

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 100

Everyone enjoyed dinner and the atmosphere was energetic as everyone excitedly got ready for the pack run. People dispersed in groups and headed toward the forest. The place felt alive and with echoes of howls ringing through the night. The buzz rippling through everyone was contagious.

Mateo tugs his shirt off over his head before draping it over a fallen tree next to the treeline.

I watched as both him and Ezra stripped off before shifting yet Kora never came forth. I tried to feel for her, searching the depths of my mind for her but came up empty. It was like searching through an empty filing cabinet. I had no teether to her like she was gone and that empty hollow feeling swept over me again when I found myself shoved backwards on the grass. Maddox jumped on top of me before gripping my shirt between his teeth and tugging it off leaving me in my jeans and bra.

“Maddox stop ” I tell him. Ares nips him when he continues to try to undress me, his claws scratching

me and I could hear Ezra trying to control him but Maddox was almost frantic as he kept trying to get me to shift.

Ares comes over standing over the top of me while Maddox tries to get to me. His voice booming through the mindlink angrily. “Where is she?” he demands to know but I had no answers to give him.

“Maddox, stop it. Calm down” Ezra tells his wolf but Maddox was on the verge of losing control the more he waited. Ares snaps at his face when Maddox grabs my shoulder with his sharp teeth. I felt like I was being mauled as his teeth sliced through my arm when Ares bites him hard trying to pull his attention from me.

Maddox growls at Ares biting the back of his neck and pinning him to the ground beside me and I whimper at the sight of him standing over Mateo’s wolf. Reaching over, I grab Maddox’s ear and yank on him yet he doesn’t let go. Just held him in place showing him who was in control. He wasn’t hurting him but showing who the dominant wolf was. I slap his nose and Maddox growls letting him go before turning on me, he growls viciously his teeth barely a n inch off my face as I lean away from him and fall

backwards on the grass onto my elbows. Maddox pushes his paw down on my chest forcing me flat against the ground and I know what he wants, he wants me to submit to his request and force Kora forward but I didn’t know how to force the shift.

Kora does that.

“Maddox please” I tell him. Ares comes over nudging him with his nose and Maddox bites him, snapping at his face before Ares bears his neck to him before dropping his furry head and sniffing my face, his tongue flicking out and across my cheek. I roll my eyes at Maddox before turning my head and bearing my neck in submission. I could hear Ezra losing it at him for forcing me to submit while he fought for control back.

“It’s fine Ezra, stop you will just anger him more” I tell him defeated.

“It’s not fine Kat, he knows better than this, he being a jerk” Ezra says when Maddox nips my neck, his canines nicking the skin and Ares whimpers at him while I just clench my eyes shut. If Kora was here she would have attacked him. I couldn’t feel her and it made my heart twist painfully in my chest realising she wasn’t here to help and protect me like she usually does.

“Where is she, bring her back” Maddox snaps at me through the link. I feel tears slip down my face because I don’t have any answer to give him. I didn’t know what was going on either. But the longer he yelled for me to bring her forward and let him see her, the more I noticed how alone I was in my own head. Kora would have shown herself by now, she would have come forward when she felt my fear of him. Only she didn’t come forward making me realise I was on my own, she was gone.

Tears slipped down my face at the realisation, she wasn’t coming back, her last words to me coming back and haunting me, ringing loudly in my head on repeat. Now I knew what Kora meant when she said I set her free, that our mates freed her, knew why I felt her bleed into me when the Moon Goddess broke the curse.

Balance, that word ringing true with startling clarity. To give life, you must take it. That cold feeling when the Moon Goddess killed me before I felt the warmth of life, that was Kora giving her life for mine, dying and setting herself free of the curse and giving me my life back. Kora was the sacrifice, my life for hers. Kora bleeding her soul and entwining it with mine, that is the true meaning of becoming a Gemini wolf. What she meant when she said we are ONE now. I killed her, she died for me just like my mother, everyone I love dieing for the sake of a curse and for me. It was too much. I sacrificed my wolf for them, for myself and she gladly accepted her fate.

I blink back tears when I feel Maddox nip at my neck again painfully. Ares shoves him off me only for Maddox to turn quickly just as I sat up blocking him from attacking Ares. Unfortunately I sat up at the wrong time, his teeth slicing through my face before Maddox jerks back realising he bit me and not Ares. Ares whimpers as he is forced to endure m y pain. Maddox rubs his face with his paws at the pain he inflicted also having to bear it.

I touch my cheek feeling my blood run down my face before feeling it slowly healing when I feel Maddox run his tongue over it frantically,

quickening the healing process, a strangled whimper leaving him when he realises he hurt me. My face stung before closing as they healed me.

Maddox licked the blood away from my face and neck like he could erase what he just did.

“ Sorry kitty, I didn’t mean it ” He kept repeating through the link. I pushed his head away from me, annoyed he bit my face, my hands trembled slightly in fear but I forced it down knowing he didn’t mean it. But also scared because if it wasn’t me that would have been Ares and Mateo that copped his anger for trying to protect me. Maddox ducks his head pressing his face beneath my chin and whines loudly.

“Give Ezra control Maddox, I don’t want to see you right now” I told him my voice was cold and emotionless. He whines laying on my lap and rolling but I ignore him.

“Kora?” He asks nudging me, trying to get me to react to him. I turn my head and look at him.

Grabbing his face and pressing mine to his.

“ She is gone” I tell him and he whines and so does Ares.

“But you have me” I tell them, though now I don’t know what use to them, I was without Kora and not able to shift. Like I am supposed to be able to use these so—called abilities but how without a wolf. I was back to being the wolf-less girl, the freak of the pack. Maddox howls loudly, the sound breaking my heart when he suddenly takes off running for the forest. His giant black wolf escaped amongst the trees and into the darkness of the night. Mateo shifts back breathing heavily.

“Is she really gone?” He asks and I bite my lip to stop from breaking down.

“I killed her” I tell him and he presses his lips into a line before nodding.

“ It’s ok we will figure it out” He whispers before hooking his arms underneath my legs and behind m y back. He stands walking toward the packhouse. He sits on the stairs near the back door with me on his lap. We waited, I could hear Maddox howling in the forest. Could feel Ares’ sadness through the bond. Mateo tightens his arms around me, pulling me closer and shielding me from the cold breeze. It felt like an eternity before I heard a noise and I looked up. The pack run ended half an hour and we saw everyone leaving the forest and making their way to their cars. Mateo and I kept from sight not wanting them to ask questions.

Ezra steps out of the trees, covered in blood and I know Maddox probably slaughtered something in the forest. He stops in front of us before reaching down and taking me from Mateo.

“ I’m sorry Kat” He whispers, crushing me against his chest. Mateo stands and Ezra puts his hand on his face before removing it.

“I think I know someone who can help, I also have something to tell you” Ezra says before looking at Mateo who growls looking away from us.

“Alpha Andrei, but that’s not all Kat. Andrei has your father. That’s where I was today, I was trying to get him back”

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