Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 10

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 10
Alpha Ezra POV

I watched on as doc gave her some injections and hooked an IV up to her.

My blood boiling trying to figure out how she has wolfsbane in her system.

“Get out!” I tell everyone but the doctor. Her mother remains tears rolling down her face as she looks on at her daughter.

“I said get out!” Shirley looks at me.

“She is my daughter, you can’t tell me to leave her”

“Until I find out how she ingested wolfsbane no one goes near her” I tell her. Shirley doesn’t budge.

“Get the F*ck out of this room now!” I yell at her forcing my Alpha Aura over her. She whimpers, turning her neck in submission before rushing out.

I sit on the side of her bed doc frantically trying to hook a fluid bag up to her.

“Calm down doc I wasn’t talking to you” I tell him and I hear his heart rate slow and his hands stop trembling.

“How much is in her system”

“We won’t know till her blood comes back” he says and I nod.

I waited in her room pacing, my wolf howling at his hurt mate giving me a headache. Katya remains unconscious; the only sounds are of her breathing and the heart rate monitor.

Doc comes in with some papers in his hand and I could hear Shirley and Derrick arguing in the hall but pay them no attention.

“She had 3x the lethal dose in her system” he says looking at the charts. His eyes darting frantically to my mate.

“She will be okay though?”

Doc nods but I could tell he wanted to say something. “What is it?”

“The amount she ingested is near impossible for someone to swallow that plant Alpha; it was either in liquid or pill form. No one would be able to eat that much”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying someone gave it to her to hurt her or she made concentrated levels in pill form to commit suicide”

“So you think she tried to kill herself? she seemed fine earlier”

“No that was just a suggestion, I believe someone gave her a concentrated dose”

The yelling gets louder from outside before I suddenly hear the sound of skin on skin. The sound of a slap making my head snap to the door. Rushing out I expected to see Derrick with a red mark on his face but I was shocked when I saw it was Shirley.

My blood boiling at knowing he just hit his mate. I grab him by his throat slamming him against the wall. Mateo I see out of the corner of my eye, comes rushing down the corridor gripping my arm.

“Woah settle down Alpha” Mateo says. Derrick was glaring at his mate. He shoves me off him and I reluctantly let go. My entire body trembling at what he just did. Nothing justified what he just did. Well that’s what I thought until the next words left his lips.

“You go near our daughter again, I will F*cking kill you” he spits at his mate.

“I Fcking warned you last time over this Sht” he screams his face turning red with his rage.

“Someone needs to tell me what’s going on now” I demand trying to figure out why he was angry at his mate.

“Ask her, I need a F*cking smoke” Derrick says stalking off down the hallway. I turned to look at Shirley, Mateo was also glaring at her. Doc watching in from the doorway.

Hearing a groan, Doc looks behind him and I rush past him hearing her wake up.

Doc rushes toward her with water and she clutches the glass gulping the water down, her hands trembling. When she suddenly notices everyone her face flushing red.

“I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t know. I didn’t know” Shirley says clutching her face, she looks at her mother confused. Mateo lets out a menacing growl ripping Shirley away from her.

“What the F*ck did you do?” He says. Doc jumps out of the way as fur sprouts on Mateo’s arms.

“You okay love?” I ask her.

“Love?” She asks and I realise what I just said. She shakes her head.

“I’m fine please don’t hurt my mum, she didn’t do anything I accidentally touched some in science” she lies. I could tell not even she was believing what was leaving her lips. She was just scared for her mother, tears springing in her eyes.

“No one could ingest that amount dear, who are you covering up for. Who gave you the wolfsbane” Doc says gently patting her shoulder.

“No it was accident, in science”-

“Stop lying, one of you better speak and the truth” I say turning to glare at Shirley.

Shirley looks away guiltily and now I know why her mate slapped her.

“She needs to grow a tolerance just in case” she whispers barely audible to even my ears. I growl lunging at her and slamming her against the wall.

“What did you just say?” I growl at her.

“She needs to build a tolerance to wolfsbane”

“You gave her three times the lethal dose” I scream at her.

“Please she didn’t do anything” Katya says, jumping to her feet and clutching my arm.

“Sit down, I am done listening to your lies” I snap at Katya forcing my Alpha Aura out accidentally. She whimpers Mateo grabbing her as she suddenly drops on the ground sitting like I said.

“Sh*t sorry” I tell her, reaching down and grabbing her.

“Sorry Kat” I tell her, placing her in the bed.

“You have got to be kidding me, this all makes sense”

“Get out, I will deal with you in a minute” Shirley walks out slamming the door.

“Mateo, stay with her while I deal with her mother,” I tell Mateo.

“Yes Alpha” he says sitting in the bed.

“Wait please don’t hurt her, she meant no harm” Katya says but once again I could tell not even she believed the words she was speaking.

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