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Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter No.196

Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.196

That was not a small amount! Who could afford to buy that?

Thus, the live chat room was abuzz, but no one dared to bid for it.

The number of zeros after the first number made everyone dazzled and amazed.

When the live -streamer announced this item worth two billion dollars, no one said anything.

It was a small private tropical island called Tiger Island.

Who would buy an island online?

The live-streamer intended to use this as a gimmick to attract more viewers.

However, in the blink of an eye, the island was sold.

The buyer’s ID: @RichBaby!

At once, the live broadcast chat room was in an uproar.

Nicole’s account reappeared in public.

Back then, she squandered 3800 million to buy out the entire live stream session and commanded the live-streamer to shop for her in Europe.

Now, she spent 3z billion with a snap of a finger to buy a small private island in the tropics.

It turned out that for rich people, money was just a string of numbers.

The former movie star’s nasty deeds were exposed in public.

What could be more miserable than this?

Jenny’s face turned pale. She panicked as she looked around at the reporters.

Everything she had planned now backfired on her.

She did not manage to ride on Stanton Corporation’s popularity. Instead, she became a laughing stock!

Jenny Lynch glared at Luna viciously.

“I  don’t  know you well. Don’t  spit out  nonsense! “

The beautiful Nicole, who was standing quietly on the other side, still had that faint smile on  her face.

Nicole was like the crowd, watching the drama in front of her with great interest.

The reporter on the side could not help but cue Nicole.

“Ms. Stanton, what’s your opinion on Jenny Lynch’s matters?“

Nicole blinked and pondered seriously.

She had such an innocent and torn look on her face. “ Although Ms. Lynch hired people to slander me and my brother, it’s really not good for me to add insult to injury at this time…“

Nicole smiled, then bypassed everyone and left the scene under the escort of her bodyguards.

On the other side, Jenny’s lips twitched when she heard Nicole’s reply. ‘Not good to add insult to injury?! ‘

Everyone heard this and thought that there was a deeper meaning to this statement.

Jenny had suddenly quit showbiz because she defamed Nicole.

This time, Jenny even wanted to use Nicole to say a few words for her so that she could assume this successful businesswoman persona.

Unfortunately, it was a complete failure.

The last benefit of the doubt that everyone had for Jenny vanished in an instant.

Nicole got into the car. Her mood was obviously not affected in any way.

The public opinion online was guided and controlled by someone, so she did not need to bother about it.

At this time, Nicole handed over the evidence that Jenny Lynch’s father, Edmund Lynch, had bribed Tobias Stone.

The improper business competition added to HS Corporation’s already miserable situation.

Edmund’s behavior was also investigated.

The stock price of HS Corporation fell to the lowest point in the history of their company.

At this moment, Nicole took advantage of this opportunity to acquire the shares of HS Corporation.

In just less than two weeks, HS Corporation had changed hands.

It was now a small company under Stanton Corporation.

Jenny Lynch, the former movie star, had no choice but to return to her old job. However, she had no shows or movies to shoot.

The recent developments of Stanton Corporation were extremely attention-grabbing.

Nicole did not disappoint anyone. She had singlehandedly driven Stanton Corporation to better heights and had proven her worth.

Grant’s return to Mediania came as a relief to Nicole. She could finally rest for a few days.

Inside the Stanton mansion.

Since Nicole was on a short break, she was once again hooked on live-streamed shopping.

Nicole felt that she had worked hard to earn this money, so she had to treat herself well.

When @RichBaby entered the live broadcast page, it instantly caused a stir.

The live streamer was too long-winded and was slow to announce the next item to be sold.

Nicole was curious about what it was, but she had little patience to wait.

Tigger was lying in her arms, watching with rapt attention.

It looked more into it than she was.

Nicole was getting sleepy, so she stroked Tigger’s head and said, “Mama’s gonna go wash up. If you like anything, just buy it, okay?“

Tigger squinted its eyes happily and revealed its tiny tiger teeth. It even waved his little paw innocently. ‘I will!’

When Nicole just got up to leave , she suddenly saw the price on the screen.

Two billion dollars.

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