Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.185

Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.185

Upon hearing this, Keith and Eric stood up and walked over.

There was no one at the entrance.

“What are you on about?“ Keith scolded the person who broadcasted fake news.

The man who shouted earlier was startled. He saw Eric’s grim face and smiled apprehensively, then took out his phone.

“My friend just sent me a video of Nicole playing poker. She won a lot…“

Before he finished his sentence, his phone was snatched over.

Eric clicked on the video and saw several men and women gathered around playing poker. Instead of chips, there were car keys, jewelry, and even gold bars on the table. It was clear how intense this game of poker was. It was definitely much more exciting compared to this birthday party!

Everyone in the video was dressed in luxury clothes. Nicole’s limited-edition gray-blue pearl inlay dress made her look so stunning. It was impossible to look away from her.

Ian Carter and Julie Nixon sat next to Nicole looking like they were feeding her cards. Nicole just sat there smiling so brightly and beautifully.

“Where is this?“ Eric’s voice was extremely cold.

The man immediately answered, “Oh, it’s a newly opened bar…“

Eric’s breathing was rough. ‘That’s to say, she didn’t leave the country at all, nor was there any urgent business?! She’d rather play poker than attend my birthday party?! ‘

At that moment, Mitchell happened to pass by. Eric raised his eyes and swept him a glance. He threw the phone back to the man, and coldly said to Mitchell, “ Deduct your bonus.“

Mitchell was baffled.

Except for the birthday boy himself, everyone else had a very good time at this birthday party.

Eric left his party midway. None of them knew what was going on.

He could not control himself, so he went to the newly opened bar.

When he went in, Nicole and her friends had already left.

Eric went back to the car with a dull and uncomfortable feeling in his chest.

The cigarette he was holding burned in the night. Its ashes dispersed in the wind.

By midnight, Eric had received countless birthday wishes, but none of them were from Nicole.

This birthday was no fun for Eric.

Coincidentally, it was Ian Carter’s birthday the next day.

Ian’s birthday party was held at the Carters’ manor. It was shockingly extravagant with many of Atlanta’s dignitaries on the guestlist.

Nicole wore a dark green bustier dress with a simple, elegant style that made her skin look so fair. She looked like she was glowing.

When Mr. Anderson came to pick Nicole up, he nodded appreciatively and praised her. “Miss, you look so stunning today.“

Nicole hooked her lips. “Of course! “

She swept a glance at the car behind Mr. Anderson. If the chauffeur did not drive, Mr. Anderson would usually drive his own car.

Nicole knew that Mr. Anderson had more than a dozen cars.

“Mr. Anderson, did you buy a new Porsche? Why is it not the latest model? Is my dad being stingy?“

Mr. Anderson smiled helplessly and said courteously, “Of course not. Third Young Master said that I can’t drive the same model as his, so I bought the classic model.“

Nicole blinked. “Why do you care about him? Kai’s always so unreasonable! “

Mr. Anderson smiled as he stepped forward to open the car door for her.

“Miss, get in. I’ll take you there.“

The butler also brought Floyd Stanton’s gift to the Carters.

When they arrived, they saw so many celebrities and dignitaries. The manor was also decorated in a low- key luxury fashion.

Nicole was a little shocked because this was simply beyond the scale of a regular birthday party.

“It’s just a birthday party. Why is Ian making it such a big deal?“

Mr. Anderson chuckled and got out of the car to open the door for her. He replied, “This is probably Chairman Carter’s intention to use this opportunity to pick a girlfriend for Second Young Master Carter.“

‘No wonder! ‘ Nicole was surprised and thought that it made sense.

“Nikki! “ Julie waved at her. Nicole spotted her at a glance and walked over with a smile.

“Where are the others?“

“They’re all inside. I came out to get you.“

Nicole waved goodbye to Mr. Anderson and went inside with Julie.

They had not gone far when a familiar voice made them stop in their tracks.

“Aren’t you popular, Ms. Stanton? Why are the men around you getting older than the last?“

Nicole glanced to the side and saw that it was Luna, who was with Jenny Lynch that day.


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