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Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.177

Read Novel “Divorced Billionaire Heiress” chapter No.177

Keith Ludwig snorted and thought, ‘Nicole’s really unaware of the impact she’s causing, huh?’

After Nicole got a divorce, she really let loose.

Before Nicole said anything else, Luna got agitated and stepped forward.

She looked at Kai with righteous indignation and questioned him.

“Kai, you should make it clear to everyone now. Did Nicole force you to do this? Did she threaten you? Is it because you’re– her manstress and she’s been supporting you financially?“

Luna said the word “manstress“ with difficulty through gritted teeth.

“Don’t worry, we won’t judge! Kai, as long as you admit it, we’ll all find a way to help you… We’ll definitely help you escape from Nicole’s claws! “

Luna spoke as if Nicole was some sort of beast with giant claws.

Kai’s back stiffened slightly. He sneered and suddenly stood up, then looked at Luna with a burning gaze.

His tone was cold and unceremonious as he said, “ Who the hell are you?! Are you sick in the head? If you are, go back home and take your meds. Don’t find trouble here! “

Nicole raised her eyebrows and looked at Julie. Both of them were silently watching this drama unfold. After all, it was rare to see Kai this angry.

To Kai, being a manstress was simply an insult to him!

Luna was scolded by her idol, so she looked disheartened and was obviously not as brazen as before.

Seeing this, Jenny Lynch went forward to pull Luna, then apologized on her behalf.

“Kai, don’t be mad. Jenny’s a newcomer in Mediania, so she doesn’t know much about our circle. She’s just worried for you…“

Kai expressionlessly swept a glance at Jenny. “And who are you?! “

Jenny’s face was completely taut. She felt embarrassed.

She relied on her connections in showbiz to “win“ the film awards. Jenny originally thought that she had a firm status as an A-lister, but such a superstar like Kai bluntly said that he did not recognize her.

This meant that Jenny’s work was not worthy of remembrance. She had no advantage compared to the internationally renowned Kai.

Originally, Jenny wanted to use Luna to pull Nicole off her high horse, but now, she even dragged herself down.

Jenny felt so embarrassed for a while. “I…“

She inadvertently swept a glance at the reserved and aloof man standing in the crowd that had such outstanding temperament.

Jenny looked at Eric Ferguson and took a step forward as if she had seen her savior.

She looked at him with a warm and friendly smile. “ Mr. Ferguson, you’re here…“

Keith nudged Eric. Seeing his grim face, Keith could not help but ask, “You know Jenny Lynch?“

Everyone’s attention instantly turned to Eric Ferguson.

Eric frowned. His face was sullen. His voice was clear and cold as he replied, “No.“

His gaze did not even linger on Jenny’s face for more than a second.

He was just staring intently at Nicole’s expression the entire time.

Nicole was so bright and beautiful. Her temperament was so noble and cool that wherever she went, she became the focal point.

That so-called superstar Jenny Lynch did not have the slightest advantage standing next to Nicole.

Nicole could easily beat Jenny in any aspect.

When Eric saw how much Nicole had changed after their divorce, he felt an unpleasant and complicated emotion in his heart.

Enough said.

For a moment, the atmosphere seemed stagnant. Jenny’s body stiffened.

The gentle and decent fake smile on Jenny’s face almost collapsed.

Nicole finally broke the silence.

She had a nonchalant smile as she mocked them. “Mr. Ferguson, you don’t even recognize your own fiancée?“

Earlier, Luna and Jenny bragged about it, so if they denied it now, they would just be slapping themselves in the face.

Nicole looked at Jenny with a meaningful smile.

Kai could not help but add fuel to the fire from the side.

He snorted lightly. “I was just wondering who’s so daring to insult us. Turns out it’s Mr. Ferguson’s fiancée?“

Eric’s face turned glum. He frowned slightly and glared at Nicole.

“What fiancée?“ His voice was deep.

‘Since when did I have a fiancée that I didn’t even know existed?’

Everyone could not help but look at Jenny Lynch. ‘ Would a superstar lie about this?’

At this time, Jenny felt so embarrassed that she did not know what to say. Her father had the intention to set up a marriage alliance with the Ferguson family and was quite close to the Fergusons lately, so she thought that the Fergusons also had this intention.

Naturally, Jenny was happy about it.

If she married Eric Ferguson, her status in showbiz would be unmatched!

However, she did not expect that Eric himself was still in the dark about it.

Eric walked over in big strides and did not take his eyes off Nicole for a moment.

His voice was deep and charming. “Nicole, since when did I have a fiancée?”

‘Also… How close are you and Kai?! ‘

The tacit understanding between Kai and Nicole as well as Kai’s excessive concern for Nicole made Eric very upset.

Nicole gently swept a glance at Eric Ferguson, then looked at Luna and Jenny. “You’ll have to ask Ms. Lynch and her friend…”

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