CEO’s Temporary Husband by Mr. Rams Chapter 8

Chapter 8 The phone call 

When Andrea woke up the next morning, with somehow swollen eyes, she found that John’s room downstairs was empty. Her heart sank and face darkened. “Did John stay out last night? Or was it because he was really hurt? Did he leave and would never return anymore?”

Just at that moment, Housekeeper Brenna came out with breakfast, “Ma’am, are you looking for Sir?”

“I-I’m not.” Andrea instinctively denied, but thinking of what happened yesterday, she nodded again and uttered quietly, “Has he not come back all night?” “No, sir did come back yesterday but he just went to work.” Housekeeper Brenna replied. “Work?” Andrea was slightly startled, “Why did he leave so early?”

Housekeeper Brenna looked at Andrea, “Oh, Sir said he didn’t know the route to the office, so he went out early to take the bus.”

“Ah-” Andrea suddenly realized she went home alone yesterday, leaving John who was not familiar with this place behind. For a moment, Andrea was a little absent-minded and felt that she had once again hurt John.

Housekeeper Brenna noticed Andrea’s sadness. She smiled and said, “Ma’am, are you worried about Sir? I don’t think you have anything to worry about. After he came back last night, when he heard that you had cooked for him, he finished up all the dishes. I didn’t even have time to heat them up.”

“Huh, all of it?” Andrea was a little surprised.

The housekeeper nodded and said, “Yes, all of them. Sir even said that they were delicious!” For some reason, Andrea let out a smile and felt better. She then said to Housekeeper, “Please prepare one bowl of salad. I have a good appetite today.” “Yes, Ma’am,” Housekeeper Brenna replied. After breakfast, Andrea drove to the company. Sitting in the office, things related to John were constantly running in her mind. Arguments which had happened in the company, John’s disappointment, and the home-cooked meal last night.”

The overwhelming feelings caused Andrea to be unable to pay much attention to work, which rarely happened. Picking up the phone, Andrea told the reception outside, “Ask Doctor Suarez from the medical room to come here.” In the medical room, John, who had received a call from the CEO’s office asking him to go over, was a little anxious. He didn’t know what Andrea wanted. Nill she criticize him out of distrust like last afternoon, or prepare dinner for him as she had done he night before.

Nalking towards the office, John knocked on the door and was ready to go in. Right at this moment, a phone rang in the office. Andrea took out her phone and picked up the phone.

John, who had just pushed the door open, saw this and stopped in his track; he was hesitating

whether he should go in. Andrea was thinking of how to apologize to John obliquely. However, this sudden phone call destroyed all the thoughts she had.

The caller ID showed that the call was from Lucas Cristobal, Andrea’s very own elder brother.

With an unhappy face, Andrea answered the call, “Why did you call me?” “My good sister, don’t you know the reason?” A frivolous voice answered from the other end.

Andrea responded coldly, “If you want to talk about the engagement, then there’s no need for this conversation. I will not agree to it.”

“That is Richard Smith, one of the most powerful figures in Manila City. Don’t be impulsive. “Lucas replied.

“It is you who are being impulsive, not me. Tell Richard that it’s impossible for me to marry him.” Andrea said angrily.

“The marriage is already settled. You have no say in this.”

“Really? But I’m already married. The so-called engagement is worthless now, isn’t it?” Lucas can even hear the triumph in Andrea’s voice.

“Married? What are you talking about? When did you get married? You’re lying!”

“Just two days ago, I’ve gotten my marriage certificate. Now, I am a married woman. Please ask Richard to give up.”

“I don’t care what have you done, but you cannot turn down your marriage with Richard. It has been decided, and it’s not up to you to change the decision.”

“I can’t decide on my own marriage? Don’t you think it’s too ridiculous?”

The conversation became more and more heated by every second, it gradually turned into a clash.

At this moment, John, who was standing at the door, couldn’t help but frown. He had realized that this phone call was to force Andrea to get married. It did not seem suitable for him to get involved in these private affairs.

With this thought, he gently closed the door and left the office. A few minutes later, Andrea hung up the phone; her eyes red and her face was filled with anger. Andrea looked at the closed door and felt inexplicably disappointed. “He was at the door. He must have heard what I said about the engagement. He knew that I was forced, but why wouldn’t he come in and comfort me? Do I hold no place in his heart?” Andrea spoke to herself.

This thought made Andrea reddened eyes dimmed.

Right then, the receptionist came in and asked, “CEO Cristobal, Dr. Suarez just came, but as you were busy just now, he decided to go back to work first. Do you need me to call him up again?”

Andrea shook her head, and said, “No, its fine.”

John, who just came down from the office, frowned and thought for a moment. Suddenly, something crossed his mind. John rushed to Lesly’s place “Lesly, I have something to say to you!” John you surprised me, what did you want to tell me?”

John stared into Lesly’s eyes and said, “I, I want to treat you to a meal after work.” “Treat me to dinner?” Lesly’s heart was beating fast and her face turned red, “W-Why would you treat me to dinner?”

“I hope you could do me a favor.” John looked at Lesly and said, “After work, could you please accompany me to the shopping mall.” Ah, you want me to accompany you to buy something,” Lesly didn’t know how to feel for a moment. She was surprised, disappointed, and even a little annoyed. “Lesly, are you not free later?” John asked. “No, no, I have nothing else to do tonight,” Lesly replied, At 5:30 in the evening, John and Lesly left the company and boarded a bus together. Andrea who was standing by the window in the CEO’s office on the top floor saw the sight of them leaving

“So, you like this kind of woman?” Somehow, Andrea felt a jolt of pain in her heart, “Sure, compared to me, Lesly is friendly and lovely, and she’s much more womanly. It’s normal for you to make such a choice.” She whisper to herself. To be continued

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