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CEO’s Temporary Husband by Mr. Rams Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Cold dishes 

At the thought of this, Andrea’s gaze turns a little strange and her expression changed.

Upon seeing this, Angie said, “Andrea, you are really on the wrong side in this matter. Perhaps, you should apologize to Doctor Suarez.”

“A-Apologize?” This word appeared in Andrea’s mind. She was suddenly filled by an urge to getting up to chase after John. Quin wanted to apologize to John and to ask for his forgiveness.

However, as soon as the thought surfaced in her mind, it was held back. Due to her personality and identity, Andrea could not see herself doing that. In the end, Andrea could only sigh softly and said, “I know. I am indeed at fault. The punishment for

John will be canceled immediately.” “But, Doctor Suarez must really hurt too…” Angie said. Andrea replied in a serious tone, “Manager Tan, I have something else to do. You may go now!” Angie paused for a moment, then nodded and left, “Yes, CEO Cristobal.” In her large extravagant office, Andrea sat quietly on the executive chair, her mind was in a mess. “I was wrong. I have to apologize to him. But, but..” Andrea’s mind was running wild before she suddenly remembered what John had told her at noon, “John had told me that Secretary Lim, is this really, Andrea’s expression became gloomy instantly. After her working hour ended, she did not work overtime, unlike how she usually would; she chose to return home on time instead. Andrea sat on the sofa, thinking of how to face and apologize to John when he came back.

Perhaps, it was a very simple thing for most people, but for Andrea, it was something very difficult. “Maybe, it’s more meaningful to prove it with action!” Andrea was not good with her words. Suddenly, she thought of a method to apologize to John. She rushed into the kitchen and said to Housekeeper Brenna, who was preparing dinner, “Brenna, you may have a rest today. I’ll prepare for dinner.”

The housekeeper was a little surprised, “What’s the matter, Ma’am?” “No, nothing. I just want to have a try to cook!” Andrea tried to cover it up. Two hours later, Andrea, who had messed up the kitchen, finally made six dishes with the help of Brenna.

Andrea felt uneasy when she placed these six bad-looking dishes on the table. At the same time, she looked out of the door expectantly, waiting for John’s return.

It was getting dark and it had been three hours since their working hours ended but John was not back yet. Andrea couldn’t help but start pondering about John’s whereabouts.

“Why hasn’t John come back yet? Was he involved in an accident on the way back or, was he hurt badly by me, so he left permanently?”


Half an hour later, John still had not returned yet.

Housekeeper Brenna looked at Andrea, whose face was full of disappointment, and said, “Ma’am, why don’t you eat first? When Sir John comes back, I’ll prepare a meal for him.”

Although the housekeeper was very curious about John’s sudden appearance in this household, she was very familiar with Andrea’s character and knew too well not to ask much. Brenna just vaguely quessed that Andrea’s abnormal behavior today must have something to do with her Husband.

Andrea looked at the completely darkened sky outside. She sighed softly and whispered in her heart, “Has he really left?”

“I don’t have an appetite. I’ll just skip dinner tonight.” Andrea then stood up and went upstairs to her


“Ma’am.” Brenna sighed, her face full of distress and helplessness.

After another half an hour, Housekeeper Brenna looked at the dishes that had already been heated twice. She could not help sighing and was ready to clean up the bowls and chopsticks.

Just then, the sound of footsteps was heard coming from the door. It was John who had come back.

“Sir, you have finally come back, “Brenna hurriedly greeted him. She saw John sweating profusely and asked in surprise, “Sir, what has happened to you?”

John gave her a smile but he did not explain further, “I’m fine.”

In fact, John himself could not explain this situation either. After John got off work today, he realized that he did not know the way back home.

The night before yesterday, when he had just arrived at Manila City, John had spent the night in the motel with Andrea. Yesterday, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau together before going back to Andrea’s villa. This morning, they went to the company together.

Andrea had been the one driving for the past two days, and he just rode along.

However, Andrea drove back home from the company straight after work today. John was alone and he did not know where the villa was located at. Finally, with a vague memory of the location of the villa in his mind and as a luxury neighborhood was not very common in Manila City, John finally found the villa after asking the locals. He was now covered in sweat after walking a long journey back. However, it wouldn’t matter now. After all, John had decided to leave after tonight.

“Sir, please wash your face. I’ll heat up the dishes for you, “Housekeeper Brenna said.

John nodded. When he saw the food on the table, he was stunned. “Brenna, did you cook all of this?”

John had tasted Brenna’s cooking yesterday. Even if it was not comparable to a five-star hotel dish, the cooking skills of ordinary restaurants were definitely not as good as that of Housekeeper. However, the dishes on the table now, be it the appearance or other aspects, were far different from yesterday Housekeeper Brenna picked up the dishes and explained, “Sir, the dishes today were not cooked by me. It was Ma’am Andrea.”

“What? Andrea made them?” John was really shocked. John had always assumed the CEO who had a cold personality in the eye of the public would not know how to cook. Housekeeper Brenna continued, “Sir, I don’t know what happened to Ma’am Andrea today. She looked distraught when she came back from work. She even insisted on preparing dinner by herself.

It took a lot of effort for her to make dinner, but you didn’t come back. She waited here for a long time and didn’t eat anything as she was waiting for you. She just went upstairs without eating.” “What, this is for me?” John’s eyes widened and looked incredibly surprised. He couldn’t help but look up and stare at Andrea’s room. At this moment, John’s heart was in confusion, “Could it be because of what happened this afternoon? That’s why she…” “Sir, please wait for a moment. I’ll heat up the dishes for you,” Housekeeper Brenna said. “Its fine, I’ll just eat it.” “But the food has already turned cold,” Housekeeper Brenna said. “Never mind.” John smiled, picked up the cold food, and started to devour them. Although the food was cold and they did not taste that good, John felt the warmth from them. That night, John slept soundly. To be continued

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