CEO’s Temporary Husband by Mr. Rams Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Prejudice and misunderstanding 

“Angie?” Andrea paused for a moment; apparently, she was not expecting her to come at this hour. After a short pause, she said, “Come in.”

Angie pushed the door open and came inside. She has a small file holder in her hand her expression changed slightly when she saw John at the door. Angie then asked, “Hi, Are you Doctor Suarez from the medical room?”

“Y-Yes, I am Ma’am.” John was a little stunned by Angie’s greeting. After all, they have no interaction with each other except for the time when he came in for his shift this morning.

“What happened downstairs?” Angie ask.

John waved his hand and said calmly, “It’s all right now. CEO Cristobal has already decided on my punishment.” After that, John continued to step out of the door. “Punishment, punishment for John? CEO Cristobal, what, what’s going on?” Angie turned to Andrea for answer.

Andrea felt strange about Angie’s reaction and she frowned slightly and explained, “Well, John has admitted to beating Mr. Lim and stealing the company’s medicine. So I decided to punish him.” “What? That’s impossible! That’s not true. CEO Cristobal, John has done nothing wrong. You can’t punish him without knowing the whole truth,” Angie replied. “Manager Tan, What are you saying? What do you mean?” Andrea frowned. Anthony didn’t expect that Angie would intervene when he had already won the argument. His expression suddenly changed and he shot a stare at her. “Manager Tan, Our CEO has already made up her decision. Stop talking nonsense. You are not there when the commotion happened.” “John himself admitted that he didn’t work hard, stole medicine, and even had a fight. Do you have anything else to say?” Andrea added. “That’s not true!” Angie quickly shook her head and said, “CEO Cristobal, I don’t know what you have just heard, but I can guarantee that it’s not what you think. John is innocent. He does not do any accusation about him. Please do not made a decisions without knowing the whole truth be fair with John.” “What do you mean? How did you know he is innocent? Do you have a proof?” Andrea asked in confusion. Angie quickly explained, “I asked Lesly who was in the medical room at that time. The truth is, Mr. Anthony Lim was the one that went too far. He asked John to kneel down to treat him, but John refused, which is the reason they had a conflict.”

WWhat?-” Andrea raised her eyebrows then look at Anthony.

“No, my knees are hurt. I am not comfortable and it’s not convenient for it to be treated without the doctor kneeling. It’s easier that way. What is wrong with that, should a doctor take the posture he’s in into consideration when treating a patient?” Anthony explain.

“If your knees are uncomfortable, why can’t you sit down? Or even lie down? Why must Doctor Suarez kneel down? Mr. Lim, this is not a good excuse,” Angie said. “As I said, it’s not convenient for me.” Anthony’s face turned red and found an excuse to change the

topic hurriedly. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. John can’t deny that he stole medicine, can he?”

“Speaking of this, it’s even more ridiculous.” Angie took out a video and played it. “CEO Cristobal, you will know what’s I am saying on after watching this.”

The content of the video showed a security guard sneaking into the medical room and stole a pack of medicine from there. The security guard was also the one who beset John and found the medicine that was said to be stolen. “The surveillance video showed that it’s not Dr. Suarez who stole the medicine, but the security guard!” Angie said, “Besides after Lesly counted the medicines left, nothing in the medical room has been stolen except for that bag of imported medicine. How do you explain this, Mr. Lim?”

Upon hearing this, Anthony was already swearing in his head. This is all his plan. The package of medicine was not stolen by John. He gave the security guard a sum of money for him to buy a pack of the same medicine and then framed John for the loss of the medicine. It seemed that the greedy security guard had hid the money Anthony gave him. The security guard then went to the company’s medical room and stole a pack of medicine from there. The security guard thought that he was smart enough to frame John but he didn’t expect that he would be caught

Anthony could only take the initiative to admit his mistake, “Is that so. It seems that I have made a mistake about John stealing the medicine. I myself was also deceived by the security guard. At that

time, when he said that he found it from Doctor Suarez, I believed his words without a doubt. I will reflect on my mistake. CEO Cristobal, I will hand in the self-reflection letter to you tomorrow.” 

Andrea’s expression softened a little when Anthony took the initiative to admit his mistake.

With that being said, Anthony was more than ready to leave. After all, there is a problem with the security guard. He must deal with it immediately. Otherwise, once someone else knew about him bribing the security guard, he would be in deep trouble.

“CEO Cristobal, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go first I need to clean my wounds.”

However, Angie sigh and said, “Mr. Lim, why are you in such a hurry to leave? We haven’t made it clear what has happened between Doctor Suarez and you!”

Anthony’s face changed, but he still managed to resist the urge to let out his anger. He squeezed out a gentle expression and said, “Manager Tan, it’s just a misunderstanding. It’s my fault that I didn’t figure it out sooner. I need to clean my wound can’t you saw my bruise?”

“It’s not just a misunderstanding. We’d better figure out some things first before that after all you look alright and not needed medical attention immediately.” Angie said.

Upon hearing Angie’s words, Anthony’s face changed instantly and darkened. He rolled his eyes, gritted his teeth, and said in a low voice, “Manager Tan, maybe I was wrong but you can’t deny the fact that Dr. Suarez publicly beats up his superior and physically hurts me to this extent.” “Well, This.” Angie was speechless and could not defend John. Seeing this, Andrea said coldly, “We can investigate other things but beating people up is indeed too much. John must be punished for this.”

Upon hearing this, John, who was standing at the door, suddenly said coldly, “I will never forgive anyone who insulted my parents, no matter what the consequences are.”

After that, John turned around and left the CEO office.

Andrea was stunned at what john said. Scanned with CamScanner

Upon hearing this, Anthony seized the opportunity and quickly added, “CEO Cristobal, you’ve also heard it. At this time, he is still so arrogant. John threatens to hit people in front of you. Such a person must be fired.”

John frowned and said to Anthony, “Secretary Lim, You should go to the hospital first.” Anthony took the hint to leave. “Okay, I’ll go now.” In the office, it was now only Andrea and Angie. Andrea frowned and said quietly, “John had caused so much trouble only on his first day. And his temper is too…” Angie refuted, “CEO Cristobal, no… Andrea. You have really misunderstood John.” “Misunderstood?” Andrea looked at Angie suspiciously. Angie did not say much; instead, she clicked on another video and said, “This is a video of Secretary Lim having a fight with John in the medical room. You will know after watching it.”

Andrea took the phone and looked at it quietly.

A few minutes later, the video had finished. Andrea fell into silence. The content of the video was already clear enough. Anthony’s arrogant attitude clearly showed that he’s trying to pick a fight. Moreover, He also insulted John’s parents. This was the reason that provoked John to beat him up. Thinking of her misunderstanding towards John and her distrust of him, Andrea couldn’t help but think of how angry and confused John must be; not to mention, his bitter smile of disappointment. Suddenly, Andrea felt a jolt in her heart.

It was her who had misunderstood John and had a prejudice against him. Therefore, without knowing the truth, she believed Anthony’s words and made a hasty decision to punish John. This prejudice and distrust had surely hurt John seriously.

To be continued


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