CEO’s Temporary Husband by Mr. Rams Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Chapter 5 My words against your words

Anthony was startled by John’s fierce eyes, but then he came to his senses in a quick while. He frowned and said with a sour tone, “I said you are a thief, an uncivilized b*stard.”

John became angry in an instant. He did not mind the insults, but for someone who had been an orphan since his childhood, he would never bear with anyone insulting his parents. Anthony had crossed his borders. At this moment, John did not care about the consequences; he just wanted to teach the guy a good lesson.

Taking a step forward, John went in front of Anthony and swung his fist. He did not expect John to be so aggressive that he had no time to beware of his fist. Thus, Anthony was hit sharply in the face and he fell to the ground with blood all over his face.

John did not stop; instead, he continued the fight. John’s fists and kicks landed on Anthony without any hesitation, sending him into screams and shouts of pain, “Security guard, security guard, what are you waiting for? Come and help me! Take this nut away! Quickly —”, the security guards came to their senses and hurried forward to rescue Anthony.

However, the security guards did not expect John to be so fierce. Anthony was still being beaten up, his blood dripped down from his face. Suddenly, a cold female voice was heard, “Stop! What are you doing?” everyone was shocked. They immediately bowed and whispered, “CEO Cristobal!”

John, who was in a furious state, also gradually calmed down when he saw Andrea walking over to him. Finally, He stopped beating Anthony.

Anthony covered his swollen cheeks and shouted wildly, “Come on! Someone beat him to death!”

“Shut up, all of you. Come to my office,” Andrea said coldly. Then, she turned around and left. Anthony glared at John and followed Andrea. John looked back expressionless and was about to follow them.

Just as John was about to take his first step, Lesly came over and persuaded him in a soft voice, “John, The CEO doesn’t favor people who talk back to her. Don’t be impulsive in front of her.”

“I know. Thank you, Lesly!” John smiled at Lesly and waved his hand before following the two.

In the president’s office on the top floor.

Andrea’s eyes swept across Anthony’s whole figure. “Anthony, you may deal with your wound first.” When Anthony heard this, a smile formed on his lips. He planned to get up and leave, but when he thought that John would be left alone with Andrea, he was afraid that He might tell her the real situation.

Thinking of that, Anthony decided not to leave; instead, with a righteous look, he said “The matters of the company are more important. Let’s solve the current problem first. My injury is nothing.” Andrea nodded to Anthony and said, “Okay, have a seat.”

“Thank you.” Anthony sat down and looked at John proudly.

Andrea then looked away and locked her gaze on John, a sudden drop in her tone, “Tell me, what’s going on?”

John felt the difference in Andrea’s attitude towards both of them; he felt disappointed.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Weren’t you very active downstairs?” Andrea said coldly but before John could say anything, Anthony, who was sitting at the side, suddenly spoke, “Ma’am, it’s actually my fault. I did not manage my staff well, and I did not solve the theft in the wisest way. Please punish me.”

John immediately understood what was going on when he saw Andrea’s expression changing. Anthony knew that this matter would likely become a debate between both parties, and Andrea hated those who avoided responsibility the most. Therefore, Anthony took the initiative to admit his mistake, portraying himself as someone with a high sense of responsibility. At the same time, He was also able to put the name of “thief” on John.

John had no choice but to admit that Anthony was indeed the secretary of the president’s office. His survival skills in the workplace were indeed sinister. After thinking it through, He glared at him and he tried to explain himself to Andrea.

However, it was obvious that this trick of Anthony worked very well on Andrea. His statement made her relaxed. “Go Mr. Lim, tell me, what’s going on?”

Anthony frowned and sighed. Shaking his head gently, “It’s actually not a big deal, I heard that there was a newcomer in the medical room, and his skills were good. As I didn’t feel very well, I went to the medical room for treatment. However, I didn’t expect that this newcomer, somehow seemed to have some misunderstandings with me and was not willing to diagnose me. At that time, I was agitated due to my illness, so I wanted to punish him for not doing his work properly. In the end, he was also agitated and even wanted to fight me but Of course I wouldn’t fight him, so I called the security guard to stop him. When the security guard started to take action, one of them accidentally found some pills for him. I asked Nurse Lesly what it is and she said it is used for fatigue and those were imported pills, which were worth 1,000 pesos each. We saw a hundred pills for John. I think he wants to sell it outside.”

“Liar! I’ll beat you again to death!” John was furious when he heard that Anthony was making false statements and hiding the truth.

“Stop it!” Andrea frowned and shouted. The stare Andrea threw at him was filled with even more dissatisfaction. At this moment, she slightly regretted her decision of casually finding this man to deal with the forced marriage.

John looked at Andrea and thought of their relationship. He then took a deep breath and tried hard to suppress the urge he felt to beat someone up. “The situation is definitely not what Anthony had said. At that time, I—”

However, as soon as he spoke, Andrea interrupted him coldly. “I didn’t ask you to speak. I only want to ask you a question. Is what Mr. Lim said true?”

John shook his head and said, “Of course not.”

Anthony raised his eyebrows and interjected, “How dare you say it’s not true? Let me ask you, which of the scenarios I’m telling is not true? Besides, the imported pills have now been confiscated from you, and this is strong evidence. Do you want to deny it? In the end, it is also true that you have beaten me up, isn’t it right?”

“Those, I can explain. The matter—” John glared at Anthony and still tried to explain himself. However, Andrea did not give him a chance as she already seemed to be a little impatient.

Andrea waved her hand to interrupt him and said coldly, “Don’t make excuses. You just need to answer me. Did what Mr. Lim says, “has it really happened?”

Looking at Quin’s cold eyes, John felt a sudden pain in his heart, and then a feeling of helplessness and sadness welled up in his heart. The anger and the desire to fight in him disappeared in an instant.

John’s mouth twitched slightly and formed a bitter smile on his face and said, “It doesn’t matter what I have to say. You will not believe me so my answer is ‘Yes’.”

Hearing this, disappointment flashed through Andrea’s eyes, and it then turned into a formal look with a little coldness. “Since you have admitted it, then there is nothing more to say. As you are a newcomer, I will not fire you for the time being. However, you must be severely punished. Your salary for two months will be deducted, and you shall make a self-review in front of all the staff in the next company meeting. If there’s no objection, this case is considered settled.”

“It doesn’t matter; it’s up to you.” John turned around and walked towards the door of the office. At this particular moment, He had decided to leave and go back to the province.

Although they were together because of that incident, they were not from the same world after all. If this relationship continues, there will only be more conflicts. If this was the case, it was better to leave. As for “Ice Lotus”, he did not actually care that much for the “Ice Lotus” at this moment.

Andrea looked at John’s attitude and she immediately frowned with dissatisfaction. She felt that her punishment was actually light for him. If it wasn’t for the special relationship between them, she would have dismissed him. Now, John seems to be dissatisfied with the punishment. A sense of disappointment surged in Andrea’s heart. Waving her hand, “You may leave now!”

John did not say anything and turned around to walk out of the office. Anthony was full of arrogance and pride, as if he had won a battle. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and a woman’s voice was heard. “CEO Andrea, this is Angie. I have something important to report to you.”

“Angie?” Andrea paused for a moment; apparently, she was not expecting her to come at this hour. After a short pause, she said, “Come in.”

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