CEO’s Temporary Husband by Mr. Rams Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Clashed

“You won’t?” Anthony mocked, “As a staff of Cristobal Cosmetics Enterprises Holdings Inc, I am your superior. Now, I just want you to have a look at my knees to treat it, and you’re saying that you won’t. Do you know what your behavior will bring you to? You are not doing your work right. For that, you will be fined 10,000 pesos, and you will be made a public example at the company meeting next week.” Anthony is visibly pleased with his own decision. He smirked at John.

John’s facial expression turned darker and he said, “Who are you to punish me?”

“Who am I?” Anthony sneered, “I am the secretary of the CEO. I have the right to do so. You are so absent-mindedly, you’ll have to pay an additional 10,000 as your punishment. Now, adding one more wrongdoing of yours, which is going against your superior and disobeying instructions. For this, you’ll be fined another 10,000 pesos. That will be 20,000 Yuan in total, and you’ll have to pay the money right now,” The arrogance in Anthony’s voice was becoming more obvious.

“I will not pay!”

“You will not? Then get out of this company! You are fired.” Donald snorted and pointed to the entrance looking at the situation, Lesly hurriedly got up and tried to persuade Anthony, “Mr. Lim, There must be some misunderstanding. We can talk it out. Doctor John is a good doctor he treat the staff-“

“Did I ask you to talk? If there’s any nonsense coming from you again, you’ll be fired also.” Anthony glared at Lesly.

“Hand over the money or get lost!” Anthony looked at John exultantly.

John narrowed his eyes, then took off his uniform and threw it on the table. He said coldly, “If you want me to leave, I’ll leave. It’s no big deal.”

“John, don’t be stubborn—” Lesly hurriedly shouted. John glanced at her, nodded slightly, and then walked out.

Anthony peered at the sight of both of them. There’s a shine in his eyes as if he was thinking about something. When John walked to the door, an evil smile formed at the corner of his lips, “Wait, Stop!”

“What else do you want?” John turned around and looked at Anthony coldly.

Anthony observed him and raised the corner of his lips, “I’m afraid it’s not that simple for you to leave like this. I have to check beforehand to prevent some garbage from stealing things from the company.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, maybe you stole things from the company.” Anthony said then waved his hand and signaled for a group of security guards to surround John. “This man is suspected of stealing the company’s property. Search him for me.”

A group of security guards immediately gathered around John. John’s gaze darkened. Clenching his fists, John was ready to fight. A security guard took out a small plastic bag from his pocket without anyone realizing it, then raised it and shouted, “Mr. Lim, I found something.” Antony took the plastic bag and flipped it open, only to find it filled with red pills inside.

Anthony looked at Lesly and asked, “You should know what it is, am I right?”

Lesly was also surprised when she saw the pills. “These. These are the pills which have just been imported. They are used to overcome fatigue.”

“What’s the price of these pills?”

“Maybe about 1,000 pesos for a piece of it.”

“1,000 pesos per piece; there are at least one hundred pieces in this plastic bag, which is 100,000 thousand pesos.” Anthony looked at John with his eyes squinted. “The evidence is here. You are suspected of stealing the company’s property. What else do you have to say?” The corners of Anthony’s lips curved with a complacent evil smile.

John’s facial expression darkened and defended himself, “I didn’t steal the pills. As for what really happened, I think you know for yourself?”

“The evidence is certain now, and you are still trying to deny it. Call the police and arrest him.”

Lesly panicked she quickly said, “Mr. Lim, John won’t steal, he—”

“You don’t have to speak for him. For some b*stard like, arresting him was already a light punishment.” Anthony sneered and said. However, when John heard this, his face darkened.

John shot a glare at him and shouted angrily, “What did you say?”

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