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CEO’s Temporary Husband by Mr. Rams Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Chapter One – Doctor John

Ilocos sur Province- morning


John woke up early because it was the day he was going to the city to look for medicine ingredients for their hospital. He is a traditional doctor. He uses natural ingredients such as plants, flowers, vegetables or fruits to make medicine to cure illness.

“Are your things ready, John?” Doctor Celso asked. He taught him the traditional treatments like using acupuncture to patients.

“Yes, everything is ready. I’ll be back as long as I’ve collected enough and discovered more ingredients that can be used as medicine,” John replied with a smile.

“If it weren’t for the more we need to treat, you wouldn’t be going to the muddled city.” Celso said. John laughed. Because Celso doesn’t really like the city, he also doesn’t trust the doctors there and has more confidence in traditional medicine.


Manila City- Evening

It was night when he arrived in Manila. John had a hard time in the city because the surroundings were different than in their province. Excessive noise and smoke due to vehicles.

He shook his head because he thought that more people were getting sick in the city because of the bad surroundings and the food here was unhealthy. He took a walk while looking for temporary accommodation but he came across a place full of bars and clubs. Those people were noisy while drinking alcohol.

He shook his head again but continued to walk. He was really tired and wanted to rest but he saw a beautiful woman who seemed to be out of her mind. She is well dressed and can be said to be rich. Many men are surrounding her even though he doesn’t want to pay attention to them. He is worried about her condition because it’s late at night. So he approached them and pulled the woman. So he approached them and pulled the woman. The drunk man didn’t want him to get the lady but he said it was his girlfriend.

He doesn’t know what to do to the woman until he sees a motel. John has no choice because it’s already dark and there he has no vehicle to ride. He took a room for the two of them.

Two days later, John was with the woman inside the car in her fancy Ferrari.

“John, do you remember everything that I’ve said to you?”

“Yes Andrea. I mean CEO Cristobal. Never reveal that you are my wife. Never look for you without your permission. Never mess around in the company,” said John, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Make sure you understand. Now go ahead and get out of my car.” The woman glared at John. John was surprised by what Andrea said.

“But, there is still some distance from here to the company. Why don’t you drive me too into the company?” John asked her curiously.

The woman rolled her eyes at him and with the same cold voice, she said, “I thought you understand? If the employees of the company saw that their CEO drove someone like you into the company, just the two of us, what do you think will happen?” Andre said irritably.

Hearing this, John was stunned for a while, then he nodded and produced a forced smile, “I understand. People will misunderstand easily when they see a beautiful CEO like you and a simple man like me together. All right, I’ll just walk.” John opened the door and got down.

“It’s good that you now really understand,” the woman in the car said with a cold voice, and the Ferrari snarled into the grand building about a kilometer away, with a big sign of “Cristobal Cosmetics Enterprises Holding Inc,” hanging on the building.

In the Ferrari, Andrea Cristobal looked at the figure disappearing through her rearview mirror and she could not help herself from frowning. Letting out a sigh, she whispered to herself, “Why did I even think of doing this show. His is so annoying. If it weren’t for my family situation, I wouldn’t be with that man.”

Andrea is the CEO of Cristobal Cosmetics Enterprises Holding Inc, and her beauty is very well known in the country. She had encountered ridiculous things in the past two days.

She was very troubled with the things going on around her, so she went to the bar to relax the night before yesterday. Unexpectedly, she was drunk. When she woke up, she was already in the motel. Her clothes were long gone, and there was a man lying beside her. This man was John.

If she hadn’t thought well John should have been in jail for what he did to her. She would have already sent him to the police. However, due to the stress from her family recently Andrea got an idea. Instead of handing John to the police, she decided to make him her temporary husband.

In no time, both of them went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register themselves as being officially married, then Andrea arranged a job for her new husband in the company. She is a Traditional doctor so he can work at their company clinic. She will do that so when her family asks about him, she could come up with an explanation.


On the street, John, wearing simple white polo and faded jeans, carrying an old black backpack walked over to the building not far from him. To be honest, John had never expected this result. He went to the city to look for medicine but here he suddenly had a wife and was about to get a job with his company.

When they were inside the motel John suddenly realized that Andrea was not just drunk, she was drugged by someone. The situation became more crucial. He used the knowledge he had to cure her. The powerful side effect of this ‘Intoxicated Sambong leaves’ was its aphrodisiac effect which caused things that should not happen, to happen between them.

After it happened, John felt bad to leave Andrea. Also, the night before yesterday, John found out about the seed of “Ice Lotus” in Andrea’s body when they were making out.

The “Ice Lotus” was a rare cold-natured medicine. As the “Ice Lotus” was very rare and it happened to be the medicine that John needed, he then decided to stay.

John felt that he needed to be responsible for Andrea and on the other hand, he would then have the chance to get the “Ice Lotus” medication if he stayed. Therefore, both of them registered their marriage in no time.

Then, John was arranged to work in Andrea’s company and he became one of her subordinates. Without him realizing it, John had reached the ground level of the company.

John looked up at the 30-story building and the staff going in and out of the company. John could not help but sigh in his heart – his wife seemed to be more capable than he had imagined! Just as he was about to enter the company, a sudden burst of honk sounded. With a sharp braking sound, a black Mercedes stopped beside him.

As the window was being scrolled down, the face of a man with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses showed up. He yelled at John angrily,” Are you blind? Why are you blocking my way?”

“S-Sorry, I didn’t see—” John wanted to explain. However, the man with glasses waved his hand disgustedly and shouted, “Get out of my way if you don’t want to die.”

The security guard at the entrance of the building hurried over and pulled John aside.

The black Mercedes then sped off into the underground parking lot.

“This is not a place for you. Go away!” The security guard waved his hand to John to dismiss him.

“No, I’m here to work.”

“You work here? Why haven’t I seen you before?” The security guard looked suspicious.

“It’s my first day at work in the medical department. I am Doctor John Suarez,” he said quickly.

“Really? You are a doctor? The medical department is having new recruits again? Why haven’t I heard of this?” The security guard was puzzled, but he still called to confirm John’s identity. After things were clear, the security guard allowed him into the company.

Once John entered the company, he first smelled a pleasant fragrance, and then he saw a woman dressed up beautifully in the company. It was only at this moment that John remembered that his wife’s company was mainly engaged in women’s cosmetics.

Thus, it was normal to have so many beautiful women in the company. A few minutes later, John found the medical department on the fourth floor. After knocking on the door, he pushed the door and entered. He saw a young girl with doll-like hair and a round face. She looked at John with her big black eyes.

“Hi, are you the new recruit?”

“Yes, I am. My name is John Suarez. Nice to meet you!” John took the initiative to greet her. The girl came to her senses after a while and quickly reached out to greet him.

“My name is Lesly Lee. I am a nurse here. It’s nice to meet you too. Please take a seat.”

Lesly was a friendly girl. It only took John one morning to get along well with her. She is very surprised to know that John is a traditional doctor who uses herbal medicine to cure people’s sickness. In the afternoon, she took him to the cafeteria in the company for lunch. After getting the food, they found a table and sat down. While they were eating, Lesly introduced the company to John and often introduced some people as well. Suddenly, a burst of chattering rang in the cafeteria, and silence instantly filled up the place. Everyone’s eyes were fixed in one direction.

“What’s wrong?” John asked curiously. Lesly nudged him gently and pointed in one direction. “Look over there.”

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