CEO’s Mysterious Fiancée by Piper Dunlap Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Waiting For the Wedding
In the ranch, Martin’s men lined up in a straight line, vowing to protect the people in
the house to the death.
Dozens of men in black quickly attacked them, as fast as lightning.
Some men in black rushed to the door, but Lamont blocked them all by himself, not
allowing them to step into the door.
“What to do… Will Lamont be in danger?”
Leyna hid by the window and peeked. While worried, she once again felt that this child
was doing good to them with all his heart and soul, and was risking his life to protect
them time and time again.
Just because of this child’s character, she swore in her heart that if she could find
Yana smoothly, she would absolutely agree with this marriage.
“It’s causing trouble for them again.” Nels was also extremely worried, the killing
outside was fierce, Lamont’s arm had already been slashed severely, and blood
flowed instantly.
“Lamont…” Leyna’s heart ached so badly, with so much blood, how painful this child
But Lamont didn’t stop. Two men in black wanted to break in while he was injured, but
he stopped them again.
The situation looked tense.
At this moment, a rattling sound fell from the sky.
Leyna and Nels discovered at the same time that it was a plane, and the plane to
meet them came!
A man in black pulled the trigger on the plane, but it didn’t prevent it from landing
Startled by these noises, the herd ran around.
“We must take Lamont and leave with Paige…’ Leyna said this, remembering that
Paige hadn’t come back, she hurriedly took out her mobile phone, with trembling
hands, found out the number she wrote down earlier, and dialed.
“Leyna.” Paige’s voice quickly came from the other end of the phone.
For some reason, Leyna suddenly burst into tears, and hearing Paige’s voice, all
worries, anxieties and fears were all reduced at this moment.
She didn’t know if it’s because the girl was too reliable in her daily affairs, but just
hearing her voice made her feel at ease.
“Paige, come back quickly, the plane is here.” Leyna’s voice was still crying, “The
situation has changed, we all have to go together, hurry up.”
“I’m almost there.’ Paige seemed to hear her fear, and comforted her softly, “Don’t be
Although there were only several words, Leyna burst into tears again, “Okay, be
careful on the way back, this place is already surrounded by people, you will see the
situation later, get on the plane first, don’t rush here to save us foolishly, remember.”
“Is Lamont okay?’ Paige asked softly again.
As soon as Lamont was mentioned, Leyna looked out again, the child was scratched
by a man in black again, and he seemed a little outnumbered.
Although Martin’s people were formidable, they couldn’t hold back the opponent’s
crowd, and they had already fallen a little bit.
Leyna choked up even more, ’He, he was injured…”
“Don’t be afraid, I’ll be there soon.” Paige had already stepped on the gas pedal to the
bottom. Although this was not her country, Martin’s people will definitely settle small
things like speeding.
After a while, Lamont managed to get rid of the seven or eight men in black outside,
and opened the door panting, “Quick, I’ll escort you to the plane…”
Seeing the bloody man in front of her, Leyna burst into tears, ’Lamont, leave us alone,
you go first…”
One after another, they couldn’t resist the men in black.
In all likelihood, they will not be able to get on the plane…
“Follow me.” Lamont didn’t have time to talk to them so much, he grabbed one with
one hand, and as soon as he stepped out of the door, a knife slammed down, he
kicked the man in black who was wielding the knife away, and pulled them to run
towards the direction of the plane.
His arms were covered in blood, and the clothes on his body had already been
stained red with blood.
Leyna cried, and Nels felt bad. If it wasn’t for Yana, this young man would not have
risked his life to protect them…
He really loved Yana, loved to the bottom of his heart, and that’s why he would love
Martin’s people were seriously injured. They saw Lamont escorting the two old people
to the plane from a distance, so they reluctantly got up from the ground and tried their
best to protect them.
Leyna looked at the tragic situation in front of her, and really didn’t understand what
kind of person her daughter had offended, it looked too scary.
There was still some distance from the plane, and Martin’s people were already
injured, but now they fell down one by one. Soon, more than a dozen men in black
rushed towards Lamont.
Someone took out a knife and swung it at Leyna.
They didn’t want the lives of the three of them, but made it impossible for the three of
them to escape, so that they could bring them back to report.
Seeing that someone was going to hurt Leyna, Lamont immediately pulled her to his
side. On the other side, a falling knife hit his shoulder, and he gasped in pain.

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