CEO’s Mysterious Fiancée by Piper Dunlap Chapter 489

Chapter 489 This Is Your Way of Hospitality?
Paige saw that there were so many flowers and plants outside. It was surprising, and
it can be said to be a beautiful small garden.
“I made you travel all the way, and I feel so sorry, drink some water first? Oh yes, I
bought some bread at the supermarket just now, and I’ll give it to you…” The old man
stood up tremblingly again.
“Do not bother.”
Paige picked up the cup and smelled a faint smell as soon as she got close.
She raised her eyes to look at the back of the old man. The old man bent down to get
the bread in the bag. It seemed that he was struggling, “I often buy this bread…the
taste is not bad.”
He staggered to Paige again, handed it over, and said kindly, “Try it.”
Paige didn’t drink any water, but put down the water glass and said with a smile,
“Calendula and knockout drops, this is your way of hospitality?”
The old man didn’t expect her to smell it all. The key point was that the girl’s eyes are
clear and bright, and she didn’t seem to be afraid of the situation in front of her. Her
strong psychological quality was quite surprising.
“What are you talking about?” Conan was still pretending to be stupid.
“In addition to these two, you also used faint fragrance.”
“Haha…” The old man put down the bread and said with a smile, “When did you find
“At the door.” Paige’s beautiful eyes were calm and calm, and she said slowly, “You
said that you have planted the land for decades, and you often do housework at
home, and even set up a small garden, but I accidentally touched your hand, it doesn’t
look like a hand that has worked.”
That’s why Paige didn’t help him carry his things, but deliberately followed his
footsteps into the house, hoping to see what he would do next.
“After you entered the room, you put down your things, showed a tired look, and
touched the side table next to you. At this time, you turned on the switch of the
Hearing this, the old man became even more interested, “What else?”
“And when you went to pour water, in order not to let me see, you first took an empty
glass, filled it with water, and waited a while before coming out… At this time, you are
already administering medicine, right?”
The old man smiled more kindly, “Since you know something is wrong, how dare you
come in alone? You are quite brave.”
“If I don’t come in, I won’t be able to see the scene?”
“Haha… You are really a special little girl. Why not follow me, I just need an apprentice
like you.”
“Then tell me, what do you do?”
“Based on your intelligence, you should already guess out?” The old man made a
sudden move, with quick movements, not at all like a seventy-year- old man…
Paige responded, and the two started fighting in the living room.
The old man just compared a few tricks and asked, “What is your relationship with the
leader of the Flame Gang in the triangle area?”
As if he was facing an enemy, his expression was vigilant and suspicious.
Paige raised her eyebrows, “Do you know him?”
“Answer my question first.” The old man carefully looked at the girl in front of him.
Except for her long hair, he had never seen her before. Her body shape, posture, and
even her moves were very similar to that of the leader of the Flame Gang…
But wasn’t the leader of the Flame Gang a man?
Could this little girl in front of him be his woman?
Or… a direct disciple?
But the skills of the leader of the Flame Gang were not so easy to learn!
Who was this little girl?
Was it Flame Gang who sent her here to make trouble?
“What’s the relationship between Flame Gang and Yana?” The old man asked again,
“Yana is in Flame Gang now?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Paige attacked quickly.
She recalled it in her mind, but she didn’t think of who the old man might be. She had
never fought against someone so old, but how could the old man guess that her
moves were related to the leader of the Flame Gang?
“No matter who you are, you must come with me today.”
He had to take the little girl back to explain to the people above that this little girl was
too suspicious, her moves were similar to those of the leader of the Flame Gang, and
she was calm and composed even in a dangerous situation, obviously she had
undergone special training!
If it was true that people from the Flame Gang deliberately interfered with their affairs,
then they just had a chance to attack the Flame Gang!
And they could catch them all!
They haven’t settled with the Flame Gang for their previous grudge!
Conan used the most ruthless moves to deal with the little girl in front of him. He found
that the little girl had excellent skills and quick reactions.
The most important thing was that the fragrance floating in the air seemed to be of no
use to her at all!
“Who the hell are you?” Conan felt more and more powerless, Paige’s moves had the
upper hand, and he felt more and more that he was unable to win.
This girl was too powerful.
Paige planned to take him down as soon as possible, but Conan suddenly turned over
and pressed a mechanism, and a dozen iron balls fell from the ceiling, each of which
was about the size of a hamburger. If it landed on top of her head, she would definitely
After Paige avoided it easily, she found that the old man turned on another switch and
ran away from the safe passage in the wall.
In order to avoid the traps, Paige didn’t plan to chase him, so she took out her mobile
phone and called Lamont.
“Lamont, I saw that Grandpa Lee. If I guessed correctly, he should also be a member
of a certain organization, and he deliberately got close to Leyna and Nels.”
Hearing this, Lamont immediately asked subconsciously, “Are you not injured?”
“No, it’s just that he ran away, and I don’t bother to chase after him.” Paige said this,
and did not forget to tell him, “He approached Leyna and Nels with a poor identity,
probably because he wanted to get news about Yana from them. It can be shown that
Yana really has what they want.”
Lamont guessed what those things were, and secretly made up his mind to decipher
them quickly.
“Pay attention over there, and send Leyna and Nels to the plane earlier.” Paige
“Okay.” Lamont stood in front of the ranch’s house, looked at dozens of men in black
walking towards him, and said softly, ‘Paige, I am a little hungry, on your way back,
buy some food for me.”
When Paige heard this, she suddenly felt strange.
After all, it was impossible for a man who loved his sister to let his sister do errands to
buy things for him.
The reason why Lamont asked her to buy it was probably because he wanted to delay
the time and prevent her from going back so soon.
So, Lamont should be in danger.
“Okay.” Paige hung up the phone very quickly, and after walking out of the small
bungalow, she said to Joseph who was waiting outside, “On your way back, help
Lamont buy something to eat, try to arrive before I go back.”
Joseph was confused. She asked him to buy something and hurry up…
“I’ll drive the car first.” Paige took the car keys in his hand, got into the car, and
accelerated to the ranch.
“Ms. Paige…” Joseph came to his senses, and immediately became a little anxious,
“You can give me a ride…l can’t get a taxi here…”
Looking at this quiet suburb, Joseph wanted to cry a little, so he could only take out
his mobile phone and call his subordinates…

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