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Mission To Remarry

Mission To Remarry

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Her marriage, which has lasted for three years, ends in a divorce. The whole city laughs at her and mocks her for being the abandoned wife of a wealthy family. Six years later, she returns to the country with a pair of twins. This time, she has taken a new lease on life and is now a world-renowned genius doctor. Countless men are now lining up to court her and marry her, until one day, her daughter tells her that “Daddy” has been on his knees for three days straight, begging to remarry her.

Mission To Remarry Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Even A Hairline Fracture Is Worth it “Sorry, I… was thinking about something earlier, so I accidentally missed the step,” Aubree murmured in feigned contrition after Catalina had helped her onto the couch. Standing behind the two of them, Lucian said nothing to that. Aubree’s heart sank, and she hypocritically remarked, “I probably twisted …

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 What Had Happened Between Them Meanwhile, at the research institute, Cayden rambled incessantly about Lucian’s merits while helping to transport the medicinal herbs. Regretfully, Roxanne remained unmoved. At the end of his rope, Cayden took his leave after transporting the medicinal herbs and left. On his way back to Farwell Group, resentment brewed within him. …

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 What Exactly Are You Planning At a single glance, Jack saw right through his parents. Exasperation inexorably swamped him. “Since you’ve investigated Ms. Jarvis, I’m sure you already know that she’s an exceedingly outstanding doctor.” With regard to that statement, Titus and Priscilla had no rebuttal. During the investigation, they had already learned that Roxanne …

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