Caged Between The Beta & Alpha By Moonlight Muse Chapter 9

9. It Hurts 


The moment those sparks rushed through me; my eyes blazed as I looked at the man beneath me.

“And this is an even nicer punch!” I growled quietly, before , punching him square in the nose.

The sickening crunch as I broke it satisfied me. How dare he!

I jumped off of him, resisting the urge to kick him in the balls, and instead kicked his knee, hard!

How dare he!

Grabbing my boots, I turned and stormed down the stairs. My heart was thundering with a hundred emotions, but above all, I felt angry. How could he ignore me for three years and think he could just start flirting with me?

Nope, not happening. I am not a pushover. I will not

“Raven!” He grabbed my arm just as I reached the front door, and I was annoyed to see he had put his nose back in place.

“Don’t touch me, Liam.” I hissed, yanking free.

“I’m fucking sorry.” He said, raising his hands in surrender.” That was out of line.”

He looked away and I shook my head. He didn’t get it. What

was out of line was being out of my life for three years and then pretending it never happened, that he never left or hurt m

  1. e. +

“Good night, Liam.”

“It’s not safe-”

“I said, good night.” I said coldly, glaring at him.

Daring him to argue with me, he frowned, clenching his jaw.

“Night.” He replied coldly, and his walls were up once more.

I turned away, walking out of the house, not bothering to put my shoes on. I knew he couldn’t follow me with Azura sleeping upstairs and I was glad.

I made my way back towards my parent’s house, not bothered with the wet floor or the dirt that was sticking to my feet. The rain was still falling lightly and the sound of distant animals could be heard.

That night, two years ago, I went with Cassandra and Aunty Angela to a neighbouring town. They had been on pack business with the pack that was hosting the mating ball. Aunty had asked me if I wanted to attend, but I told her no. As per the rules, one ball per year was hosted by King Al and the other by a different pack.

The memory of me finding my own mates had been too damn painful, I had left my hotel room and gone to get some drinks.


Then, to my surprise, Liam had shown up. I was beyond shocked, I had never expected to see him like that. He had been so drunk, for someone who didn’t want me and had left m e on the mating ball, he had stolen my first kiss that night. Although my entire body had wanted to give into him, I couldn’t, not when he was in that state and not when I was tied to not one but two mates. I couldn’t do that to Damon, I had wanted to help Liam that night but he had just pushed me away…

It made me wonder how many women these two had been with – My so-called mates.

I smiled gently; life truly sucked at times.


I reached home and decided to climb through my bedroom rather than face my parents. Once inside, I pulled my dress off and wiped my feet on it before shutting and locking the window. I walked over to my wardrobe, taking down one of the suitcases that I hadn’t unpacked knowing I was going to leave this place anyway.

Opening it up, I rummaged around until I pulled out Liam’s suit jacket from that night. I caressed the fabric, my heart clenching at the way he told me to leave him alone.

I sighed heavily, shoving it back into my suitcase and replacing it on top of my wardrobe before deciding to take a shower.

I had just showered, pulling on my high-waisted panties, a

sports bra and some baggy pyjama bottoms before I returned t o my room towelling my hair. I shut the door behind me when a sudden scent hit my nose and I froze, yanking the towel from my hair, my eyes snapped to the bed where none other than Damon was sitting. Flicking through one of my books, he now looked up, giving me a small smile.


My heart thundered and I glanced at the shut door behind me. Why was this happening today? I didn’t want to see my mates, yet I ended up seeing both of them.

His eyes trailed over me and I realised my trousers hung low, showing off the band of my knickers. His eyes flashed for a moment before he looked away smoothly.

I hated how these two pigs were looking at me like I was a . piece of meat, yet neither had the audacity to even care about how. I had felt years ago, the way they left me feeling broken and unwanted. Now that I had pulled myself together and became strong, they decide to come back into my life? No, I don’t think so.

“Hey, so can I ask why you are in my room?” I asked, raising a n eyebrow, trying to ignore how hot he looked.

I had broken one pretty nose tonight; I wouldn’t mind adding another to that list.

“I thought we could talk… without anyone interrupting us.” H e said quietly, reaching behind him, holding up two packets of

fizzy sweets and a bag of donuts. “I brought a bribe?”

My heart skipped a beat, but I tried not to let it get to me. Walking over to my wardrobe, I took out a black vest and pulled it on.

“Who let you in?” I asked, deciding to keep myself busy, so began to clean my room up a little.

“Your mom, I was going to come through the window but it was locked. Your dad left too, so I decided to just come through the front door.” He said, laying back on the bed.


Thank Goddess, Dad wasn’t around. I didn’t need more drama.

“Raven, can we talk?”

“You want to talk now? Go ahead, I’m all ears.” I said, picking up my wet dress that I had left near the window.

“First of all, I want to apologise for everything. Nothing I say i s going to justify that night, but you have got to remember Liam is my Alpha, I fucking see him as my brother. I needed him to be ok with this, with us.”

“I get that Damon, but it doesn’t excuse that you both were so caught up in how you both felt that you didn’t even once consider how I was probably feeling. I never wanted two mates, but I was given them. Yet you both cut me off without a second thought.” I said, my voice was emotionless and I made sure to hide every emotion that I was feeling.


Emotions that were eating up at me every time I thought of


I glanced up at him, feeling his intense gaze on me. I hated seeing the guilt in his soft blue eyes.

“I know… I just didn’t know how the fuck to react.” He muttered.

“Tell me Damon, why now then? Why are you talking about it


“I tried to talk to Liam again. That didn’t go well, you saw that. I wanted to know what you wanted…”

I almost laughed, what I want? Did what I want even count? 1

“Care to explain?” I asked.

He stood up after taking a donut out of the packet, walked over to me and held it out.

I took it, not wanting to be a diva, but it did not mean he was forgiven.

“We both want you, but clearly Liam doesn’t want to share… What’s your thoughts on this?”,

Three years too late, Damon. Three fucking years too late.

“I don’t want either of you anymore.” I said quietly.,

“Don’t say that, Liam’s stubbornness.”


“Tell me something Damon, who is Robyn to you?” I asked suddenly

He seemed to have been struck, his face drained of colour and h e looked shocked. It was clear he wasn’t expecting that, and I felt the stabbing pain in my chest, as if something was squeezing my heart painfully. He looked away and I saw the guilt in his eyes. 2

I got my answer and as much as I wanted to say it didn’t hurt, i t did.


The urge to smile and tell him he didn’t need to explain almost overtook me, but no, I needed to know and I didn’t need to make things easier for either, they were big boys.

He ran a hand through his gorgeous curls and exhaled.

My chest constricting painfully, I knew whatever it was and I was not going to like it.

“I didn’t think you’d come back like this or…”

“You don’t need to justify anything Damon, just answer the question.” I said, biting into the donut; trying my best to act normal, trying to prepare myself for his words as I tossed a few items of clothing into the washing hamper.

“We have been kinda dating for the last year or so.”,

My heart thudded, the whimper of my wolf in the back of my

mind stung as sudden pain and betrayal overwhelmed me.

“I’m sorry, Raven… I just… I don’t know how it happened, we just had a connection…” .

Don’t Raven… He was never yours… Fuck, he was never yours.

“I am sorry.” His whispered apology came, but I couldn’t comprehend anything anymore.

This pain… I thought I could handle it but… fuck it hurt so much.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

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