Caged Between The Beta & Alpha By Moonlight Muse Chapter 18

18. Bond’s & Family 


“Kia!” I exclaimed, running over to her. She rushed forward and we both hugged each other tightly.

“We weren’t expecting you.” Liam said, lifting Dante up.

“It’s a surprise.” He said, as if this wasn’t obvious.

I smiled, oh goddess that kid was cute. Al shook hands with Liam whilst giving Damon a curt nod.

I had video called Al after his brother had passed away, but I didn’t go, knowing they needed time with both their own families. I didn’t want to go and make Liam stay away.

I bent over looking at the two adorable dumplings that I just wanted to gobble up completely.

They were soo cute!

“Kia you make cute babies! Ah, they are even cuter than the last time I saw them.”

“Hun, I sent you a picture of them just two days ago.” Kiara said, hugging Liam tightly.

“Hmm nope, still cuter than ever.” I whispered, caressing Skyla’s cheek.

“Alpha Alejandro, Kia.” Damon said.

“Hey, Damon.” Kiara said with a small smile, giving him a quick hug as Al looked at him coldly.

I felt sorry for him, what with Liam’s treatment of him and now Al’s.

“I never can get away from you.” Al said to him. But compared to how much he hated him years ago, I could tell it had calmed down.

I knew his reason… Damon and Kia had been in a sexual relationship for a while.

“Kiara” Uncle El said, smirking as he came over, meeting his daughter first then the rest. “How are you all doing? It’s a nice surprise to see you all come down.”

“Yeah, I thought we’d stop by, not that we’ll be here for too long.” King Al said.

Uncle El nodded.

“How are they doing?” He asked quietly.

My heart squeezed seeing the wave of sadness that washed over Kiara, Al and Uncle El. I knew he was asking about Alpha Rafael’s family.

“As best as they fucking can in this situation.” Al said with a smirk that held no light.

Kiara looked up at him, her eyes filled with emotions, the love she felt for him strongly showing. She stepped closer, cupping his face as she tugged him down, kissing him softly.

Gosh, if you wanted a perfect hot couple, it was these two.

“Don’t just stand out there, come on in! Monica and I want to see the kiddies!” Aunty Red called.

I smiled, I loved how Aunty Red was so considerate of Aunty Monica. It was heart-breaking to see her like this, I promise I will do more. I will, I don’t care what happens with me, Damon or Liam but I will try to do more for her…

I headed back to the kitchen to make some more hot drinks, Kia followed me after meeting her mom and aunty Monica.

“So how is it being back here?” She asked.

“Ok I guess…” I said, I wasn’t sure if they knew about the murders.

They had enough going on, so unless Uncle El or someone told them, I won’t mention it.

“Still nothing?” She asked softly as I poured some more milk i n to make something for them.

“Nope, nothing. So do you guys want food first?” I didn’t want to talk about my issue.

“No, we ate on the way, a hot drink is fine.” Kiara said as she took out two mugs. “Things will get better.”

“I’m sure they will…” I said, smiling at her.

I still wanted to ask someone about my brother, but I guess it was going to have to wait.

The evening passed by with everyone just sitting and chatting.

Dante and Azura played together, although Dante was a little bossy, and when Azura refused to listen, he just got angry. He also told Azura how he was a big boy and she was a baby, which only angered her even more. What can I say about these two alpha-blooded children?

The twinsies were happy, although Kataleya cried a lot, Skyla was a little more.calmer. They both did settle down and enjoyed the constant being carried. They were passed around, and even Aunty Monica looked a little more cheerful.

No one mentioned the murders, and when Kiara got up to put the kids to bed, Damon also said he and Monica would be heading home.

Uncle El gave him a small nod before telling him to be careful.

‘If you need anything when it comes to Aunty M, I’m here, even if it’s just to spend some time with her if you’re busy.’ I said through the link, glancing at him.


He wasn’t alone, he had us all. I wanted to make sure he knew that I would be there for him too, even if I was three years too late…

“Thanks, Raven,’ His reply came, was it me or did he sound



“I better head home too.” I said, standing up and picking up the dishes.

I had no idea the state my room was going to be in, but let’s see when I get home.

“Ok, take care of yourself.” Aunty Red said, giving me a smile a s she too picked up Azura.

“Finally.” Al muttered, taking out a cigarette.

I knew he tried to hold off on smoking inside when kids were around, even if smoking now still travelled, but hey, at least he tried.

“I’m going to head out too. See you all tomorrow.” Liam said with a small nod, I knew it was because I got up.

Al looked between both of us, but said nothing, turning back t o Uncle El. The two of them were friends, a bond that was first forged by their link to Alpha Rafael… a bond that is still in existence.

My heart ached as I looked at them, and I suddenly felt very upset. Life was short; what were we doing?

I didn’t speak to Liam, even when he reached over and opened the door for me. We both silently made our way back to the packhouse.

“We still need to talk.” I said the moment we were inside.

“Hmm.” He said emotionlessly,

I frowned, looking up into those cerulean eyes of his.

“Liam, you’ve changed.” I said quietly.

He looked away and my heart ached a little more.

Where was that compassionate, loving Liam?

“Good night, Raven.” He said quietly, walking off towards the stairs.

I sighed, deciding to grab a water bottle before I headed upstairs. I could hear some of the guys in the game room, and someone watching TV, but the kitchen was dark. The smell of freshly mopped floors and detergent filled my nose.

I liked this smell, it was so clean… I tiptoed to the fridge, hoping I didn’t ruin the floor that the omegas must have just cleaned and grabbed a bottle from the fridge. I was about to close it when I saw a shadow of someone walking past behind me. My heart leapt and I jumped, spinning around only to see a young Omega girl holding a mop.

“Goddess!” I muttered, placing my hand on my chest.

“Sorry Miss.” She said nervously.

She looked startled too, she was slim and of average height, her hair up in a messy bun.

“Hey, it’s cool. Damn, I just didn’t hear you.” I said, flashing her a smile.

She smiled, looking relieved.

“Oh sorry, I was just going to put the mop away.” She said, holding it up, brushing back a strand of her straw-coloured locks.

“Sure, carry on. I’m sorry if I messed your floor up.” I said apologetically.

She smiled and shook her head.

“It’s fine, it gets dirty quickly anyway.” 

I left the kitchen thinking since the murders, I felt on edge. Even now, I couldn’t get the images out of my head. I knew, just like yesterday, those eyeless corpses would haunt my dreams…

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