Caged Between The Beta & Alpha By Moonlight Muse Chapter 16

16. Dinner For Seven 



“Don’t look at me like that, is there a problem?” Mom asked, cocking a brow.

I swear she had that attitude of a feisty lioness and if you get o n her bad side…

“No, I just thought it’s a fucking family day?”

“Yeah family, and they are our family.” Mom said, for a moment she looked concerned. “Liam.. talk to me.”

“Isn’t that what I’m doing?” I asked glancing out the kitchen window, where dad was pushing Azura on the swing.

It fucking hurt seeing him so much quieter, losing Uncle Raf really did fucking do a number on him. 2

“You know what I mean.” Mom said shoving an electric whisk into my hand and a bowl full of powder and milk.

“Yeah, well time changes people.”

“Yes, but you never said what happened.” She said as she began slicing the puff pastry before she began spooning in the tuna and cheese filling.

Mom was an incredible cook, her and Kiara both were…

“Nothing happened.” I lied.

“Sooner or later, you will need to talk about it.” Mom said, stubbornly.

“Yeah… maybe.”

“After you have whisked the cream go set the table for seven.”


“Who’s the seventh?”


Fuck, just fucking great… this was going to be so fucking stressful…

An hour later the scent of delicious dishes, mixed with Raven’s scent filled the dining room, I had just set the table, and everyone had just arrived.

Raven looked fucking fine, dressed in a black halter dress that left most of her back on show, paired with net tights and boots. The only colour in her look was her deep blue earrings that matched her hair and the same colour that touched her smoky eyes. Her lips painted a gorgeous nude that made them look oh so fucking tempting.

I looked away from her, just as Aunty Monica and Damon who had just entered.

Shit, thanks to my own fucking ego, I never bothered finding out how Aunty Monica was doing and by the fucking looks of i t, not good…

She had lost weight, and that vibrant gorgeous smile that once used to light up her face, was gone, I couldn’t help but notice how Damon was holding her hand. Losing a mate wasn’t easy for most…

“Monica.” Mom said pulling her into her arms.

“Scarlett, you shouldn’t have.” Aunty Monica murmured, giving mom a weak smile.

“Hey.” Dad said before hugging her.

“Hey guys.” Damon said with a small smile glancing at me and Raven. “You look great.” He added to Raven which only made jealousy flare up inside of me.

“Thanks.” Raven said smoothly, but I didn’t miss the way her heart was fucking racing.

We all sat down with Dad at the head of the table, mom on his right, with Azura between mom and Aunty Monica. To my irritation Damon took the seat opposite his mom and Raven sat next to him which fucking annoyed me and I got the last seat next to her, with dad on my other side.

Well fuck.

“Did you ladies have anything planned for the weekend?” Dad


asked, his gaze on Aunty Monica who sat silently.

“Me and Monica are going for a manicure.” Mom said.

“I can’t, Aaron said we’re going out.” Aunty Monica said quickly.

I looked down, thinking she lost her mate and was suffering and here I was not even able to have mine who was right by m y side…

“I think he’d like you going out M.” Dad said, giving her a small smirk.

He glanced over at mom and I saw the love in his eyes, yet there was also the fear of losing her, or her losing him.

“I want manicaw too.” Azura added staring at her hand.

Speaking off the little pumpkin, I had got a proper fucking telling off from mum about her having coke. Like it was my fault…

When I had asked, she had said that she was allowed to have it, mom and dad had looked at me like I was fucking stupid. Guess I was, for listening to a little monster.

“My baby can come too.” Mom said kissing her head as she placed a pastry on her plate.

“I heard you moved to the pack house Raven, how is it so far?” Dad asked her.

I glanced at her, she was so fucking tiny that I really fucking

wondered how she had been paired to Damon and I? Like how even that shit worked? I think one man was more than enough for her…

“It’s good, my room was painted today, and I ordered some curtains and stuff, so its going to feel like home super soon.” She said brightly crossing her legs, my gaze dipped to her thighs and really was it so fucking wrong to admit that I wanted to run my hand up those sexy thighs. She may be tiny but she had meat in the right places…

“Sorry to change the topic, but with everything that’s going o n, what’s your take on it Uncle?” Damon asked, glancing at Azura who was eating a potato croquette like there was nothing more fascinating in life then food.

Dad sighed.

“I don’t actually know, its rather baffling, the notes, the way it’s done, no scent… I mean if we think its internal as Liam suggested, we could go down that path, but it might rile the pack.” He said clearly reluctant about my proposal.

Damon glanced at me,

Ok so I haven’t told my fucking beta my idea. Who cares?

‘What idea?’ Damon asked through the link.

“To fucking put everyone under alpha command and question them.’

“What do you think of his idea anyway?” Dad asked.

“What is the idea?” Raven asked.

“To question everyone under Alpha command.” Mom said, frowning with concern.

Raven’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at me.

“Liam would have to be the one to do that… if you put your pack through that… it would be…”

“Damaging.” Damon said quietly. “Putting everyone to trial would really hurt them, not to mention they will feel betrayed

and that they are being accused.”

I clenched my jaw.

“And you just recently took that position.” Dad added.

“Exactly…” Damon murmured.

“Yeah, well then how about we let them carry on and let another few get killed.” I said glaring at him.

“Liam.” Mom said warningly, looking between me and Damon.

The tension in the room was fucking thick, and dad glanced between the two of us as well.

“What is wrong with you two?” He asked frowning deeply.

“Nothing.” We both replied in unison.

Mom cocked a brow and Aunty Monica looked at me suddenly.

“Damon will be a good Beta, he is a good Beta just like his father.” She whispered before looking away.

Guilt rushed through me, fuck I don’t want to hurt her…

Mom reached over giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

“He is a good Beta.” Dad said firmly, now turning to me. “And I would expect you to work alongside him, I don’t know what happened between you two but I want it fucking fixed.”,

The table fell silent and Azura gasped.

“Daddy said a bad word! Daddy needs a spanking Mama! Just the way he said he’s going to spank you the other day!”.

Kill me fucking now. I did not need to know that shit.

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