Caged Between The Beta & Alpha By Moonlight Muse Chapter 14

14. Always Been You 



I couldn’t focus on Dad. I was confused, what brother?

“…useless, unwanted… Just leave, I don’t want to see you here

I looked at Mom, who looked upset but I didn’t know what to make of it..

“What brother?” I asked.

“Like you need to know.” Dad spat.

So, he wasn’t going to discuss it, fine.

“Ok… Don’t tell me. I’m out.” I said, grabbing the first of my two suitcases and carrying them out. Dad picked up the next two and tossed them out.

I heard something break, and with it, it felt like something inside of me was breaking.

Mom just stood there whilst Dad was just raging with anger.

“I never knew I had a brother… and clearly you guys don’t want to tell me so fine. But I do want to say one thing before I g 0… You said you lost your son because of me… I’m sorry for that, even though I have no idea what I have done, but I hope

you do realise you are also losing the only child you do have.” I said quietly.

They were my parents at the end of the day, but I wondered, was there really not even one ounce of love in them for me?

“That won’t be much of a loss.” Dad spat, grabbing a few more of my items and throwing them out of the door. I moved out of the way just in time or I would have been hit by one of the suitcases. 2

“What the fuck?” A cold, dangerous voice spoke.

My heart thudded when I felt the huge aura behind me. His scent hit me hard, but more than that, the anger in his voice terrified me. Clearly not only me, Dad looked like he had just seen a ghost.

“A-alpha Liam…”

“What the hell is happening?” Liam asked, his voice menacing, stepping forward as he looked at the bags strewn across the front yard.

“Raven’s apparently leaving, aren’t you?” Dad said, his voice not even holding an ounce of venom.

“Tomorrow, I was going to leave tomorrow but Dad decided to throw me out a day early.” I shot back icily.

I didn’t care if his stupid reputation was ruined, I was so done with his fake ass.

“Care to explain, Mr Jacobs,” Liam asked, his voice was so cold that I shivered.

His anger was something I was still not used to.

“It’s late, I am going to bed.” Dad turned away.

Until a menacing growl ripped through Liam’s chest.

“I am your Alpha. Don’t you dare turn your back on me.”

Before I could even comprehend, he was before Dad in a flash, one hand around his throat as he slammed him up against the wall. :

Mom screamed and my hand clamped over my mouth.

“I… I’m sorry, but this was between my daughter and-”

Funny he should call me daughter now…

“Liam, leave him.” I said quietly.

He wasn’t worth it, neither was this entire thing. I didn’t want others to come out of their houses for the drama.

Liam’s hold tightened until I walked over to him, tugging at his jacket.

“Leave him, help me?” I asked quietly, motioning to the luggage.

His eyes that were burning a deep magnetic blue glared at Dad one final time before he shoved him to the ground roughly.


“This isn’t over.” He said and something told me he wouldn’t drop it, not until he had gotten to the bottom of it.

He turned to me, his eyes dipping to my legs before he looked away and grabbed a few of the bags. Wow, how much can he carry? Ok, I think we’d be able to manage alone. I grabbed what I could as Liam picked up the final one, walking off towards the packhouse without another word.

‘Go be a whore.’ Dad’s final words came through the link. –

I won’t react, I’ll just walk away, like I always do…

When will I stop and actually speak up?

“Here’s the room… I’m next door.” Liam said curtly, making m y heart hammer. He looked down at me, raising an eyebrow. “I t wasn’t planned.”,

“I didn’t say it was.” I said when he unlocked the door and picked up the bags, a few were in the hall downstairs as we hadn’t managed to carry them all up the stairs in one go. The packhouse was empty as everyone still seemed to be out partying.

“Good.” I said, looking inside the room.

Boy, did this room need a personal touch. Well, fear not, I had plenty of stickers, plushies and posters to decorate this place!

“If you want anything done, I’ll get the boys to do it tomorrow.


“Liam said, his husky, sexy voice making my stomach flutter.

I glanced at him to see him leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed over his chest, his jacket straining against his huge, bulky muscles and his intense gaze burning into me.

“I can do everything myself.” I said, slipping my hands into the back pockets of my shorts as I swivelled around on my heel and stared around at the white wall.

“I’ll get someone to get some black paint…”

“Who said I like black?” I asked lightly, despite how my heart was thumping

He raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t you? Black and purple are your favourite colours, aren’t they?”,

“Mmm…” I said, trying not to look at him, why was it so stuffy in here?

His eyes were burning into me.

“I’ll go get your bags.” He said, turning and walking out.

I sighed, looking around the room. This was it, my new home … A home that meant having Liam around often…

We needed to talk. All three of us…

His footsteps and his intoxicating scent returned as he placed the stuff down just as I drew the blinds, scanning the room. It


was a good size, bigger than my room at Mom and Dad’s


“What is up with you and your dad? Did something happen?” H e asked, and I could sense the anger in his voice…

“No nothing at all, Dad was just being Dad.” I said lightly.”

The same way he’s been for the last twenty years of my life.

“Liam… Can I ask a favour?” I asked quietly, turning back to


“Sure.” He said shoving his hands into his pockets.

I walked over to him, my heart thumping as his eyes trailed over me.

Don’t look at me like that… Like I mean so much to you, when I don’t…”

I hated how my core throbbed under his gaze, the way my heart was pounding and the urge to be in his arms consumed me.


“Can we talk? Like a proper talk. You, Damon and I? Please?” I asked softly, stopping a foot away from him.

As predicted, his eyes darkened and he clenched his jaw.

“Please,” I said softly, stepping closer.

I placed a hand on his chest, my stomach knotting at the sparks that coursed through me.

I had heard of the power of a touch… I had also seen’it first hand with Uncle El and Aunty Red, then again with Kia and her Al.

“What’s there to talk about?” He asked quietly.

“Us. We can’t carry on like this, I can’t deal with this forever. W e need to talk, tell each other what our issues are and find a solution.” I said quietly.

I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol in my system or what Taylor had said, but I needed to do this.

“My issue? My issue is that am I not fucking enough! I would love you so fucking much that you wouldn’t need another… Is Selene trying to say I alone am not enough?”

Sadness and pain washed through me, I could see the pain in his eyes. He removed his hands from his pockets, gripping my waist, making me gasp. My heart thudded as I placed my hands over his. But it was his next words that threw me off completely.

“Tell me, bitesize, wouldn’t my love be enough? I know I’ve done nothing to prove myself for the last three years, but I’ve always loved you. Even now. No matter how much I fucking hate our situation, I do love you. I left before I did something I regretted. This is not my fucking justification, but I loved you before I even knew what the fucking feeling was… I’ve always wanted you, Raven, no one else, just you. It has always been you.”


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