Caged Between The Beta & Alpha By Moonlight Muse Chapter 12

  1. An Apology & A Secret 


I wasn’t expecting that. No matter if she did know, I still wasn’t expecting her to apologise to me. More than that, did that mean Damon had told her?

“I just want you to know we have ended things.” She said twisting one of the several delicate rings she wore on her fingers.

I didn’t know what to say, our situation as a whole, was a mess.

“I don’t know why you two aren’t together, but he is a really selfless, caring person. He’ll treat you great.” She smiled.


Come.on, I was the queen of fake smiles and I could see right through hers. She was in pain thanks to that dimwit and here she was telling me that Damon was good enough for me. I felt sad for her. I know the mate bond played a part for me, but I also know that love without the bond existed. It was what I had felt for Liam for years. I was scared he’d find his mate. 2

“One bird to another, men are idiots.” I said with a crooked smile. 1

She frowned for a second before smiling genuinely.

“Oh! Robyn – Raven! I never even realised that!” ..

I nodded, biting into my pizza as she laughed.

“I guess they are idiots.” She said wistfully.

I looked at her, no matter how much it hurt, I was not going to be a bitch about this.

“Don’t feel guilty, you didn’t know… Besides, he had a lot going on.” I said quietly. “Thank you for being there for him.” 1

She nodded,

“Although it doesn’t make it right, it has been hard for him, especially with his mom’s deteriorating health.”


“What do you mean?”

“Monica’s mental state…” She said, clearly seeming unsure if she should say more.”

Fuck… I know Kiara had mentioned that she was getting more and more depressed… Suddenly, I realised that I wasn’t completely in the right either…

Sure; Liam left, Damon distanced himself, but when did I try? Did I try to talk to either of them? No, I didn’t… 2


I turned away, barely hearing her ask me if I was ok. I nodded, walking off into the woods. My mind was spinning.

Shit, shit, shit.


I know it hurt, seeing them both just pull away, but had I tried? No, I hadn’t. I didn’t really give Damon much time either, he had been going through a lot back then. Suddenly, the pizza slice in my hand wasn’t so appetising anymore. 2

I walked away until the music was a faint hum, my mind spinning with so many unanswered questions.

Sighing I walked over to one of the large trees and sat down at its base, staring up through the branches at the crescent moon, slowly eating my pizza slice.

What do I do?

What should I do?

We did need to talk, because if I was to reject them, we really needed to discuss this first.

“Can we talk?”


The sound of two pairs of heavy footsteps followed.

I quickly calmed my heart rate the best I could hoping no one spotted me, right now I don’t think I could just smile and pretend I was ok.

“I don’t want to do this right now, Tay.” Zack’s voice came.

Tay? Since when had they been close?

“You never do.” Taylor’s soft voice came.

“Let’s head back.”

“No…” Taylor murmured,

Wow, he was answering back to the Delta? That wasn’t like him. Don’t tell me he was drunk already? Did they lace the damn drinks? Idiots.


I frowned. Their hearts were racing and I knew they were very close, I was praying they wouldn’t discover me.

“I need you, Zack. Fuck, how long will you hurt me?” Taylor’s voice sounded so broken that my own heart clenched. 3


Zack was cut off and I heard a low moan, my eyes widened when I realised Taylor had kissed him.


The rustle of clothes and a slight grunt as someone was pushed up against the tree was heard.

Damn, I never knew Zack was… I frowned.

What was going on between them?

Well, it wasn’t my place to be nosy, I just hoped Zack didn’t hurt Taylor. He sounded so vulnerable…

“Fuck Tay… Stop it…” Zack groaned and my own cheeks


Goddess I need to get out of here! Now!

I was about to creep away when Taylor’s next words made me freeze.

“You’re my mate Zack, I fucking want you.” The pain and desperation in his voice tugged at my own heart.

That pain… It was far more familiar than anyone would ever know… But unlike Taylor who went after his mate, I wasn’t that brave, nor did I have that confidence.

Oh, why was this pack full of dickheads? I silently made my way away from them, it was clear they were keeping that a secret.

Well, stupid Alpha, stupid Beta and now we have a stupid Delta. The dumb idiots… 5.

I needed to decide what to do about my stupid mates, and i seemed Taylor had his own problems… I wish I could help hin Maybe I needed to talk to Zack? I suddenly felt really disappointed in him.

How could he treat Taylor like that? I mean growing up, I hac o idea if Zack was bi or what, but he did have a girlfriend here r there. But seriously, it’s clear he had feelings for Taylor sin he loved that kiss.

My cheeks burned, I immediately pushed the thought of t two of them getting dirty in the woods out of my head.

Naughty, naughty…

I was brought out of my thoughts when I thought I heard something in the trees to the left.


I stopped trying to hear, but there was nothing.

I heard a branch snap in the tree above me. My eyes flashed as. I stared into the tree, I couldn’t hear a heartbeat…

I moved closer, sniffing out if anyone was there, when the smell of blood filled my nose. I approached the tree, my heart racing

“Who’s there?”

I was about to reach for the lowest branch, ready to climb up when I heard another branch snap and something heavy fall through the branches. I jumped back just as a body fell to the ground, making me scream.

“Fuck!” I swore, my heart thundering as I stared at the body that had fallen out of the tree.

The mouth was cut from ear to ear and the teeth were once again missing. My stomach was twisting and I could barely comprehend what I saw as I looked over the woman’s body, I don’t know who she was but… I backed away, looking into her empty eye sockets.

Another murder.

Despite my racing heart and the worry and fear that rushed through my veins, I hurried over to the body, but made sure not to touch it.

Shit, this was not good. I saw a note in her hand and was about to reach for it.

“What the fuck?!”

My head snapped to the side and I saw both Taylor and Zack standing there.

Zack’s gaze went from the body to me instantly, and my heart thundered when I saw the suspicious look in his eyes.

“The body fell out of the tree.” I said, quickly moving away.

“I’ll tell the Alpha and Beta…” Taylor said, looking unnerved.

“What were you doing out here?” Zack asked me.

Despite the fact that I know this looks strange. I hadn’t done anything wrong.

“I… I walked away when I saw you two kiss.” I stated, crossing my arms.

That was my damn alibi! If Zack even thought I was behind this, then he needed to know I just got here!

Both men froze. If the situation wasn’t so dire, I would have laughed.

Taylor blushed, whilst Zack paled, frowning slightly.

The sound of footsteps running and two familiar scents filled my senses. My heart was thudding and, although I was innocent, I felt as if I had something to prove – I suddenly felt like I was the culprit here.

“What happened?” Liam asked, assessing the situation quickly.

The moment he and Damon saw me, they were both before me in a flash. Liam took my wrists as he looked me over, his heart racing and Damon’s hand went to my lower back, checking me over.

I gasped at the surge of sparks that rushed through me at both of their touches.


My own heart was thumping, Liam’s eyes blazed with anger but that hurt too as he looked at Damon. I pulled away from them both and moved away.

“I was walking through the woods, I thought I smelt blood and then that body fell out of that tree.” I said quietly.

“And we showed up when she was leaning over the body.” Zack said.

“I was just going to look at the note.”

“Raven didn’t fucking do this.” Damon said frowning, “If that’s what you’re insinuating.”

“I didn’t say that.” Zack said.

“The first thing you should have done was notify someone.” Liam said to me, scanning the area before crouching down by the body

“The teeth and eyes are removed already. This wasn’t done just now, Raven was at the party fifteen minutes ago.” He said.

“We need to see if there’s a trail of blood. Surely something must have been left behind.” Damon added.

“This is getting fucking worrying. Don’t let anyone at the party know for now.” Liam ordered, standing up as he took the note.

“What does it say?” Zack added quietly.

“Two down, I wonder how many more to go…” Liam read quietly.

I could feel his anger and worry as we all fell silent.

“That’s two deaths.” Taylor muttered as he walked over to me and pulled me into his arms, giving me a hug I really did need.

“Two deaths and no break-ins.” Liam said quietly.

I knew security had been doubled. I also knew he had gone over everything; the cameras and the sensors around the borders, everything was at its best.

“Which means…” Damon began.

We were all thinking the same thing, but no one spoke, as if admitting it made it a reality.

“It’s an inside job, isn’t it?” I said quietly. 2

A sharp wind blew through the trees as we all exchanged looks, and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

The killer was walking amongst us, and we had no idea who , they were.

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