Caged Between The Beta & Alpha By Moonlight Muse Chapter 11

11. Party At Nine 


Shit, I was running late!

Last night I hadn’t been able to sleep properly and I was paying for it now! I ran down the stairs three at a time, jumping down the final six and was about to rush to the door when Dad stepped out of the living room.

“This is a house and I would appreciate you treating it like one. ” He said curtly.

“I’m getting late, sorry!” I said hurrying to the kitchen and going to the fridge to grab a water bottle. I was about to reach for one when Dad snapped the fridge shut, missing my fingers by inches.

I moved back, my heart skipping a beat as I looked at Dad, who was staring at me with a cold glare on his face. I glanced at Mom who turned her back on me and busied herself with making breakfast.

“This is my house and as long as you are living under my roof, you will obey my rules and that includes letting boys into your



I didn’t have time for this, I needed to ask Liam or Uncle El

when I could move out… I needed out.



“Are you showing me attitude?” Dad said, frowning coldly.

“I said ok, that I agree, no boys in my room.” I shook my head, leaving the kitchen empty-handed.

“Useless.” Dad muttered, and I glanced back over my shoulder. 1

How was I useless?

I left the house, just glad to be out of there.

“Hey, Raven!”

I looked up to see Taylor strolling over to me from the house next door, I smiled brightly.


We fell into step, it was clear he was ready for training. As the elite group, I would train them, but there were other top warriors who headed the other training sessions. From what I could see, Taylor was one of those who did teach some of the other lower groups.

“You know, it’s impressive to see you in this position.” He said.

“Thanks, I guess? Was it so hard to imagine, I’ve always been a tough one!” I said, showing him my biceps.  


He whistled,

“Damn, now those are some perfect muscles, I’m envious.” He said, tapping my arm as he grinned.

“Of course.” I said, glancing at his muscular arms. “You hold nothing in comparison.”

“Oh, absolutely not.”

We both started laughing, just as someone called out to me.


We stopped, turning to see Zack the Delta come jogging over. H e was shirtless. His earring gliňted in his left ear and his black hair tumbled over his forehead.

“Hey, guys…” He said, trailing off when he glanced at Taylor.

Taylor’s heart was racing and I could sense the tension between them.

“Hi…” I said; wondering what that was about.

“I’ll see you two around.” Taylor said suddenly, running off towards the training grounds.


“What is it?” I asked Zack, who was frowning slightly.

“Ah yeah, sorry, we’re throwing a welcoming home bash for Liam. I mean, we didn’t really get to with everything that had

happened.” Zack said, running his hands through his black hair.

“Oh, ok and?” I asked.

“Well… Can you get him there? I mean, it’s supposed to be a surprise.” He flashed me a small smirk and I really wanted to refuse…

“I don’t really know, I mean I might be busy-”

“Raven, you have got to come too. Come on, it’s tonight at nine, down by the river on the east side.”

The east side… Opposite to where the killing had happened, I didn’t really blame them for choosing that.

I sighed.

“I don’t know Zack, I have-“.

“Come on, please? Damon said he couldn’t and I don’t know who else to ask. You two are his best friends.”

Correction; were his best friends.

“Fine.” I said in defeat.

“Thanks.” He flashed me a grin before running off.

Great. Liam better not get any ideas.

Shaking my head I ran towards the training grounds. I couldn’t be late, I was the one that needed to set an example.


Training was over and I was trying to figure out if I should go find him or if I could just mind link him… Actually, that would be easier.


‘Raven… Hey.’

‘I was wondering if you know anything about what’s happening with my place… I requested to see if there was a room in the packhouse…’

‘Yeah about that, there’s room 3 on the third floor, you can take it. Just pop down later to my office and you can grab the key.

‘Oh ok, great.’

Anything else?”


I didn’t know how to continue, so I left it. Maybe later, when it was time, I could just call him. Yeah, that sounded better.


I had spent the day packing the last of my stuff, I was so ready to get out of here. I only had a few items left when I quickly decided to get dressed for the evening. I took out a black strapless bodysuit, black shorts, lace net tights and some leather slouch heeled boots that reached just below my knees.


I sat down and applied my makeup. Finishing off with a dusting of highlighter. I looked in the mirror. My smoky black eyes and dark purple matte lipstick complimented my full look.

Satisfied, I put on some black lace earrings and a choker necklace then finally painted my nails purple.

Ok all done. I’m here to show everyone I am living my life to the best, I am not going to mope around.

I exited my bedroom, making sure to lock my bedroom behind me before Dad and Mom saw the packed bags.

Slowly, I crept down the steps. Only when I reached the front door did I call out.

“I’m off to Liam’s homecoming party!” I called before slamming the door shut behind me.

I was not going to deal with them right now. I walked down towards the river and took a deep breath.


‘Raven. I was expecting you to come to get the key.’

‘Yeah, I’m still packing. Maybe tomorrow or the day after? Look, there’s something I need to show you down by the west side of the river. Could you come here?’

‘Is everything ok?’ His voice was cold, yet I could hear the touch of worry in it.

‘Yeah, please come quick.’

‘On my way.’

There, my job was done. I continued walking along, soon the smell of pizza filled my nose and I smiled.

Oo they got pizza!

Now that was more like it. I walked through the clearing just a s Zack appeared.

“Liam with you?”

“He’s on his way. What pizza you got?” I asked.

He smirked.

“No pizza until you bring the Alpha.” He said, with a wink.


I pouted.

“Meanie, don’t bribe me.” I said unhappily.

‘Raven, where are you?’

“Shit, he’s here.” I whispered.

‘Go get him and give me a heads up.’ Zack whispered.

I sighed and nodded, turning back the way I had come.

‘Where about are you?’


*Near the largest oak tree? What is this about?’ Liam’s voice


‘I’m coming.’ I said, walking towards him.

Soon his scent filled my nose and I followed it until I saw him.

“There you are, what is…”

Liam trailed off, his eyes flashing a magnetic blue as his gaze raked over me.

Shit, don’t get the wrong idea.

His heart was racing, but when he stepped closer to me, I stepped back

“Come with me.” I said curtly.)

I didn’t want to be here alone with him. Turning quickly, I led the way, power walking towards the location Zack had told m e, but sadly my short legs had nothing on his.

‘On our way.’ I mind linked him.

“Raven.” Liam said, grabbing my arm. Sparks shot up my arm at his touch, my stomach fluttering and my heart pounding as he spun me around to face him, grabbing my other arm too.” What are you doing?”

His cerulean eyes were fixed on me, his sexy jaw clenched as h e looked down at me.

Goddess, did she have to make these men so handsome? Stupid oafs…

I frowned when I saw his gaze dip to my cleavage, I pulled free.

“Just follow me, Liam.”

Luckily, this time he followed silently. Soon the scent of pizza filled my nose again and I knew Liam could smell it too, I glanced at him and he was frowning, his hands shoved into the pockets of his leather jacket. I thought I heard him mutter.’ Great.’ He didn’t sound impressed.

Suddenly, the lights came on and everyone jumped out.


Liam cocked a brow, unphased.

“You do know I could sense most of your heartbeats…” He said, frowning as he looked around at the crowd.

“Well, we masked ourselves the best we could.” Zack said, grinning. “Come on, this is a small welcoming home party for our Alpha.”

“Yeah, well I told you not to do this shit.” Liam said coldly, as someone put some music on.

I frowned.

‘Don’t be so bitter. This is your pack. Treat it with love and respect.’ I said through the link.

‘We just lost a pack member.’ His reply came.

He turned sharply towards me, our eyes met and I glared back

9at him.

‘I know, but sometimes when something like that happens, people need more of a distraction.’

He frowned and broke our eye lock. I didn’t miss his eyes roaming over me once again, but I ignored him, turning and scanning the area.

It looked good. There were a few tables set up with a huge pile. of pizzas. Damn, I wonder how many guys went to get those.

There were a few tanks of beer, plenty of cans and some cocktail drinks ready to pour. A table of shop brought cakes, donuts along with a variety of chocolates and dessert shots sat to one side. Lights were set up around the entire area.

Most of the girls were dressed sexily and the majority of the unmated ones had their eyes fixed on Liam.

I glanced at him. He was standing there frowning moodily as Zack said something to him. I looked around seeing Damon was sitting in the corner already holding a bottle of beer.

Our eyes met and I looked away, I didn’t need to see his guilt.

The music was blaring loudly, everyone was beginning to talk o r help themselves to the food. Well, this was the perfect time t o help myself to pizza.

Oo look, they had my favourite chicken one!

I had just about grabbed myself a large slice when someone

tapped my shoulder.

I spun around like a thief caught stealing and stared at the taller woman, one who I wasn’t expecting to see. A sharp stabbing pain rushed through me, and I won’t lie, it really hurt.

“Hey…” Robyn said.

She looked gorgeous in a fitted black dress that hugged her curves perfectly.

“Hi.” I replied, my heart aching when I remembered Damon’s words from last night.

“Can I have a word?” She asked softly, and I wondered why she was keeping her voice low.

“Sure.” I said, wondering what this was going to be about.

I closed the pizza box, biting into my pizza slice as we both walked away from the crowd.

“What is it?” I asked, once we were out of hearing range.

She brushed her hair back, licking her nude-coloured lips.

“Umm… I’m sorry.” She said quietly.

My heart thudded as I stared at her. What did she mean…

She looked down, as if ashamed, before she looked up at me, guilt in her eyes.

“I’m really sorry. If I knew he had a mate, I would never have gotten involved. I’m really fucking sorry.”

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