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Chapter 498 Exclusively Elise’s

Elise could feel her face burning. After inhaling deeply, she changed the topic. “Don’t sweet-talk me. Are you done with your business over there? I’m almost done here. Do you want me to go over to help you?”

“There’s no need. I’m almost done too. Let’s meet up in Athesea,” Kenneth replied.

“Alright, then. You’d better attend to your business.” She shrugged, unfazed by his rejection. However, as if she was suddenly recalling something, Elise dropped her usual gentleness and growled, “But you are not allowed to flirt with other women. Do you hear me?”

Kenneth was stunned to hear that at first but when he returned to his senses, he grinned even wider. “Sure. When I get back, I’ll have Cameron make a sign that says ‘Exclusively Elise’s’. I’ll hang it over my neck and carry it around. What do you think?”

This successfully made Elise laugh. “Won’t that make you a pet dog? Only dogs wear nameplates.”

“I’m not a dog, but I’m your pet. By wearing a nameplate, when someone dares to lay a hand on me, other people will know to inform you to take me home.” He coaxed her, treating her like a child as he subconsciously slowed down his pace.

At a hallway far away from where Kenneth was, Melody took notice of the wide grin on Kenneth’s face from afar. It made her frown, as if she was looking at a monster.

Here we go again—the same old trick of giving a reward after a punishment.

Even without him having to tell her, Melody knew that Kenneth must have asked for the ‘punishment’ on his own accord.

She pouted, a look of disgust on her face. Perhaps Mr. Bailey has a slight fetish for self-abuse. I bet no one could tell that from how he looks…

Meanwhile, Elise, who was delighted to hear his sweet words, played along. “Sure, I’ll have to buy some rope and tie you by my side for the rest of your life.”

Kenneth stopped in his tracks, his voice as tender as a silk garment that slid across a lady’s delicate skin. “If that’s true, I can’t wait for it to happen.” He briefly paused before he added, “Ellie, I can’t wait to devote my whole life to you.”

Elise pursed her lips in utter embarrassment. “Alright, alright. I know. Considering that you are so madly in love with me, I promise you that I won’t fall for anyone else no matter how tempting it is.”

“Is there anyone you find even more tempting than me?” Kenneth joked deliberately.

“Of course there is. You’re such a narcissist!” Elise blurted out but when she thought about it, she had to admit that a good-looking and capable man like Alexander was indeed a rare gem.

Although Kenneth had excellent capabilities, he was a playboy who loved to flirt around and he couldn’t even protect himself. Hence, he did not even hold a candle to Alexander. D*mn it! Why am I thinking about that b*stard named Kenneth now? How could I think of another man when I’m on a call with Alexander?

The realization made Elise feel uneasy and it put a tight furrow between her brows. Her good mood suddenly disappeared and she became depressed once again.

Kenneth, who was clueless about her mood changes, continued to prattle on, his tone reflecting his longingness. “You have to be good and ensure you’re not taken away by others. Otherwise, I’ll hang a sign on you as well.”

“I will.” Elise’s tone was adamant, but she herself couldn’t tell if she said this more to herself or Alexander.

“Ha! I’m just joking. Of course I have faith in you. Alright, I have to get back to work now. I’ll call you again.”


After Elise had said that, Kenneth hung up. He put the phone in his pocket, the smile on his face dimming.

“You went to provoke Mrs. Bailey-to-be again, didn’t you?” Melody teased.

Kenneth darted a look at her, a shadow of a smile by his lips. “Calling her Mrs. Bailey-to-be is not very appropriate. It’s easier to call her Mrs. Bailey instead, since there won’t be any other candidate for the position.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll call her Mrs. Bailey when we see her at the gem auction event, then,” Melody said.

Upon hearing that, Kenneth chuckled as he muttered, “You may if you want me to die.” Then, he moved away his hand that was concealing the stab wound, revealing the soiled blood stain on his clothes.


“Boss, what happened?! I’ll get a doctor right away!” Melody’s expression instantly became serious.

“There’s no need.” He shook his head. “Let’s go in first. Contact Cameron in a bit and ask him to bring a doctor along when he comes to pick me up. Make sure to keep a low profile so that nobody finds out about this.”

Melody frowned at his words, but she nodded and agreed to him without questioning his decision. “Alright.” With that, she turned on her heel and quickly opened the door, ushering Kenneth into the room.

Upon seeing how nervous she was, he let out a comment of self-mockery. “You only remember that I’m your boss when I’m in a life or death situation.”

Melody pulled a long face, unable to squeeze out even a tiny smile. “Please be serious. It’s not a good time to make jokes.”

He shrugged. “Alright, then. Can’t you put on a show for a little longer and don’t lecture me all the time…”

Meanwhile, Elise fell into a daze that lasted for a long time after Alexander’s voice had disappeared.

What is it about Kenneth? I understand myself well enough to know that it would be impossible for me to fall in love with two people at the same time. However, why did Kenneth’s name enter my subconscious so easily? I don’t love him, yet I can’t ignore him. What’s wrong with me?

Elise dragged herself to her room, feeling muddle headed. When she inadvertently glanced at the clock on the wall, she paused for three seconds before she shouted, “What the heck? It’s 11.00 AM already?”

It was the last day of the gem auction event and they hadn’t even found a single rough stone. She had to depart right away, else she would be late.

It’s all that damned Kenneth’s fault! It’s his fault that I went to bed so late last night. He’d better hope that we don’t meet again today, else I will skin him alive!

At 11.30 AM, the entrance into the hall was already packed like sardines.

Everyone tried to squeeze into the hall. Upon seeing Elise jogging in their direction, they started to squeeze their way inside more eagerly, struggling to reach the innermost part of the hall to get the best view to watch the upcoming show.

“Our female lead has finally arrived!”

“Everyone, open your eyes wide and look over there—our beauty is here!”

“Oh my, it really is her! I thought that she chickened out after Ziggy’s outstanding result yesterday after he managed to find a few good-quality jadeite!”

“Who are you to comment about her? She ventures into danger knowing what she will face. You all should learn from her; she still comes even when she knows that she will lose. This sort of dedication and spirit of selflessness. Which one of you has anything similar to that?”

“I admit that I’m no match for her. Even if I have the intention to compete with her, I have to first possess that face and figure!”

Words of mockery were heard from the crowd. Tom, who heard the commotion, came over and immediately spotted Elise.

He ran toward her in large steps and cried like a man grasping at straws, “Miss Sinclair, you have finally shown up. I thought that you were going to give up!”

Elise panted a little as she had run all the way there. She lifted her hand and waved at him as she said, “Stay calm. I’m exhausted lately so I slept in a bit. We still have some time, so let’s go and choose our rough stone.”

As soon as the two of them stepped into the hall, they heard a louder commotion inside.

“There’s four!”

“Victory is within Ziggy’s grasp! After adding those that he found previously, he now has four top-quality rough stones. I reckon that nothing will go wrong with the few remaining rough stones, so I’m sure that he will win!”

“I don’t see the girl around. Could it be that she chickened out?”

Expression indifferent, Elise darted a look in the direction where the stones would be broken open. Currently, Ziggy was enjoying the crowds’ compliments, and quietly standing next to him was a woman.

The woman was no stranger to Elise—it was none other than Tina, the woman whom she had met yesterday.

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