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Chapter 495 Scared Himself to Death

However, Elise did not take a nap. Instead, she took this opportunity to meet Xavier.

Exactly at 2 PM., there was a series of knocks on the door.

Knock, knock, knock! Knock, knock! Knock!

Upon hearing the rhythm, Elise quickly walked over to open the door.

Xavier stood there in a shirt, vest, and a bow tie, looking like a hotel cleaner as he announced, “Room service! Do you need me to clean your room?”

“You’re just in time—I accidentally spilled something on the carpet, so please come in and clean it up. And do be quiet, as I’m about to take a nap.” With that, Elise calmly let him in.

After she closed the door, he turned around. The perfunctory smile on his face instantly disappeared and his eyes turned vigilant as he looked at her.

“Xavier?” Elise broke the silence first.

“You work for Joseph?” Xavier asked.

Upon hearing that, Elise shook her head. “I’m just like you—he doesn’t have any control over me. I’m just working for him for a certain period.”

“Then you are from the SK Group. When will Joseph be arriving?” Xavier’s tone immediately took an arrogant turn.

He did not associate the weak-looking girl in front of him with Eliza, the ace of the group. Instead, he thought she was instructed by Joseph to deal with him.

But Joseph doesn’t need to do that. Apart from Eliza, no one else is good enough to be the middleman between Joseph and me, let alone this young lady who doesn’t even look like she’s of age.

“Who told you that he is coming?” Elise asked innocently.

“Are you fooling around with me?” Xavier’s eyes narrowed as killing intent flashed across them.

Back when he was ambushed in Lithium City, even though it proved that the people who called him were right, it didn’t mean that their motives were simple.

As a skilled member of the SK Group, Xavier instinctively questioned whether he had fallen into another trap.

“Calm down. I don’t have any malicious intent. Alright, alright. To tell you the truth, I’m actually Eliza.” Elise revealed her identity in hopes of winning his trust.

However, Xavier heaved an impatient sigh. “Hasn’t Joseph told you that Eliza is a man?”

“Nonsense! I’m a young and pretty girl!” Elise protested in annoyance.

“Even without him telling me, I can think for myself, alright? I heard Eliza’s voice, so I’m pretty sure I can tell if it’s a man or a woman,” Xavier replied impassively.

“Oh—about that…” At that, Elise took out her phone and made some changes before she recorded her voice. “Is this the voice you heard?”

After the application processed it, the voice of that man rang out. “Is this the voice you heard?”

Xavier’s expression instantly darkened before he looked incredulously at the smooth and dewy face in front of him.

Is the heavens playing a trick on me? How could a girl, who is not even twenty years old, be a hidden boss whom I can’t even gauge her strength?!

However, Xavier soon found an acceptable answer for his question.

Joseph must have joined forces with this woman to trick me.

I’m sure that’s it!

Since the internal network of the SK Group could be hacked and two Josephs could appear, there’s nothing impossible.

Though Xavier did not know their reason for doing so, he was sure that he could not stay at this place any longer.

Once he sorted his thoughts out, he immediately threw a smoke bomb on the ground that instantly emitted smoke in the entire room. In the blink of an eye, the door was opened and a figure ran out of the room, right in front of Elise.

Looking at the smoke bomb that still emitted smoke, she was rather speechless.

Xavier is too paranoid!

I look like a harmless young lady, so he doesn’t need to use thermal weapons just to escape from me, does he?

Heaving another helpless sigh, she closed the door calmly and walked into the room to pick up the smoke bomb. Then, she walked to the kitchen to switch on the ventilator to remove the smoke in the room. If this went on, the fire alarm would be triggered.

And so, Elise took a knife and took the smoke bomb apart in no time.

The smoke had stopped, but her exasperation still remained.

In the end, she took her phone out to send a message to Joseph.

‘Why is this Xavier so paranoid?’

He is just a rank lower than me, after all. To have such an overreaction from such a small case… He probably might scare himself to death one day!

Initially, Elise planned to get some information about Timothy Lancaster and his wife from Xavier, but looking at the current situation, she had no choice but to delay it.

Hence, she changed her plans and looked into the marketing report of Shaw’s Jewelry Co.

When her stomach finally grumbled in protest at 8 PM, Elise put away her stuff and went out to look for food.

Since she was a rather wild kid when she was younger, she did not like the exquisite-western food and preferred street food instead.

After she walked out of the hotel, she headed toward the food street immediately and bought some takeaways. Holding a bag of chips in her hand, she nibbled on them as she walked back to the hotel but before she reached the end of the street, she wanted to get another serving of tacos.

Just as she was approaching the stall, she saw a young woman in a heated argument with a local middle-aged woman.

“I’m sorry, madam,” the young woman said. “I really don’t understand you. Is this enough?” Throughout, she kept taking money out of her wallet.

Perhaps she wanted to use money to resolve the problem to save herself some trouble.

However, the middle-aged woman refused to take the money, and she gave it back to the young woman, all the while trying to explain in another language, a troubled look on her face.

After standing there for some time, Elise could make out the younger woman’s expression. And so, she walked over with a slight smile on her face, planning to resolve the misunderstanding between both of them.

“She is telling you that she doesn’t want your money and is giving you the food for free.”

The young woman froze for a moment. Upon realizing that she had misunderstood the situation, she felt even more embarrassed. “No, I can’t accept that! Madam, you are running a small business here. I can’t take advantage of you.”

With that, the tug of war with money continued.

Elise felt troubled seeing both parties refusing to take the money. After finishing her chips, she threw the bag into a nearby bin and took a stack of brochures from the stall and passed it to the woman.

“It’s not that she doesn’t want your money. Her son went missing and she wants you to take these brochures to further places to look for him, as you are not a local.”

Though the middle-aged woman did not speak the language, she could understand it. When she heard Elise’s clear explanation, she smiled as she loosened her grip on the young woman’s hand.

In the end, both Elise and the young woman bought a set of tacos each and told her that they would take a few brochures with them.

The middle-age woman was so happy that she grinned widely as she prepared their orders.

While she was busy conversing with Elise, the young woman placed a few banknotes under the plates furtively.

Though she did it inconspicuously, Elise noticed her actions.

As they walked out of the food street, Elise teased, “You are quite generous, miss.”

The young woman smiled and pointed at the huge stack of brochures in her hand. “Same goes for you, too.”

They exchanged warm smiles with each other.

“I have to thank you for helping me out there. Otherwise, I would have thought the middle-aged woman was going to scam me. Are you from Dukethorn?” the woman asked.

“No, I’m not. I just happen to understand what she’s saying,” Elise said.

“I see. You must be very smart, then. The local language in Dukethorn is very difficult to understand. Even after learning it for a few years, I still can’t understand any of it.” The woman suddenly appeared to remember something at this moment. “By the way, I still don’t know your name. I’m Tina Baker, and you are?”

“I’m Elise Sinclair. I was born in Lithium City, but I just came from Landred City,” Elise replied.

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