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Chapter 493 Being Pestered Incessantly

As soon as the door was closed, Kenneth opened his eyes and let go of Melody.

He then stood up and tidied himself up before he walked further into the room steadily, leaving a speechless Melody behind.

She froze for an awkward second before returning to her senses and followed behind him.

“As the intensity of work is constantly increasing, I hope you can increase my salary, Mr. Bailey,” Melody said in a sarcastic tone as she leaned against a shelf next to the television.

However, Kenneth acted as though he did not hear her. Sitting on the couch, he drank a glass of water and straightened his tie before he spoke calmly. “Money always hurts people’s feelings. Melody, you should pick up our local culture and stop learning all the unhelpful things from abroad.”

“You want to talk about feelings with me?” Melody did not show him any respect at all as she arched her eyebrows. “But that hurts my income instead. Without enough money, I don’t feel secure. How can I have feelings for you and be able to finish my job at the same time?”

“If that’s the case, Melody, your sense of security comes from too simple a source,” Kenneth replied with a half-smirk on his face.

“I don’t think this is a bad thing. Having one source means that there won’t be too many changes. If like you, I have to change into a different person to please others, I would much rather be killed by an avalanche of money,” Melody muttered.

Kenneth merely shook his head as he made a sound between a sigh and a laugh. “You are not foolish either. Even if you die, you want to die with lots of money.”

“I would prefer it if you describe me as a person who has a clear goal,” she retorted seriously.

In the end, Kenneth did not reply to her anymore and stood up to walk out of the room in silence.

As Melody thought he wanted to return to his room, she asked, “Do you need me to call room service for you so that they send the food straight to your room?”

“It’s fine.” With that, he gave a wave and opened the door before disappearing.

After Elise walked out of the elevator, she was still submerged in her own thoughts.

Who is the culprit who poisoned Kenneth? Can I somehow find the clues for saving Grandma and Alexander from him?

She took a right turn habitually. When she was just several meters away, Elise instinctively took out her room card.

Just as she placed the card on the sensor, the room was opened from someone inside with a beep.

She raised her head and locked eyes with the owner of the room.

“Miss Sinclair?” Owen was pleasantly surprised to see her.

“Owen?” Elise, however, was perplexed to find him here. “Why are you in my room?”

“Your room? Ha! Are you drunk, Miss Sinclair? You must be mistaken, because I’ve been living in this room for almost a week. If I have a beautiful lady like yourself in my room, I would definitely notice you,” he joked.

Elise blushed and raised her head to look at the room number.

The room number 1303 is correct, but this is B1303.

My room is A1303, which is on the other end of the corridor.

Looks like I walked in the opposite direction.

And so, she quickly apologized before turning around to leave. “Sorry, I think I got the wrong room.”

“Wait, Miss Sinclair!” Owen called out to her. “Since it’s such a rare coincidence, would you like to have a cup of coffee in my room?”

“No, thank you.” Elise rejected him politely. “It’s quite late now so if I drink too much coffee, I might have trouble sleeping.”

“In that case, let me see you to your room.”

With that, Owen closed the door of his room and walked outside in large strides.

However, Elise felt awkward about this. “There’s no need. It’s just nearby.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m about to head outside anyway. Come on.” With that, Owen made an ‘after you’ gesture. It was quite difficult for Elise to reject him, so she just followed suit.

After taking a few steps, he initiated the conversation. “How’s Mr. Fassbender doing?”

“Not bad. He is quite healthy and energetic.”

“What about yourself, Miss Sinclair? Why are you in Dukethorn? If you don’t mind telling me, maybe I’m able to help you out.”

“Nothing much. I’m just here on a vacation,” Elise replied mechanically. In no time, they had arrived at her room.

“Alright. I’m here now. You can get going now, Mr. Morgan.”

He raised his head to look at her room number, but a wistful look flitted across his eyes. It quickly disappeared as he gave her a gentlemanly smile. “Miss Sinclair, before you enter, may I have the honor of having your contact?”

“Is that necessary?” Elise asked. “Honestly, I don’t really like small talk.”

“Let’s put it this way—we probably will meet tens of thousands of people in our lifetimes, but not everyone has the opportunity to meet the same person again. This rare coincidence is enough for us to be friends.” He smiled and passed his phone to her. “Do you mind?”

Since Owen already said so, she would seem petty if she refused to give him.

Even if she did not care about herself, Elise still had to give enough respect to Quentin. After all, Owen was not someone they could easily offend.

However, she had a sudden brilliant idea.

She took his phone and entered a series of numbers as she created a new contact in the phone.

Then, she gave him back the phone.

Owen took it back and he had a flirty sort of smile on his face, as if he had gotten some rare treasure.

Standing at a corner not far from them, Kenneth saw what took place and his gaze darkened.

His fists were clenched tightly next to his body and in the next second, he immediately started walking toward Elise.

“Now that we are friends, can we have breakfast tomorrow?” Owen pressed the issue further after putting his phone away.

By this time, Elise was getting slightly impatient.

What is wrong with this guy’s neverending, annoying requests?!

It seems like if I’m too kind, people will take advantage of me indeed.

Thinking about this, she did not plan to give him a kind hint anymore and was about to reject him upfront.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, someone suddenly leaned against her. Before Elise could even make a decision, she supported the figure instinctively.

In that instant, it looked like the princess saving the prince, instead of the other way around.

“F*ck!” Looking at the ‘prince’ in her arms, Elise cussed out loud. “Why are you still pestering me?”

“I should be the one asking that! What did you tell Melody? As soon as I returned to my senses, she chased me out instantly. I’m feeling very weak now and you need to take responsibility for this.”

He pretended to be a weakling, ignoring how much strength Elise had to muster to support him. At this moment, he looked like a thick-skinned hooligan who refused to let go of her.

She deserves this for giving another man her contact! I’m going to throw a tantrum because I’m unhappy about it.

When they were at the lobby earlier, Elise already knew that Kenneth was alright. Hence, a sharp look flickered in her eyes as she looked at him behaving in this way now.

“Miss Sinclair, do you know this man? Is he drunk? Do you need me to settle this for you?” Owen asked kindly.


“Get lost!”

Both Elise and Kenneth roared at the same time, sending Owen reeling.

Kenneth slowly turned around and glared daggers at Owen.

If you dare to touch me, you are doomed.

Elise looked conflicted. She wanted to ignore Kenneth but judging at how ‘warm’ Owen was, she might be in lots of trouble if the latter helped her out this time.

“Actually, he is my friend and we have something to discuss, so I’ll take my leave first, Mr. Morgan.”

With that, Elise quickly pulled Kenneth up and turned around to open the door. Then, she shoved him in and quickly closed the door.

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