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Chapter 491 None of Them Have Brains

Elise’s expression darkened. “I really don’t understand how you are still able to flirt around even when your life is in danger right now.”

“It’s not my fault that you are too beautiful. I can’t help myself from falling for you as soon as I see you, so you must take some responsibility for this too.” Kenneth pretended to be weak and sorrowful.

“In that case, I probably shouldn’t even appear so that you won’t be distracted. I don’t have to get into trouble too,” Elise said ruthlessly as she loosened her grip on him after helping him regain his balance.

Kenneth rubbed the spot where he was hit, a cheeky grin on his face. “I believe you won’t turn a blind eye to my troubles, Miss Sinclair.”

“You’re wrong. I will.” Elise shot him a cold stare.

He pouted at that, slightly disappointed that he did not elicit much reaction from her.

“Cut the crap. None of you are able to escape today. Get them!” At this point, the man who managed to hit Kenneth spat on the ground and tightened his hold on the wooden baton in his hand.

With that, the group of men immediately got up and ran toward them.

Elise kicked the person who was the first to reach her and used the impact to sprint across the wall before she landed behind them. Then, she took out her silver needles and sealed the meridians of four of them.

Their muscles froze and they sank to the ground, having seizures.

When the remaining people saw this, they did not dare to get closer to her even though they had weapons in their hands.

Who on earth is this woman? She actually defeated four of our guys in the blink of an eye!

The leader of the group ran toward them and yelled in disbelief, “Don’t worry! We are from Dukethorn, after all. What haven’t we encountered? If we catch this woman, we will get a hundred thousand!”

Money was the root of all evil. The influence of money was apparent as soon as it was mentioned. Upon hearing the words ‘a hundred thousand’, the fighters immediately became different.

At this point, their initial fear and hesitation turned to excitement as they calculated the odds of getting the biggest share based on when they would start their attacks.

Soon, someone charged toward Elise with a loud yell, followed by the rest.

Elise did not avoid them. Instead, she looked at them impassively as she touched the spray in her pocket.

It was given to her by Claude when he was still around, and it was made of hallucinative ingredients. It could make the victims quickly lose their consciousness, a much better way compared to her silver needle attack.

If she had slept better just now, she would definitely use these guys as her training partners but as she was not used to the bed, she was not well-rested. Judging by the current situation, it was better to end the fight as soon as possible.

Elise’s fingers tightened around the small spray bottle. Just as she was about to take it out, a loud yell rang from behind the fighters.

“Stop, all of you!”

They froze before turning around in hesitation. Though their leader was full of arrogance and fighting spirit just now, he was already subdued by Kenneth. The latter had placed a huge knife, that did not suit his looks in the least, at the leader’s neck as he admired and picked on his fingers with his other hand.

Elise loosened her grip on the spray bottle as she waited for the drama to unfold.

He’s actually quite smart, seeing how he knows that it’s the most efficient to catch the leader first.

Unfortunately, he’s not very good at fighting. There are so few people here, yet he got himself injured.

The leader lowered his head to look at the knife. Upon seeing that it was millimeters away from his skin, he gulped in trepidation. “Bro, you’re not a local, are you? To tell you the truth, I’m from the Carnegie Family. It won’t bring you any good to offend me.”

Kenneth grunted, thereafter flicking his fingernails and blowing on his fingers to get rid of the dust. Then, he turned around and asked indifferently, “So what?”

There was a pause as he deliberately slid the knife across the man’s neck repeatedly. “Are you implying that I can’t afford to offend the Carnegie Family and that I should let you go? Should I kneel and kowtow to you when I admit my mistakes?”

Though Kenneth did not exert much force, the sharp knife still broke through the man’s skin and blood trickled out.

The fighters were used to violent scenes. If Kenneth instantly gave him a blow, perhaps he might not even let out a groan. However, with a knife to the neck, the leader was fearful to even move an inch. The fear of death was much more real to him at this moment.

As his limbs turned to jelly, he did not dare to act tough anymore. Upon hearing Kenneth’s tone, he knew that the other man was not someone he could antagonize either, so he softened his stance. “You’re mistaken—how could I accept your kowtow? I was just saying that the incident today was a misunderstanding. Everyone in this world is one big family, after all. If you let me go, I’ll pretend this didn’t happen and we can even be friends after that. How about that?”

“What about her?” Kenneth looked at Elise.

“We will bring her elsewhere to settle the score with her so that we won’t be a nuisance to you. Don’t worry about that,” the leader of the group replied ingratiatingly.

Kenneth heaved a sigh before he said in a remorseful tone, “No one in the Carnegie Family has brains. How can I rest assured…”

“What do you mean?” The leader felt a sense of danger.

“You don’t have to know.” Kenneth’s gaze darkened as he lifted the knife upward until it reached the eye level of the leader. Then, he slashed the latter’s eyes.

The man’s howls reverberated through the entire alley.

Kenneth pushed him away, and he landed on the floor and struggled painfully as blood oozed out of his eye.

“My eyes! My eye hurts! Help me! Help me!”


The rest of the fighters surrounded him, and two of them got their leader under control so that he would not scratch his own injuries.

Even so, the pain tormented the leader every second, making him struggle helplessly as though he was a fish out of water.

This scene jolted the rest of the men back to their senses. When they raised their heads weakly to look at Kenneth, who was lowering his gaze at them from his height, they finally understood how terrifying he was.

He merely threw the knife on the ground carelessly. Taking out his handkerchief, he wiped his hands slowly while saying, “Go back and tell Jim Carnegie that I don’t give second chances. If this happens again, he will be blind. Now, get out of my sight.”

The fighters stood still like statues, none of them daring to move an inch.

Kenneth’s expression darkened upon seeing this. He then turned around to look at them frostily before yelling, “Just f*ck off!”

The nearest fighter from him tripped and fell. Getting up, the fighter quickly dragged his leader and staggered away.

When they reached the end of the alley, one of them turned around and hollered bravely, “Just you wait! We will be back to take revenge!”

Upon hearing that, Elise was rather amused.

Do they think this is an action movie? What’s with the ‘I’ll be back’ type of lines?

In the end, she patted dust from hands and prepared to leave.

However, before she even turned around, a thud rang out from the end of the alley, signaling that someone had fallen to the ground.

She turned around and saw Kenneth sink to the ground as he leaned against the wall.

And so, Elise walked over suspiciously and she stood in front of him, appraising him from head to toe. “If I remember correctly, you only suffered a blow. Is this all you can take?”

Cold sweat broke out of his forehead, but he managed to force a smile.

“You have to experience it yourself to know, Miss Sinclair,” he said weakly.

With that, his head sank against the wall as he lost consciousness.

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