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All the Bookworms can request us their desired books. We will try our best to upload your requested novels ASAP. Before making any request, please search the novel in the site. Thank you

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      1. Please kindly help to update the remaining chapters of My Mommy is a savage.
        The story is very interesting.
        Thanks for your cooperation.

  1. Anne Carolyne Pereira da Silva Chaves

    Queria o restante do livro a noiva mais sortuda apartir do capítulo 100 mais não aparece mais😞😞😞

      1. Please upload more chapters of “Forever my Darling by mr. lou” and “When His Eyes Opened by a simple silence”. Thank you so much

  2. Please upload more chapters of “Forever my Darling by mr. lou”. everytime I check there is no update. Looking forward to read chapter 36 and more. Thank you so much!

    1. Bonjour,
      Je suis tombée sur un extrait qui s’arrête au chapitre 40. Savez vous comment obtenir la suite?

    1. Esta con otro nombre captivation en esta misma página. yo la estoy leyendo en una página china pero no és la misma porque ya me acostumbre a estos personajes

  3. Hello
    The Carrero Effect – LT Marshall
    Begin Again + Save Him – Val Sims
    The Trap of Ace – Eva Zahan
    The Faye Queen + The Lycan King – Blair Cahil

  4. Porfavor , Porfavor actualizar la novela , Mi amor: no te lo mereces llega hasta el capitulo 400 y luego no salen capítulos..

  5. Book request title

    ♡ deep affection: honey, come back to me
    by jenny simmon from moboreader

    ♡ the substitute wife: my poor husband is a billionaire
    by roana javier from moboreader

    please🙏 thank u in advance ♡

  6. The King of Antiques – Good Novel. Awesome story

    in a billion$ of $tar – Moboreader & Good Novel – Good Story.

  7. Would love
    Begin again by val sims
    Alphas hybrid mate (book 4 hybrid) jessica hall
    The rogues who went rogue by stinas pen

    Please and thank you!

  8. Hello,
    Can you upload more chapters for :
    Alpha Markus by Emm E. Goshald

    Can you also please upload new book:
    Rejected, but not Broken by Katvonbeck
    Its on Dreame App

  9. Please upload more chapters on the “when his eyes opened”
    Curiosity about what will happen next has wanted to kill me.

  10. Hello,
    Can you update all the book la mariée imposteur (the mysterious bilionaire and his substituer bride) please?

  11. Quero continuar lendo A noiva mais sortuda por favor libere mais capítulos estamos em grande quantidade de pessoas interessadas no livro mais está liberando muito pouco capítulo por vez …agradecemos se a escritora colaborar com a gente tbm obrigada

  12. Gostaria muito de continuar lendo esse livro que está em espanhol traduzido pra o português Mi Esposo Es Un Billonario by Roana Javier Chapter

  13. Margarita clarence

    Thanks for your hard work, I will appreciate if you can upload updates for The luckiest Bride. Thank you

  14. Margarita clarence

    Thanks for your hard work, I will appreciate if you can upload updates for The ugly wife. Thank you

  15. Updates on the novel “An Impossible Marriage”
    please, please, please….
    Thank you very much for all your efforts ☺️

      1. Ivana Perobeli

        Por favor gostaria de ler:
        Amor terminal- reconquistando minha esposa de Kenta_W;
        MEU Destino é te amar da mesma autora.


  16. Hi,
    Can you please upload:
    ■ Marriage Contract: Billionaire & I by Sara Islam available on Goodnovel
    ■ unwanted by Karima Sa’ad Usman available on Goodnovel
    ■ Secrets of Wyoming by Sadieperez9 available on Goodnovel.
    Wasn’t sure about website on request page. Sorry i have no website but you can email me if you are able to source.

    Thank you so much for your hard work.


  17. Hello

    Could you please upload? send me a copy of Luckiest bride by Roana/ the substitute wife: my poor husband is a billionaire, the chapters of both the books are not complete online.

  18. Bonjour,
    Merci de publier la suite du livre “La Mariée Imposteur” à partir du chapitre 271 s’il vous plaît.
    Merci d’avance

  19. When will more chapters of Captivation does not need anything but you will be added. Waiting for new chapters.

  20. Bonjour,
    Est il possible d’avoir le livre « the mysterious billionaire and his substitute bride » de roana javier en entier s’il vous plaît ?


  21. Bonjour, puis-je avoir l suite du livre 3La Mariée Imposteur” de Roana JAVIER, à partir du chapitre 271 svp?
    Merci d’avance

  22. Bonjour, puis-je avoir la suite du livre 3La Mariée Imposteur” de Roana JAVIER, à partir du chapitre 271 svp?
    Merci d’avance

  23. Hi, May I please request for
    Title: Forceful Marriage: young master’s mute wife
    Author: A Lake’s Depth
    Apps: GoodNovel

    Thank you!

  24. Hi, May I please request for
    Title: love after marriage: Mr Lancasters Hidden Wife
    Author: return of dark clouds
    Apps: GoodNovel

    Thank you!

  25. Hello
    Can you please update more chapters for Bye, my irresistible love by Gorgeous Killer
    I can’t find any from 454.
    Thank you so much in advance

  26. Hey. Thank you for the uploads. Would you be able to upload further chapters/book: the White King’s Favourite by Jenny Fox, please? Thank you.

  27. Bonjour,
    Pouvez vous mettre en ligne tout le livre la mariee imposteur de Roana Javier svp ?
    Est il possible d’avoir le destin nous a réuni de Catherine Leandres ?

  28. Please update Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight🙏🥺 It stopped at Chapter 308 and no update for a long time now.

  29. Please upload this novel
    “Billionaire substitute bride and her secret child ” by Lana West
    From Goodnovel

  30. ¡Hola, buen día! Me gustaría que pudieran compartir las novelas que llevan por nombre. La poderosa mamá de los trillizos y director general malvado pero dulce. Ojalá que puedan, muchas gracias de antemano.

      1. Marlly Guzman

        Buenas tardes , quisiera saber como consigo el capitulo 333 en adelante de La Novia Mas Afortunada por favor

  31. Please upload this novel
    “Billionaire substitute bride and her secret child ” by Lana West
    From Goodnovel

  32. Bonjour,
    Pouvez vous svp poster la suite de la mariée imposteur de Roana Javier ?
    On en est au chapitre 312 et on est manifestement encore loin de la fin.

  33. Update the remaining chapters of Awakening Luna by Majie. You’re a big help to such a reader like me who couldn’t afford to buy coins on reading apps.

  34. Please upload this novel
    “Billionaire substitute bride and her secret child ” by Lana West
    From Goodnovel🙏

  35. Please upload more chapters (from 201) for Her Billionaire Husband. Thank you and looking forward to it. 🙏😊

  36. Please update chapters of “luckiest bride in Roana” the wait is killing me !
    What an awesome book and addictive plot !
    Thanks n regards

  37. Hello! Novel request for The Carrero Effect by L.T.Marshall as well as The Carrero Heart and The Carrero Contract cause they’re a trilogy. Thank you.

    1. Ivana Perobeli

      Por favor, poderia publicar o romance:

      Amor terminal, reconquistando minha ex esposa

      Autor: Lorena Tozetti

  38. Tricia Applewhite

    Please please I will like to read Unrivilled God of War… I am seeing it also goes by the name The General Homecoming or can go by the name one and only. Please I desperately want to read this book. ❤️ The Author I am not sure but the characters are Penny Smith and Nathan Cross

  39. Hi,
    It would be great if you could upload the Flash Marriage: slow down mister” book as well. The book has a good floe of the story and will attract more readers as well. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  40. I hope that you can also add “I Fell For The Boy His Dad Was A Bonus” and also please add more chapters in “My Baby’s Daddy”. And also if you can add “Madam Winters’ Fight For Her Children”

    We really appreciate the novels you’ve been adding and upgrading!!! Keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas by Joanna J
    Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J
    The Challenge: Two Alphas One Mate
    You’re Mine by Penny Brooks

  42. Shivangi kaushal

    Please update more chapters of My baby’s daddy… The substitute wife my poor husband is a billionaire…

  43. Shivangi kaushal

    Please update book of My baby’s daddy…. N
    The luckiest bride…. Further chapters of both novel….

  44. Ivana Perobeli

    Por favor gostaria de ler:
    Amor terminal- reconquistando minha esposa de Kenta_W;
    MEU Destino é te amar da mesma autora.


  45. Please upload this novel ” Blessed with the trio, the bad CEO who melts my heart”. Thanks in anticipation 😊

  46. Bonjour
    Est il possible d’avoir la suite de la mariee imposteur ?
    L’histoire s’arrête au chapitre 312.
    J’aimerai beaucoup lire la suite svp.

  47. Teinha Carvalho

    Porque não tem a continuação do livro my unexpected marriage to heaven… meu casamento inesperado com o ceu… estou tão anciosa por esse livro mas não tem a continuação

  48. Updates please, Remarriage? Never and go away. The story is getting more exciting and it’s really addicting to read every chapters and I can’t get over the story. More updates please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Thank you very much!

  49. Your comment at the top of the page says “please search the site before requesting a book.” Please explain to me how? There is no search bar, no table of contents, and there are literally thousands of post to look through. Not possible.

  50. Please post more chapters for When His Eyes Opened. It is ridiculous to only get to read a couple of pages a day. I am not going to read on this book for years and at the rate you are posting it will take years to finish it. Thanks for your hard work but please post more.

  51. Please help me with these books
    My baby’s dady, the promise of happiness, the three. little guardian angels.

  52. Book requests:
    “Falling for my step-brother”??? Characters: Cora Kallis and Wayne Crawford
    “Three guardian angels”
    Character: Jameson fox
    “ Bride Switch”
    “Barren Mother gave Birth to Sixtuplets to the Hot CEO”
    “Deep Hidden Love from him”
    “Get Away ugly Wife”

  53. I see that you updated Playing with Fire.
    I didn’t expect it to be so soon.
    SO Just wanted to thank you.
    Thank you so so much. Hand hearts for you

  54. Book title: Runaway Mommy, Mr. Yeats please Enjoy it
    App : Foxnovel

    Book Title : Promises forgotten
    App: Foxnovel

    I need these 2 books

  55. Can you put more chapters of her triplet alphas please I’ve read all 19 and need more can’t stop reading it.
    Thank you.

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