Always Been Yours Chapter 619

Chapter 619
Once he had finished saying this sentence, Scott picked up the wine glass and made his wav toward where Tessa was.
As Kathleen looked at the back silhouette of the man walking farther and farther, she ground her teeth so hard that if one were to get closer to her, they would hear a faint cracking sound.
She knew that Scott’s real purpose was not to greet Suenobe. Instead, he was going to say hello to Tessa.
Eventually, she could only suppress her anger and follow him in an effort not to let them spend time alone.
At 7.00PM, all the guests arrived, and the emcee officially announced the start of the birthday party.
As the star of tonight’s event, Hathaway was invited by the emcee to give a birthday speech on stage.
“First of all, I would like to thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule and attending my birthday party…”
After she had said a few words, she handed the stage back to the emcee.
The party went well, and soon, it was the gift-giving session.
As Hathaway’s daughter, Kathleen was naturally the first to present her gift.
“Mommy, this is my gift to you. I hope you like it.” She stood in front of Hathaway while holding an exquisite gift box.
Hathaway thanked her and then opened the gift box. She found a gorgeous and exquisite necklace worth tens of millions in the box. The sapphires shimmered dazzlingly under the light.
When everyone saw Kathleen’s gift, they were amazed.
“This gift is worth a fortune. It looks like Kathleen really cared about Hathaway in her heart.”
“I’m so envious of Hathaway now. She’s certainly a winner in life!”
“You can say that again. It’s good enough that she has an outstanding daughter. Her newly accepted student is also very talented. I really don’t know what stroke of luck she has.”
Despite feeling dissatisfied with them comparing Tessa to herself, Kathleen said nothing when she heard these words.
Next, the rest of the people also sent Hathaway their gifts, all of which were valuable treasures. Hathaway thanked them graciously, one by one.
When it was Tessa and Scott’s turn, someone with a sharp eye discovered that their gift boxes seemed to belong to the same gift shop.
“Did you two buy the presents together? Even the gift boxes are similar in style.”
Tessa did not deny that claim when she heard that. Instcad, she smiled cordially while holding the gift box “Mr. Brooks and I did choose our gifts together. My good friend, Mona, also tagged along.”
As she spoke, Tessa beckoned Mona, who was among the crowd, to come over and present her gifts together with Scott and her.
Mona saw her gesture, smiled, and trotted over with her gift box in her arms.
Then, the three congratulated Hathaway in unison.
“Happy birthday, Miss Hathaway.
“Happy birthday and best wishes to you, Miss Hathaway.”
“Happy birthday, Miss Hathaway.”
Overjoyed, Hathaway thanked the three of them sincerely.
Then, she opened the three gifts and was immediately attracted by Tessa and Mona’s gifts. “This is the zither and the lute, the string instruments from Xerthania.”
Tessa nodded with a smile and said, “Miss Hathaway, I know you like string instruments, but you’re not short of violins. Hence, Mona and I thought about choosing these two string instruments as gifts.”
“I really love them. Thank you.” Hathaway looked at the three kindly. She could feel their care and effort in choosing a gift for her.
Meanwhile, the crowd also started a discussion about Xerthania’s musical instruments.
Furthermore, everyone was interested in the zither in Tessa’s hand as they all knew that the music played by this instrument was very melodious. They also knew the timbre produced by this instrument was special.
“When I saw this instrument, I couldn’t help but think of the time I listened to the performance of Xerthania Symphony before. Their magnificent performance style was awe-inspiring.”
“Honestly, I wish to hear a performance of this instrument. How about you guys?”
“I want to hear it too, but I don’t know if anyone present knows how to perform using this instrument.”
“Well, there are so many people here. I think there should be someone who knows how.”
“Why don’t we ask around?”
And thus, the people around whispered, hoping to find a musician who knew how to play the zither.
Unfortunately, there were very few who knew how. Moreover, they couldn’t perform a song with the zither even if they had the skill.
At this moment, Tessa stepped out from the crowd. Then, with a faint smile, she said, “I can perform if you all don’t mind. I hope my performance will be satisfactory.”
Hathaway was a little surprised. “Tessa, you know how to perform with the zither as well?”
“I can play, but I’m not an expert in zither,” Tessa responded modestly.

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