Always Been Yours Chapter 618

Chapter 618
At this moment, someone came over to congratulate Hathaway. She was a noble lady with an elegant aura whose beauty appeared ageless.
“Happy birthday, Hathaway. I hope you don’t mind me being late.”
When Tessa heard the somewhat familiar voice, she reflexively turned her head to it. However, when she saw the voice’s owner, she looked slightly surprised.
That was because the person who came was Suenobe, a senior she met in the bar and also a world-renowned top violinist maestro.
When Hathaway saw the oncoming person, the smile on her face became even brighter. “Why would I mind? It’s my honor to have you attend my birthday party.” While she spoke, she stepped forward and hugged Suenobe courteously.
In the meantime, Kathleen, who was standing on the side, was also excited.
That was because she had always dreamed of being Suenobe’s apprentice but was ignored by the older woman.
Even so, she never gave up on trying her best to earn Suenobe’s favor.
That was the reason why when Kathleen saw Suenobe and Hathaway parting from their hugs, she immediately stepped forward and greeted enthusiastically. “Miss Suenobe, do you still remember me?”
As Suenobe looked at the ambitious and self-interested girl before her, the smile on her face faded considerably.
Nevertheless, she didn’t expressively show her dislike toward Kathleen and merely nodded politely and turned her head to ignore Kathleen. But then, she happened to see Tessa, who was standing beside her.
“Miss Reinhart, it’s so good to see you again.” She went up to Tessa in surprise and hugged her. After that, she let out a hearty laugh. “I think what I said just now was wrong. You’re Hathaway’s student, so it’s only natural for you to be in attendance.”
Likewise, Tessa laughed in amusement and hugged Suenobe. “The honor is all mine, Miss Suenobe.”
Finally, Suenobe let go of Tessa and asked about her situation with concern. “I see that you’ve rarely come to the bar. Are you busy?”
Tve joined Miss Hathaway’s second orchestra group, so I’ve been busy with my practices during this period of time. As a result, I don’t have much free time. So, I rarely drop by the bar now, Tessa answered her inquiries honestly.
Kathleen gnashed her teeth in anger when she saw the two chatting away happily. Hatred and fury welled up within her. Although she looked composed outwardly, it was the utter opposite inwardly.
There are no ifs and buts about it. Tessa is really my nemesis! Everyone has been praising her excellence since this b*tch joined the orchestra band. Moreover, the limelight that was supposed to belong to me has been overshadowed by this b*tch!
Nonetheless. Kathleen knew in her heart that she could not deal with Tessa, whom she deemed a b*tch for the time being, no matter how resentful she was.
I need to be patient. I need to wait for the right moment…
Meanwhile, Hathaway had no clue about Kathleen’s thoughts, but when she saw that Tessa and Suenobe knew each other prior to this, she couldn’t help but feel a little curious.
“Tessa, when were you introduced to Miss Suenobe?”
“I knew Miss Suenobe when I went to practice in a bar. I was lucky enough to receive her recognition.”
Tessa had no intention to hide the truth from Hathaway, and she briefly told Hathaway the process of her getting to know Suenobe.
Hathaway couldn’t help but feel that Tessa was extraordinarily lucky upon hearing her tale. Therefore, she smilingly suggested. “Since you and Miss Suenobe know each other, you’ll be in charge of ushering her on my behalf tonight.”
“No problem.” Tessa nodded in response. Then, she took Suenobe for a quick tour around the orchestra.
Later, Scott arrived along with Robert.
Tonight, Scott was wearing a black and white tuxedo suit, which complemented his slender and tall figure. With his outstanding facial features, he was as noble as the chivalrous son of the last century. The moment he appeared, he became the focus of the audience.
When Kathleen saw him, her previously gloomy face immediately switched to a bright smile.
“Scott.” She carried the hemline of her white skirt, stepped on her stilettos, and stood before Scott with a beautiful smile.
One wore black and another white; they looked like a couple wearing matching outfits from a distance.
Naturally, Kathleen noticed it, and she was secretly feeling delighted.
She raised her head and wanted to talk to Scott.
Unfortunately, Scott’s attention was not on her at all.
He finally spotted Tessa, who was not far away, as he looked around. Then, at once, his eyes lit up.
Tonight, Tessa was wearing a lavender corset long dress. The close-fitting design brought out her perfect hourglass figure, and her hair was tucked lazily behind her head, revealing her delicate facial features. She was exuding an elegant yet charming aura.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be heading off to greet Miss Suenobe”

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