Always Been Yours Chapter 617

 Chapter 617

After that, she snapped back and nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry. I won’t listen to Nicholas.”

Timothy threw Nicholas a gleeful look at her words, and his eyebrows shot up a little, but he didn’t say anything. Despite that, he kept this tab in his heart, planning to exact his ‘revenge’ on his mischievous brother-in-law in due time. Meanwhile, Timothy and Tessa have already started asking about each other.

“Tess, how are you doing over there?”

“I’m doing rather well. What about you? Are you taking good care of yourself back home?”

As they talked about their everyday life, their conversation gradually switched to Timothy’s company without realizing it.

“How’s your company doing lately? You’re very busy, aren’t you?” she asked concernedly.

“Not bad, but I’m not very busy. So, you don’t have to worry, Tess.”

“I’m not worried, but I see that you’ve lost weight again. Why is this happening?”

She felt frustrated as she stared at her brother and thought that he didn’t take care of himself.

Timothy was embarrassed, but before he could say anything. Tessa said earnestly, “The money isn’t going to run away when you take a break. Besides, no matter how busy you are, you must eat your meals regularly. Your body is your capital, and if you are too busy, we’ll hire someone to cook your meals or just clean up the place. If you continue like this, how can I further my studies abroad in peace?”

“I know. I’m sorry, Tess. I’ll take good care of myself. Don’t worry about me. He apologized to her good-naturedly.

Alas, it didn’t matter how he apologized,

as she was well aware that he wouldn’t change his ways even if he admited his mistakes, and she sighed. “Both of you are workaholics, So, how can I not worry?”

“I’m here, so you don’t have to worry so much. Just watch over yourself!

Nicholas stood up from his desk, snatched back his phone, and looked at the girl in the call with gentle eyes.

If he allowed her to go on, he was afraid that he would also receive a round of lectures. Thus, he decided to divert her attention while he still could.

Hathaway’s birthday was held at the orchestra hall, and the interior was grandly decorated.

In the evening, an endless convoy of luxury cars was lined up on both sides of the road, and countless famous musicians were dropped off at the venue.

They were all dressed glamorously int gowns and bespoke suits as they entered

the hall in groups and pairs..

The hall was brightly lit as light music played in the background while uniformed waiters walked through the crowd with an ease tha: spoke of experience as they carried a tray of

cocktails for the peopie in attendance.

“Happy birthday, Hathaway

The guests who arrived all sent their

greetings, and they were all Hathaway’s

close friends.

Hathaway was overjoyed by the turnout,

thanked them, and introduced her

friends to Kathleen and Tessa.

Everyone had a blast, and many of them

were full of admiration for Tessa.

“She must be your outstanding student,

isn’t she? She looks like an uncut gem.”

“I heard the news from our circle some

time ago and was really curious. Finally, I

got to meet her in person. She’s a

wonderful person, indeed.”

“The industry is rife with the news that you have a talented student, and everyone wants to make her their student now.”

There was even someone who tried to poach Tessa right under Hathaway’s nose.

“Miss Reinhart, if Hathaway doesn’t want. to teach you music anymore, my doors are always open to you.

“Fissel, you re poaching my student in front of me. Are you trying to pick a fight because our friendship has been too peaceful?” She feigned anger as she glared at him, and this roused another round of cheerful laughter.

The entire time, Tessa stood beside Hathaway quietly and gracefully, giving people an even better impression of her.

On the other side stood Kathleen,

listening to the compliments everyone

was showering on Tessa, and the jealousy

and resentment in her heart grew.

She held the wine glass so tightly that her knuckles turned white as she tried to hide the malevolent intent in her eyes.

In the past, she was the only one around, and these musicians only sang praises of her, but now, everyone’s attention was on that b*tch, Tessa Reinhart! Unbeknownst to her, it was just a misunderstanding. Between Tessa and Kathleen, these musicians already knew Kathleen very well, but they had never been in contact with Tessa before. Hence, they were naturally more curious about her.

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