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Always Been Yours Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 I Missed You So Much
Tessa accepted the flowers with a sweet smile. Timothy also congratulated her
and then proceeded to ask with concern, “How are you feeling? Tired?”
“Just a little.” She nodded as her almond-shaped eyes glistened with joy and
changed the topic, “Even though it’s tiring, it was worth it.”
Just as she was done speaking, she was suddenly lifted into the air. Since she
didn’t expect such a thing to happen, it took her a few seconds before she
realized Nicholas had lifted her in a princess carry.
Tessa exclaimed as she hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck and
berated him fondly, “Put me down! Everyone’s looking.”
“You’re tired. I’m bringing you home to rest.” He ignored her half-hearted
demands. That made all her female seniors standing around envious.
“Aww. Tessa’s so blessed.” “Seeing them, I feel like my standards for a future
boyfriend have just gotten higher.”
A few more were cheering them on. “Tessa, President Sawyer’s worried for you.
You should just go with him.” She could feel herself flushing so hard that she
probably resembled a tomato due to their good-natured ribbing.
Of course, she also wanted to head back and rest, but there were things she
needed to deal with. “Stop. Put me down. There are things I need to handle
before we leave.” She patted Nicholas’ arm lightly.
However, he was unrelenting as he refused to put her down. Finally, Sofia
walked over from the back and said in a loving voice, “You’re tired. You should
rest. Don’t worry about the other stuff. You have your seniors and me here.”
“Isn’t that rather inappropriate of me?”
She was a little embarrassed. This was her concert, but she was asking her
teacher and seniors to wrap up after her.
Sofia knew what she was thinking and assured her sincerely, “It’s nothing. Go
She directed the last sentence at Nicholas as he nodded and carried Tessa
Nonetheless, he told Edward to come over before he left and instructed him to
help Sofia and the rest with the cleanup.
On the way home, Tessa stayed cuddled in Nicholas’ embrace as Gregory’s
excited chatter reverberated in the car.
“I sat below the stage with Daddy. There were so many people praising you,
He passionately recounted his experience during the performance.
Tessa and Nicholas looked at him with adoring eyes as they talked and laughed
the rest of the way home.
In the living room, Stefania and Tobias had returned before the family of three
was waiting for them while they sat on the couch.
Even so, to their surprise, Kieran and Old Master Sawyer were also in
As they entered the living room, Nicholas and Tessa were taken aback to see
Old Master Sawyer on the couch.
Even Gregory was also stunned. Be that as it may, he quickly recovered as he
skipped and trotted right into Old Master Sawyer’s embrace when he saw his
grandfather’s austere face.
“Great Grandpa, did you come here to see me?”
Old Master Sawyer could no longer pull the long face and immediately softened
once he heard Gregory’s happy chirp.
He lifted Gregory onto his thigh and asked gently, “Did you miss me?”
“Yes. I missed you so much!”
All sorts of sweet coaxing poured out of Gregory’s little mouth.
But, unfortunately, Old Master Sawyer wasn’t fazed in the slightest and
harrumphed, “You little liar! If you really missed me, why didn’t you even call me
once? You even went to another country, and I can’t even see you when I miss
Gregory cheekily stuck his tongue out and started apologizing when he saw that
Old Master Sawyer was feigning anger.
“I’m sorry. I won’t be scared of disturbing you and will call you daily from now
His adorable look, coupled with his pleading puppy eyes, made Old Master
Sawyer relent in his stance and almost instantly let him off the hook.
During that time, Nicholas and Tessa sat by the side, watching the two banter
with a smile.
After a while, Nicholas asked, “When did you come over? You didn’t inform us.”
Just as Old Master Sawyer was about to speak, Kieran, sitting at the side, beat
him to it.
“Grandpa and I arrived this afternoon. Once we got off the plane, he didn’t let
me contact you. He even threatened to break my leg if I did.”

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