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Always Been Yours Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Successful Performance
Hathaway was genuinely happy for Tessa and her achievements but saddened
that she pushed such a gem away. Despite that, she did not regret her actions.
At the same time, the performance had started, and as expected, it was a feast
for the ears. Everyone was thoroughly immersed in the music. Even though
Sofia was only playing the accompaniment part for Tessa, her skills were as
remarkable as they expected.
Kieran also noticed who the lead and support musicians were based on their
positions on the stage and once again buttered up to Old Master Sawyer for
“Do you see that, Grandpa? Sofia is one of the best musicians, but she’s acting
as the accompaniment for Tessa and even praised her. You see. Tessa isn’t any
lesser than the other young ladies.”
Old Master Sawyer was immersed in the music but was thoroughly interrupted
by Kieran’s terrible timing, which utterly ruined his enjoyment.
“Shut up!” he warned Kieran angrily. “If you say another word, I’ll just break your
leg now!”
“I—” Before Kieran could even finish his sentence, his hands flew up to his
mouth and covered them as fear flashed in his eyes. That was because he saw
the clear threat in Old Master Sawyer’s eyes as he glanced at his leg.
As Old Master Sawyer succeeded in shutting the buzzing noise in his
compartment, he continued to enjoy the performance without Kieran’s
A dozen songs were played that night, not including Tessa’s composition.
She also changed into many dresses throughout the performance to suit the
music. Some of those outfits were gorgeous, some were elegant, and even one
of them was something out of the Victorian Era.
She expressed each dress style effortlessly, and none of them hindered her
ability to perform onstage.
Alas, the excellent performance had to come to an end.
After the last song, she stood in the middle of the stage as the media took the
chance to interview her.
“Miss Reinhart, tonight’s performance was exceptional. Do you have anything to
“I’ve got much to say.” She paused with the microphone in her hand as she
searched for the right words to convey the surge of emotions she felt on stage.
A moment later, she began her sophisticated speech, “I want to thank my three
teachers for pushing me so I could reach where I am today. Even though they
were being strict, it was almost harsh. I know they want the best for me. I would
also like to thank my seniors. They made time from their busy schedules to join
this performance because it was my first show. Also, I’d like to thank my brother.
Lastly, I want to thank my lover for supporting me no matter what as I threw
myself into chasing my dreams.”
With that, Tessa looked at Nicholas gently with love and adoration in her eyes.
Their eyes met as the love within melted hearts, and the people surrounding
them were green with envy.
Stefania watched the exchange but didn’t know what to feel about it.
Old Master Sawyer also shared the same sentiment.
Then, Tessa’s cheery voice rang again, “I feel that I’m very blessed now to have
my family, lover, friends, and teachers who all cherish me for who I am. I will
also do my best not to disappoint them and reach greater heights.”
After the interview, the performance had come to a complete end.
She bowed amid the applause and returned backstage.
As she sat down, she was so tired that she slumped into the chair. Yet, despite
the bone-deep weariness, she couldn’t help but feel elated.
Her other seniors noticed her posture and peppered her with concerned
questions, “Are you alright, Tessa?”
They also gave her milk and cookies as they gave her a once-over.
She thanked them gratefully as she ate some of it and almost instantly felt much
At that moment, they could hear a commotion coming from the backstage
Tessa and her seniors all turned their heads to check and realized Nicholas and
Gregory were coming in to hand her a bouquet of flowers.
Timothy was also there, with Sofia tailing behind them.
“Mommy, congratulations! The performance was a huge success. There are so
many people standing outside praising you.”
Gregory dashed toward Tessa, and the heaps of praises escaped his mouth.
Nicholas walked over with the bouquet in hand and looked at her with such
loving eyes that she felt as though she was about to be utterly sucked in by the
sheer affection he had for her. “Congratulations on the performance. Now,
you’re one step closer to your dream.”

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