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Always Been Yours Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Thankful Toward Miss Sofia
With that, Tessa once again repositioned the violin and started playing. The next
moment, the hall was filled with uplifting melodies which captivated the
audience. Everyone was so absorbed by the music that they could picture the
rise and fall of a city before eventually rising to its glory just from the music.
After playing three of her self-composed pieces, Tessa once again bowed at the
audience gracefully. Everyone clapped for her and lauded her performances, as
they were just astounding.
“Sofia, your protégé is brilliant!”
“Three songs, three different styles, played without any flaws.”
“She is really out of this world!” Some of the maestros looked at Sofia enviously,
as they admired Tessa’s talent. The reporters who were there flashed their
cameras as they tried to capture pictures of Tessa. They were so thrilled that
they had already thought of the headlines for tomorrow’s news report.
‘Virtuoso Reaching New Heights’ ‘Emerging Talented Female Composer To
Keep An Eye On—Tessa Reinhart’
All of them had come up with various headlines, but Tessa was unaware of
them. She had left the stage amidst the applause after her performances had
ended to change into another dress.
When her seniors saw her backstage, they immediately went up to her and
asked about her physical condition. “You alright?”
“I’m feeling great. You don’t have to worry about me.” She smiled when she saw
how her seniors were genuinely concerned about her.
“Get changed if you’re feeling fine.” Marjorie, being the steady one among them,
asked the makeup artist and the stylist over so that they could help Tessa get
changed and touch up her makeup.
Tessa would be performing on the same stage with her seniors for the next
performance. For that, they had practiced the piece she had composed
beforehand. Soon, Tessa had changed into a stunning dress and walked up to
the stage together with her seniors. The audience clapped enthusiastically when
they saw the good-looking bunch on stage.
Gregory, being Tessa’s number one fan, couldn’t stop clapping, and his face
blushed red with excitement. “Mommy’s the prettiest.”
Nicholas and Timothy strongly agreed with Gregory’s remarks. When they saw
how confident Tessa was as she stood among the crowd, they couldn’t help but
feel proud of her. On the other hand, Stefania and Timothy were surprised that
Tessa was able to invite the maestros of the music industry to be guest
performers. However, when they remembered that many of the leaders within
the industry were present to watch her performance, it wasn’t that surprising to
them anymore.
Meanwhile, Tessa had started introducing her seniors. “I believe that everyone
would be familiar with the people standing around me. I’m really thankful to my
seniors who are willing to be the guest performers for today.”
Her seniors felt good when they saw how respectful she was toward them. After
Tessa was done with her introduction, the room was filled with applause. Soon,
beautiful violin music was being played. Since it was an orchestral performance,
the whole performance gave the audience a different feel because it was more
majestic compared to the solo performance by Tessa earlier on.
Tessa was tense throughout the performance as she tried to keep up with her
seniors. Even though it would be tough for her, she enjoyed every moment of it.
Music, after all, ran in her blood. After that performance ended, it was followed
by a duet between her and Sofia.
Before the performance started, Tessa grabbed Sofia’s arm as both of them
went on stage. “Although I am Miss Sofia’s most recent protégé, her attention
toward me was no less than what my other seniors had received. She is the one
who made this concert happen. I’m really thankful to her. Because of her
dedication, I was able to grow so much in such a short time.”
As Tessa was introducing Sofia, she couldn’t help but feel emotional and started
tearing up. Sofia, who knew how she felt, went up to her and hugged her gently.
Meanwhile, mixed feelings were invoked within Hathaway as she watched their
interaction from her seat.

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