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Always Been Yours Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Looked at Her in a Different Light
Timothy was glad that his sister was able to realize her dream! The song finally
ended after a few minutes and was followed by thunderous applause, which
filled the hall. With that, Tessa placed her violin down and bowed at the
audience gracefully.
Stefania was rather surprised as she looked at the outstanding girl standing on
stage amid enthusiastic applause from the audience. She recalled that Tessa
wasn’t as outstanding back then when she played the violin during Gregory’s
While Stefania was distracted by her own thoughts, she suddenly heard Tobias
praising Tessa. “Not bad.”
Hearing that, Gregory couldn’t hide his adoration toward Tessa and praised
incessantly, “Grandpa, Grandma, my mommy is great, isn’t she?”
Both Tobias and Stefania laughed upon hearing that but gave a face to Gregory
as they nodded and were all praises for Tessa. “You’re right. Your mommy is
Upon hearing that, Gregory was filled with joy, and Nicholas, sitting next to him,
smiled upon seeing that. Nicholas knew that his parents didn’t say those words
just to coax Gregory, but it was also because they acknowledged Tessa’s
capabilities. Timothy, who heard their remarks, heaved a sigh of relief and was
happy for his sister.
At the same time, the hall was filled with praise. “Sofia, your protégé sure is
something else.”
“I am afraid that she might have surpassed her seniors with her superb violin
skills and emotional performance.”
“It wouldn’t take long for her to outshine them.”
Hearing that, Sofia responded proudly, announcing, “Since Tessa is gifted and
she had been training very hard, it wouldn’t be surprising if she outshines her
“Aren’t you worried that your other students would be offended by your words?”
The audience teased her.
“Not at all. I’ve already told them about this earlier on.” Sofia chuckled softly.
Both Stefania and Tobia had mixed feelings when they overheard their
conversation. Hathaway couldn’t agree more with their words and looked over
at Tessa, who was shining on stage. She didn’t expect that Tessa could improve
by leaps and bounds in just half a year. Although she was aware that Tessa was
gifted, she knew that Tessa had worked very hard.
Scott could tell what Hathaway was thinking from the looks on her face and
suggested, “Now that Tessa has returned to the stage, you should follow suit
too. I’m still waiting for you to lead Hathaway Philharmonic back to its peak.”
Hearing that, Hathaway looked over and noticed that he was looking at her with
encouraging eyes. She knew that he was trying to comfort her so that she could
let go of the past.
After a brief silence, she finally thought it through and replied to him with a
smile, “You’re right. I should get back on my feet so that I won’t fall behind.”
At the same time, Tobias, who was sitting in the front row, stared at Tessa with a
straight face, and no one was able to know what he was thinking about. On the
other hand, Kieran, who was sitting next to him, got so stoked that he clapped
till his palms turned red.
“Dad, what do you think? Don’t you think that Tessa is great? Look! All of the
maestros within the music industry are all praises for her. She wasn’t as bad as
you think she was, right?” Kieran couldn’t stop praising her as if he was her
number-one fan.
Tobias merely scoffed at him and kept quiet after hearing that. Noticing how
proud Tobias was, Kieran pursed his lips and smirked. Although Tobias didn’t
say a word, he knew that Tobias had looked at Tessa in a different light.
In fact, that was the case. Tobias’ perception of Tessa slowly changed after
hearing the praises from the audience. After the first song ended, the second
song was about to start.
Similar to the first song, Tessa started sharing how she came about composing
the piece. “I came up with this piece during one of the night tours in Vienna. Out
of all of my pieces, this one would be the most magnificent. I hope that all of you
will like it.”

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