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Always Been Yours Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 A Song for You
“I see. Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer.” Mona politely greeted Tobias and
Stefania. After exchanging pleasantries with each other, the crowd got
themselves seated and waited for the concert to begin.
On the other hand, Tessa was done with her preparation backstage shortly
before the concert began at 8.00PM. Soon, the host lit up the atmosphere and
announced with excitement. “Right now, we’re going to invite Virtuoso—Tessa
Reinhart.” As soon as the emcee finished his words, the curtains on the stage
were slowly lifted.
Not long after that, Tessa showed up in a white dress with a bun, appearing to
be gorgeous. With a good-looking appearance on her face, she smiled in a
loving and tender manner.
When the spotlight shone on Tessa, she seemed like an angel with a bright halo
above her head. “To those who made time and came for my concert, I
appreciate the support you showed me by coming to my concert…” While she
gave a short speech before her performance began, the place was brightened
up with colorful lights.
As soon as she finished her speech, the silent atmosphere was filled with
thunderous claps. The audience’s reaction gave Tessa a boost in her
confidence as she smiled brightly. “For now, I’m going to perform a song for you
all. It’s my personal masterpiece, which is what I’m going to present to Gregory
and my unborn baby. It’s a gentle song that symbolizes our expectations. I hope
they can grow up happily and healthily.” Tessa rubbed her stomach and gazed
at Gregory.
While the hall was filled with thunderous claps once again, Tessa seemed as if
she was protected by an aura of motherly love. At the same time, Gregory was
clapping his hands so hard that his palms were already turning red, but
nonetheless, he didn’t feel any pain in his palms at all. “Grandma, this is a song
for me from Mommy. I’m so happy, Daddy.” He happily boasted to the adults
around him, feeling surprised about Tessa’s gift because he didn’t expect his
mother would write a song for him. Alright, this song is going to be the one and
only latest song for tonight! The boy said to himself.
When everyone else noticed the expression on Gregory’s face, their hearts
melted in sympathy. Nevertheless, Stefania and Tobias were instead surprised
to hear that Tessa wrote a song for her own son. Upon exchanging eye contact
with each other, the old couple shifted their attention to Nicholas.
Noticing his parents’ surprised gaze, Nicholas smiled and explained himself.
“Well, Tessa has been learning how to compose a song from Mr. Simon since
last year. Honestly speaking, she is a lot better than she used to be, considering
her efforts in perfecting every single aspect. In fact, who knows if she is going to
rise to fame after tonight? By then, she may even be out of my league.”
When Nicholas finished his words, Stefania felt bitter and somewhat unhappy
on the inside. After all, she had always been proud of her outstanding son,
which was why she didn’t agree with what he said. My son is exceptional and
excellent in every way. So, how is Tessa out of his league? Despite the thought
of that, she didn’t speak her mind. Although Tobias remained silent as well, he
felt the same way as his wife did.
On the other hand, Gregory, who was unaware of what was going on, noticed
the distracted look on his grandparents’ faces after he boasted about the song
his mother had composed for him. Thus, he quickly seized his grandparents’
arms and said, “Grandma, grandpa. Mommy is going to perform soon. So,
you’re going to have to pay close attention to it.”
“Alright, we heard you.” The old couple snapped out of their trances and replied
At that moment, Tessa was ready to play the violin onstage. As the soothing
violin filled the atmosphere, the mesmerizing music quickly amazed its listeners
not long after it was played. Soon, Tessa dedicated all her emotions to her act,
hypnotizing everyone with her impressive violin play.
Enchanted, everyone closed their eyes and listened closely to Tessa’s
performance as if there was a soul in the music. When the play entered the
chorus, the violin play became even more mesmerizing and soothing, as if it
had a story about how life was born and nurtured.
Nevertheless, Nicholas didn’t close his eyes and listened like everyone else.
Instead, he smiled and kept his eyes fixed on Tessa, who was on the stage,
without blinking, his gaze filled with love and sympathy. Meanwhile, Timothy,
who was sitting right beside the man, couldn’t feel any prouder of his own sister
for pulling off such a marvelous performance.

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