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Always Been Yours Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 The Mentor’s Support
“I said I don’t want to go. Why won’t you stop asking me that question? What’s
wrong with you?” The older man then glared at Kieran in a dissatisfied manner
and threatened his grandson. “By the way, you mustn’t tell your brother about
that matter, or I’m going to break your leg.”
While Kieran was speechless with his grandfather’s haughty attitude, Remus
glared at his silent grandson and asked him sternly. “Did you hear me?!”
“Y-Yes! Yes, of course!” Kieran responded nervously out of shock.
On the other hand, Mona was about to head over to Sapphire Grand Theater for
Tessa’s concert when she was just done with her training with Hathaway
Philharmonic. However, she decided to drop by Hathaway’s office before she
left. “Miss Hathaway.” She knocked on the door and walked into the room.
Hathaway gazed at the lady and asked in confusion, “What’s the matter?”
“Tessa is going to perform today, and she told me to give this to you. She hopes
you could be there to support her.” Mona then handed the invitation card over to
Hathaway as requested by Tessa earlier on.
In the meantime, Hathaway was seen with a confused gaze on her face as she
fixed her eyes on the invitation card without holding it. Deep down, she was
aware that it was Tessa’s concert that day, but somehow, she appeared to be
held back by something on the inside. Meanwhile, Mona seemed as if she could
read Hathaway’s mind and said, “You should go there and watch her perform,
Miss Hathaway. Tessa would be so happy.” However, Hathaway only remained
silent upon hearing those words.
Soon, a voice came from outside the door. “It appears I’m here just in the nick of
time.” Scott showed up outside the office, wearing a decent black suit.
At the sight of their visitor, Mona and Hathaway were stunned. “Mr. Brooks,
what brings you here?” Mona asked. Although Hathaway didn’t say anything,
she gazed at Scott in a bewildered manner, just like Mona did.
Scott smiled and replied, “Like you, I’m here to convince someone.” As soon as
he finished his words, he paused and turned his attention to Hathaway. He then
went on to persuade the lady. “You see, Miss Hathaway. Tessa has been under
your tutelage for more than half a year and was even once your favorite student.
So, don’t you want to see how she has fared and grown recently?”
Upon hearing the man’s words, Hathaway couldn’t help but feel touched on the
inside. After a few moments of hesitation, she eventually agreed to help out with
him. “You’re right. I should show some support to my favorite former student.”

On the other hand, Sapphire Grand Theater was crowded with people as
Nicholas took his parents and Gregory to the first row before they got seated.
Not long after that, they were approached by a number of famous music
producers and composers who walked up to them to greet them. However,
those people, including the likes of Simon and Louis, were only doing that
because of Tessa.
Stefania was stunned when she saw those well-known music producers.
“Nicholas, does Miss Reinhart know these music producers?”
Nicholas nodded and started to introduce those people to his mother. “Yup, she
knows almost every one of them. In fact, they all admire Tessa’s talent and give
her a lot of guidance. So, they are her mentors, as well as her friends.”
Gregory nodded and echoed his father’s words. “Yeah, they like Mommy.
Mommy is such a renegade!”
Stefania was stunned when she heard that. At the same time, Hathaway and
Mona arrived just when everyone was busy exchanging pleasantries with each
other. As soon as they noticed Hathaway’s presence, everyone, including
Nicholas, was seen with their mouths wide agape. Out of courtesy, Nicholas
responded with a nod as a gesture of greeting the ladies. However, unlike his
father’s calm demeanor, Gregory was so excited that he waved his hand in an
adorable manner. “Godmother, you’re here!”
“Hello, Gregory. Did you miss me?” Mona naturally hugged the child in her arms
in a loving manner.
At that moment, Stefania and Tobias were surprised to see the intimate
interaction between Mona and the boy, knowing well that their grandson would
usually keep a distance from strangers. Soon, Mona seemingly sensed the
probing gaze from the old couple and reacted with a puzzled look. In the
meantime, Gregory was sensible enough to notice the adults’ subtle reaction, so
he smiled and introduced Mona to his grandparents. “Miss Mona, they are my

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