Always Been Yours Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 You Should Believe In Yourself
Nicholas didn’t want Tessa to get too exhausted, so he tried coaxing her.
However, Tessa had other ideas. She went through so much to get on better
terms with Nicholas’ parents, so of course, she should work on their relationship
In the end, Nicholas had no choice but to suggest, “Why don’t you take them to
the theater you’ll be performing in? They can get to know more about your work
Actually, he had his own reasons for saying that.

Even though his mother had stopped mentioning Tessa’s job these days, he
could still see that his mother had opinions about Tessa’s job. He didn’t wish for
his mother to support Tessa like he did, but he hoped that his mother could
understand Tessa’s dream.
Tessa thought about it for a bit, then agreed.

The next day, when they were having breakfast, Tessa took the initiative to invite
Stefania and Tobias on a trip to Sapphire Grand Theater. Even though Stefania
didn’t like the idea of Tessa going through the trouble instead of resting at home
over the weekend, she still agreed to go.
They also wanted to know more about Tessa’s typical work day. Once at
Sapphire Grand Theater, Tessa did her best to serve as a tour guide.
“The architectural style here takes inspiration from the ancient palaces while
adding some subtle changes. It’s luxurious yet generous, and it’s also a famous
attraction in Vienna.”
Stefania looked all around her, and she actually admired the architectural style.
Tessa naturally noticed the changes in Stefania’s expression. She took the
elderly couple for a look at the stage and her usual training spots.
Soon, it was the day of the performance…
On that day, Tessa set out early for Sapphire Grand Theater to prepare. Even
though there were more than 10 hours before the performance officially started,
there were quite a number of people at the venue, and they were all bustling
As the co-stars, Tessa’s five seniors came as well.
At the venue, numerous journalists were doing interviews behind the scenes as
well. Backstage, the makeup artist and costume designer the orchestra
arranged for were at their stations as well.
As Tessa’s teacher, Sofia also came early to help.
She gave some people some work to do before walking up to Tessa.
Meanwhile, Tessa was seated at the dressing table, getting her makeup done.
She looked visibly tense all over.
Seeing that, Sofia chuckled and said, “Why are you so nervous? I’ve never seen
you so anxious on the stage before.”
When she heard her teacher’s teasing voice, she felt her tense emotions
relaxing a little. “This is different from before.”
Before this, she was performing with an orchestra, so the audience’s attention
was more divided. But today was the first solo concert of her life. Everyone’s
attention would be on her, so of course she was nervous.
Especially now when she was greatly worried that she might make a mistake, or
something unexpected might happen… All in all, she was terribly uneasy.
Sofia could see that too. She stopped joking and encouraged the young lady.
“You should believe in yourself. Also, remember how much effort you put in just
for this day itself.”
Tessa fell silent and reflected on herself. She realized that her teacher was right.
She had put in a tremendous effort for her big day, and she even sacrificed a lot.
Based just on those things alone, she would only allow the night to be a
success, with not even a smidge of failure.
“I know what to do now. Thank you.”
She raised her gaze and looked at Sofia confidently.
When Sofia saw Tessa regaining her confidence, she nodded in satisfaction.
“Well, what are you waiting for, then? Get your makeup done. You have a
rehearsal coming up.”
Tessa nodded, then gestured for the makeup artist to proceed. Later on, after
her makeup was done, everyone rehearsed for the last time. As for Nicholas
and the others, they were still at home, yet to make the trip here.
After all, this wasn’t the official performance. That would have to wait until
nighttime. Also, with such an important occasion going on, Timothy, the loving
brother, was definitely present.
In fact, he arrived two days earlier.
At the same time, Kieran was also supporting Remus as they walked out of the
airport. After getting in the car, he confirmed with Remus once again, asking,
“Are you really sure that you don’t want to see Nicholas and the others? Don’t
you want to see Gregory?”
At the mention of his great-grandson, Remus seemed to hesitate for a bit, but
he quickly recovered himself.

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