Always Been Yours Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 You Love Each Other So Much
After all, no matter what happened, Nicholas had the ability to cover for Tessa.
Fortunately, Stefania didn’t know of these thoughts of his, or she would feel
even worse. Even so, Stefania wasn’t too amused.
Noticing her sour expression, Tobias didn’t want her relationship with their son
to go south because of this. “Children can take care of themselves, so you don’t
have to worry so much about them. Nicholas won’t let any danger befall his own
“How can I not worry? It’s my grandchild we’re talking about. Also, you have
seen how much that girl went through these two days. What if it affects the
child’s growth?”
With that, Stefania couldn’t help but mumble, “Moreover, it’s okay if that girl
suffers, but in the end, Nicholas even had to take care of her. I’ve never enjoyed
that privilege myself.”
When she recalled seeing her own son massaging Tessa’s waist and legs so
gently every night, she felt a little unfair.
She had raised Nicholas for so many years, but she never enjoyed the same
Tobias was stunned for a bit, and then for an instant, he didn’t know if he should
laugh or cry.
He never thought that his own wife would be jealous of their daughter-in-law,
and he was amazed, but he could see why his wife minded it so much. After all,
they had never seen this side of their son before.
In the past, Nicholas would always put on a cool face, cold and void of
expressions. But at that moment, his entire body was radiating with a
humanistic glow. The coldness on his face had receded considerably as well,
and he would always have a faint smile on his face.
At that thought, Tobias said gently, “Actually, this is a good thing too. You used
to nag Nicholas for acting like an emotionless robot, right? He would always be
immersed in work, so now that he met someone he loves and can spend the
rest of his life with, it’s something good, isn’t it?”
With that, he reached out and took Stefania’s hand.
Stefania gazed at his gentle look, and for some reason, she blushed for the first
time in a while.
Back then, Stefania got together with Tobias due to an arranged marriage. They
married because they came from similar family backgrounds.
After their marriage, the two started off treating each other with distant respect,
and they gradually developed feelings for each other further down the line.
Slowly but surely, as the days passed, they began to get along better with each
Now that they were both advanced in age, he still got so romantic with her, so
Stefania was instantly a little embarrassed. Especially in front of their
“Just focus on talking and keep your hands to yourself. Aren’t you worried that
the children might imitate you?”
She glared at Tobias and moved to pull her hand out of his grasp, but she didn’t
Tobias gripped her hand tightly, his insistent behavior almost an exact copy of
“I’m holding my own wife’s hand, so I’ll be an example to them. I’m teaching
them to treasure their wives.”
Hearing that, Stefania felt even more embarrassed, and a suspicious red tint
bloomed on her cheeks.
Seated at the side, Nicholas smiled faintly as he watched the elderly couple
display their affection. He didn’t say anything, however. Still, if Kieran were
present, he might be complaining about the sudden PDA.
Gregory glanced around him, then clapped his hands jovially as he grinned and
said, “Grandpa, Grandma, you love each other so much, just like Daddy and

As soon as he said that, despite the embarrassed blush on Stefania’s face,
Stefania stopped struggling and allowed Tobias to hold her hand.
Tessa didn’t know what was happening. After she went to the orchestra, she
was immediately immersed in fast-paced training. Moreover, time would always
fly when things got busy.
Without realizing it, the elderly couple had gone overseas for an entire week.
For that week, they didn’t have anything important to do, but they spent it in
happiness and fulfillment.
After breakfast every day, they would bring Gregory to various places to
sightsee as they waited for the day of Tessa’s concert. Tessa, on the other
hand, felt a little apologetic. After all, her parents-in-law had been over for a
while, but she couldn’t properly spend time with them. That night, she nestled in
Nicholas’ arms as she discussed with him what had been on her mind.
“It’s the weekend tomorrow, so I have time off. I’m thinking of showing Dad and
Mom around. Which places do you think are better to bring them to?”
“That’s very thoughtful of you, but since it’s your day off, you should rest well at
home. Dad and Mom have been touring the place these days, and they’ve more
or less seen everything. You don’t have to worry about them.

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