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Always Been Yours Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Eunice Has Been Arrested
“Miss Wanda, I just got the news that Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer went to Vienna two
days ago,” the assistant said.
Hearing her words, Wanda frowned in dissatisfaction and said, “Two days ago?
Why are you telling me this now?”
However, she didn’t know that they had left in secret as they didn’t want to make
Remus furious.
Thus, it was only natural that the assistant didn’t know about this. At that
moment, she simply guessed and said, “Maybe it’s because they wanted to be
low-profile and didn’t want anyone to know about it.”
Even so, Wanda still valued the reason why they went to Vienna. So, she
asked, “Did you find out why they went there?”
“Yes. Apparently, they have gone there to visit President Sawyer and Young
Master Gregory. In the meantime, they will also be watching Tessa’s
performance.” When the assistant told Wanda about the information that she
had found, Wanda had a grim expression on her face.
Tessa is going to have a solo concert! What is Eunice doing? Thinking about it,
Wanda couldn’t suppress the urge and called Eunice again. However, the latter
responded neither to her calls nor messages.
“Could it be that she doesn’t dare face me because she feels guilty?” Wanda
mumbled to herself. Then, she felt that it might be it as she remembered the
solo concert that Tessa was going to hold. Then, she didn’t intend to contact
Eunice again and used all her time and effort on Tessa’s solo concert. It was
unsettling for her as she thought Nicholas’ parents would be there too.
“They can’t possibly have acknowledged her as Nicholas’ wife, right?” When
she heard her own words, she immediately denied it and said, “No, there is no
way that Mrs. Sawyer will accept Tessa because she values family background!”
However, it was also the reason she was curious about Tessa’s concert. Thus,
she opened her web browser and searched for information about the concert.
After all, Tessa was considered a famous person in Vienna.
Soon, Wanda saw much news about Tessa’s concert, but the report that caught
her attention was that Eunice had been caught.
“She’s been arrested?” Wanda was shocked, and she looked through the news.
However, the more she looked at it, the angrier she became. When Wanda
finished reading the whole thing, she couldn’t help but curse aloud, “She is such
a dumb and useless piece of trash! How can she destroy such a perfect plan? If
I had known how stupid she was, I would have set up the plan on my own. This
is such a waste of time!”
At that moment, the assistant was standing next to Wanda, waiting for the
latter’s order. When she saw that Wanda was furious, she did her best to stand
there silently as she tried not to attract any attention from Wanda, not wanting to
provoke the woman.
On the other hand, Tessa knew nothing about what happened. Since the day of
the concert was getting nearer, she had to practice at the theater from day to
night, which was exhausting. When Stefania saw a worn-out Tessa returning
every day, she became more and more opposed to the idea. However, she
knew she was not the right person to tell Tessa about this. So, she reached out
to Nicholas.
“Miss Reinhart has a tiring schedule every single day. Don’t you want to talk to
her about this? What if she pushes herself too much?” Stefania said.
When Nicholas saw the worried look on his mother’s face, a smile slowly crept
up. Then, he said, “It seems that you have accepted Tessa. Otherwise, you
wouldn’t be so worried about her.”
As Stefania heard his words, her expression stiffened, and she denied it. “Who
told you that? I’m just worried that if she works too hard, it would affect the
Hearing her words, Nicholas didn’t say anything more and nodded with a smile.
“I understand what you mean, but Tessa has always loved to play the violin.
This is also her dream. That’s why even if I’m heartbroken to see her in such a
state, I can only let her be. All I want from her is to be happy.”
When Stefania listened to Nicholas’ words, she had mixed feelings and felt that
Nicholas was showing off his love for her. In the end, she didn’t know what to
say and could only glare at him, saying, “Keep spoiling her, and she will step all
over you.”
Nicholas only smiled at her words.
Of course, I will pamper her. After all, I worked hard to let her be my wife. Even
if she is spoiled, I will be happy to oblige, he thought.

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