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Always Been Yours Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Don’t Be Biased Toward Her
“I bet they want to visit Gregory. After all, it’s been a long time since they last
saw him.” Kieran defended his parents and saw that Remus’ expression
Then, Remus huffed and said in dissatisfaction, “I wonder what is going through
Nicholas’ mind for letting Tessa take Gregory with her. After all, she can’t even
take care of herself as she is pregnant. Yet, she still wants to keep Gregory by
her side.”
“Well, Gregory needs maternal love at this stage in life. Moreover, he is willing to
tag along with Tessa,” Kieran said carefully, defending Nicholas.
Although Remus glared at him when he heard those words, he didn’t say
anything else. Seeing that he was not mad and their conversation had come to
this point, Kieran felt it was the right moment to make Remus change his mind
about Tessa. So, he braced himself and said, “Actually, I think you should watch
Tessa’s concert, Grandpa. To be honest, she isn’t as bad as you think she is.”
Hearing his words, Remus was upset, and he retorted, “What benefits did she
give for you to be helping her by complimenting her in front of me?”
“I don’t gain anything by saying these words. I’m just stating facts.” Kieran
smiled. “I remember that you used to watch her perform at Gregory’s birthday
party. At that time, you told us not to be biased toward her. However, you are
doing it right now.”
When Remus heard his words, he recalled that he had indeed said such words.
Then, after a moment of silence, he huffed and said, “Things change as time
goes by. How can this matter be the same as it was?”
“Why not?” Kieran asked. “You have seen for yourself too; Nicholas is now
married to her. Although Nicholas won’t necessarily go to the point where he will
cut ties with you if you keep refusing to be nice to Tessa, your relationship with
him will still be on thin ice. Speaking of which, I assume that Nicholas hasn’t
called you for a long time, right?”
As Remus listened to Kieran’s words, his face was grim. It was true that
Nicholas had not called him for some time. Although Nicholas had sent him
gifts, which there was nothing wrong with, Remus could still feel that Nicholas
was distancing himself away from him. Thinking about it, he was even more
upset but didn’t know what to say.
At that moment, Kieran also noticed that Remus was upset and knew he had
done enough. As such, he stopped talking and continued eating his food. At that
moment, the dining room fell into silence, and the atmosphere was heavy.
Kieran didn’t like it, so he decided to leave after dinner. “Since I still have some
paperwork that needs to be done at the company, I will take my leave first,
Grandpa,” he said.
“Wait!” Remus called out for him. Then, he said coldly, “Give me the invitation
she sent over.”
Hearing his words, Kieran was startled momentarily, but then he regained his
composure and nodded with a smile. “Understood. I will ask someone to bring it
to you later.” Although Grandpa didn’t say that he’d be going, by the looks of it,
there is still some hope, he thought At the same time, Wanda had been in a foul
mood for the past two days at the Muller Residence.
Previously, she had agreed to cooperate with Eunice. However, she was unable
to reach her recently for some reason, though she was not concerned about
her. Instead, she wanted to know how their plan was coming along. Although
Wanda had contacted Eunice once before, Eunice had cut her off when they
were halfway through their conversation. Later on, she never heard anything
from Eunice anymore.
Logically speaking, it was a good thing if there was no news. However, Wanda
was unsettled whenever she recalled Eunice’s tone and the information she had
told her over the phone. Moreover, she felt that Eunice would not give up that
easily if the plan backfired.
“What exactly happened? She can’t possibly be avoiding me on purpose and
wants to break our promise, right?” Wanda mumbled to herself as she couldn’t
figure anything out. Then, she decided to ask her assistant to keep her updated
on this matter when she went to the company the next morning.
However, she never expected to know the answer if she had just looked it up
online. Unfortunately, she might have been too busy recently to even think
about it.

The next day, Wanda arrived early at the company. Just as she was about to
call for her assistant, the latter knocked on the door and entered the room.

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