Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 54

Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 54

As I jerked to a stop in the staff car park, the scene unfolding before my eyes made my blood boil. As Micha tried to yank her away from Zoe, Casey clutched her mother’s clothes and wailed. Staff members attempted to separate them, and I tossed my door open and got out.

“Micha, what the f*ck,” I snapped at him. Zoe looked up, and I rushed over to her side, shoving her behind me and getting between them.

“Take Casey inside,” I told her when I noticed a woman come stomping over in a rage. Her blonde hair hung loosely in waves and her face made up looking like she was about to step into a photoshoot. She looked every part the perfect housewife until she opened up her mouth.

“Micha, grab the kid and let’s go,” She snapped.

“Amber, get back in the car,” Micha groaned, turning to face his mate. I pushed Zoe toward the doors of the Hotel. Before looking at some of my staff.

“Where is security?”

“The perimeter was breached. They are fixing the fence and out of radio range,” One of them told me. F*ck! I cursed under my breath.

“Like hell, I will. She stole my baby. I should be the only person having your Kid Micha. Now get Casey, and let’s leave. She is a rogue whore. Just knock the dumb bitch out. No one will care, and your father will get you off anyway,” Micha scrubbed a hand down his face, and I could tell he didn’t want any of this happening, but Amber was a nut job and also his mate. She was always loud and outgoing at school, but I was shocked to see how cold- hearted she was now. Micha turned to look at me and I glared at him.

“I’m sorry Everly, step aside. I want my daughter,”

“Want your daughter? Where f*ck were you for all these years, coming and going as you pleased, Casey barely even knows you,”

“Regardless, she is still mine,” He says, trying to shove past


“Wait, Everly? Is that you?” Amber said, finally looking in my direction. I glared at her.

“Holy shit, is you. Everyone wondered what happened to you? Your father said you ran away,” She gushed with tears in her eyes. Is this bimbo for real right now. She tried to embrace me, but I stepped away from her.

“Everly?” Amber said. I can’t believe she dared to look hurt in the situation.

“Leave both of you, or I will be forced to call the police,” I tell them when Micha made a run for the door and jerked Zoe back by the back of her shirt. She smashed against the ground before he grabbed Casey, and I moved to her holding her arm.

“Let her go Micha,” I snarled.

“This has nothing to do with you Everly, now stand down,”

“Like f*ck I will, now let her go!” I yelled, and he let go. He appeared shocked, and so was 1. My aura rushed out, and he paled, taking a step back from me, but it wore off quickly, and he snarled that I commanded him before he lunged at me. I shoved Casey toward Zoe just as he knocked me down on the ground.

“F*cking command me Whore, who do you think you are?” He spat, trying to pin me when my head smashed onto the concrete. I saw stars for a second, my vision going black

and I heard Zoe scream before hearing a scuffle. My surroundings blurred when he was suddenly gone from on top of me. Amber’s blood-curd ling scream made my heart thud thinking it was Casey or Zoe that got hurt when I heard the sound of flesh on flesh. I turned my head to see Marcus stand upright fro m pummeling Micha, who was curled in the fetal position on the floor.

“Zoe, Casey?” I gasped as Amber rushed toward Micha on the gro und. Marcus snarled, which made me look back at him as I got to my feet. My head was pounding and I could hear sirens in the distance heading our way. But I was too distracted by the look on Marcus’s confused face. He turned his head to the side, slightly looking around me, and I followed his gaze to see Zoe looking white as a sheet of paper, her eyes wide, and I rushed to her side and gripped her arms and shook her.


“Zoe?” Marcus repeated behind me, and her eyes were locked on his. I peeked over my shoulder at him.

“Casey’s mum, right?” Marcus asked her and Zoe nodded. I was seriously worried she was about to pass out with how clammy her skin went. Marcus yanked Micha to his feet by the front of his shin. Amber squealed and ripped at his shin.

“So you must be the father?” Micha nodded just as Marcus headbutted him. The sound of his nose breaking made me flinch, and blood spurted out when Marcus’s fist connected with his jaw. Marcus let him go, and he fell to the ground in a heap just as Zoe fainted.

Casey shrieked, and I only just caught her as she fell forward into me. Tires screeched to a stop as cop cars pulled up everywhere and Officer Richards jumped from the first vehicle. Marcus growled, and he backed up with his hand on his gun.

“Pull it, and I will end him, Richard. What will be?” Marcus growled at him. His entire body trembled as he fought the urge to shift and I looked back at the terrified Officer Richard’s who looked at his bleeding son on the ground at Marcus’s feet. Amber sobbed over the top of him.

“Whatever he did, I will see it is fixed,” Officer Richard murmured with his hands up.

“Good, make sure he stays the f*ck away fro m my mate,” Marcus snarled before stalking toward me. He grabbed Zoe, scooping her up in his arms while I stared dumbfounded. It now made so much sense. How did I not see that?

“I spent hours in the washing liquid aisle trying to find that scent, not proud to say it, but I even tasted a few, and all I had to was follow your daughter home, hmm,” Marcus said to an unconscious Zoe.

“Wait, Zoe is your mate?” Officer Richards asked, just as shocked. Marcus growled at him before holding out his hand to Casey, who looked up at him, his shirt drenched in her father’s blood.

“Come on, princess, let’s take mummy inside,” Marcus said to her. She looked over at me, and I nodded for her to go with him and was about to check on Micha when Marcus called out to me.

“You to Everly, leave the bastard Valen is on his way,” Marcus said as he walked toward the Hotel doors. I rushed ahead of him and opened up the door for him when he stopped and looked back at Officer Richard’s who was fussing over his son.

“I suggest you get him out of here, Richard. I left him breathing. Valen won’t for touching his Luna,” Marcus told him. Officer Richard motioned some of his men over, who were all staring at me oddly.

“Luna? But she is a rogue,” Amber blurted out.

“Shut it, you over-opinionated mutt,” Officer Richards snapped at his daughter-in-law.

My eyebrows raised at his words and two of the other officers rushed over peeled Micha off the ground, who groaned in pain.

“You have done it now, boy,” Officer Richards snapped at him.

“Ah, Everly,” Marcus called as he nodded toward the next door leading out the back of the restaurant. I shut the door and rushed over to him just as I did. Zoe came too, and projectile vomited all over the front of him.

“Well, not the reaction I was hoping for, but still it’s a reaction,” Marcus said while Zoe stared wide-eyed at him.

“You’re my,”

“Mate,” Offered Marcus, and she nodded like she thought he was a figment of her imagination. I was beginning to wonder if this whole scenario was a figment of mine too.

“And I just spewed on you,” Zoe squeaked. Marcus looked down at the font of his shirt. He shrugged.

“At least I can help you shower?” Marcus chuckled. Zoe nodded, looking at him like a dear stuck in headlights.

“You can’t shower with her. You will see her privates,” Casey said, and I completely forgot she was there. Great observations Everly, deserve a pat on the back, I thought sarcastically.

“Oh right, we will shower with our clothes on, can’t have that,” Marcus agreed with her. Casey nodded her head, accepting that answer.

“Want to see where we live I have all the trolls movies, and they have a TV show, Valerian doesn’t like to watch with me, but you can,” Casey said, tugging on his arm and leading him out. I followed them. My head was throbbing, and once inside, I flopped on the couch and called Casey over to me while Marcus went and helped clean Zoe up.

Casey rummaged through her movies, placing Trolls on, and I rested my head back on the couch and rubbed my temples. “Aunty Everly, is my dad going to Jail?”

“I’m not sure, sweety. Are you upset?”

“No, I don’t want to go with that lady. They tried to take me from school, mum drove really fast on the way home, and that crazy woman drove into the side of mums car in the parking lot,”

“She what?” Casey nodded, pressing play.

“Yep, the school went into lockdown, she said she was my mum but I already have a mum, the school locked me in a cleaning closet until mum got there and security dragged them away, but then they chased us,”

“No one is taking you from your mother, I promise,” I told her holding up my finger. I would sell the damn Hotel to pay for the legal bills if needed but I doubted it would come to that now. Casey nodded and gripped my pinky. “Why wasn’t valerian at school?”

“We slept in,” I told her just as the door burst open and Macey rushed in.

“Oh, thank god,” Macey said, running in and scooping up Casey. She hugged her tight.

“Where is Zoe? Woah, what happened to you?” Macey said, looking at me.


“You have a huge egg on your head,” Macey shrieked, and I felt my head before touching the back and wincing. Pulling my hand back, blood stained my fingertips. Great, that’s all I need.

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