Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 51

Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 51

Marcus drove me to Valen’s Hotel; I noticed the strange looks I received as I stepped out of his car. I waited for him before following him inside the grand place. People stared openly, and I rolled my eyes and fought the urge to tell them off. I stabbed the elevator button with my finger a little too viciously in my annoyance.

Marcus raises an eyebrow at me before smirking and shaking his head. Looking around the foyer while we waited, I made eye contact with a few people who stared in shock at seeing a rogue, anyone would think I had two heads with the way they stared, like I was some mutant. I stared back until they looked away.

“Not trying to cause trouble at all,” Marcus says, clicking his tongue.

“I am not the problem they are,” I tell him, and he nods. “It won’t be an issue soon,”

“It shouldn’t be an issue at all,” Marcus sighs. There was no point in getting into an argument over whose views were right or wrong. The elevator doors open, and I step inside; Marcus pulls a key from his pocket, placing it in the keyhole and twisting it before pressing the button to the penthouse. I tapped my foot impatiently, and Marcus bristled.

“I take it you are not happy with your mate,” Marcus chuckles.

“No, I am ecstatic he changed my son’s name without asking, that he pulled him from school earlier than he said he would and that he didn’t return my son like agreed,”

“That was sarcasm, right?” I huff, annoyed. When the doors open on the top floor, I head straight toward his door, ignoring the startled warriors lining the hall.

Before I could knock on it, the door opened, and Valen took a step back as I pointed at him.

“How f*cking dare you, you had no right to change his name or f*cking kidnap him, Is this supposed to make me trust you?” I bellowed at him, jabbing him in the chest. He snatches my hand in his tight grip before jerking me closer and surprising me by pecking my lips before I could stop him.

“Good afternoon to you too, mate,” he says with a laugh before letting go and walking off down the hall into the living room. I hear the door close as Marcus walks in behind me. I stalked after Valen angrily.

“That’s it, you aren’t going to say anything,” I demanded.

“Nothing to say; I didn’t do anything wrong, Everly. He is my son, and I can look after him for the night,”

“I’m talking About changing his name, Valen, and you know it,”


“What, no, I am here to collect my son and f*cking leave,”

“He is asleep, so keep your voice down, and secondly, I need your signature to change his name,” he says, pointing to some documents in front of me.

“I collected the paperwork for change of name and showed proof of DNA, but I need your signature to change it,”

“Shit, my bad, bro. I told her you done it,” Marcus says walking in.

“Do you not pay attention?” Valen growled at him. “Surprised, you didn’t just pay them off to change it?” I snap at him.

“It did cross my mind,” he admits.

“There is a pen,” he says, pointing to it beside the documents.

“I haven’t agreed, Valen”

“Well, you can break his heart then and explain why he can’t have my name too,”

“Too?” I ask, looking down at the paperwork. I read over it to see he had hyphenated his name. Changing it to Summers-Solace. I chewed my lip suddenly embarrassed at my ranting.

“I wasn’t trying to get rid of you, Everly. I just wanted it to say he was mine too,” he places a mug in front of me before picking up the pen and handing it to me.

“So please sign it,” I take the pen from him, looking at the ridiculously long name.

He talks to Marcus while I read over all the documentation before crossing out summer’s and adding my ID number and signature. I couldn’t believe I had just removed my name from his documents. Well, technically, it wasn’t my birth name but still.

Valen takes the documents and glances at them before seeing I scribbled out my last name.

“So, just Solace?”

“Just take it before I change my mind,” I tell him.

“Why, I thought for sure you would carry on over your name being removed,”

“Because it looks ridiculous, and I don’t want him known as Alpha Alphabet with a name that long. Imagine spelling that every time,” He appears to think for a second before humming in agreement. “Now, my son?”

“Room to the left of mine,” he says, pointing down the hall. He talks with Marcus while I wandered down the hall to get Valarian. I stopped next to the door before looking back at Valen and pointing to it, not wanting to accidentally walk into his without permission. He nodded, and I twisted the handle before entering. It was not at all what I expected to find.

However, I was shocked to see the galaxy wall decor stickers. For years, I had wanted to decorate his room, but he liked everything plain and simple. I once placed dinosaur pictures on his walls, and Valarian chucked the biggest tantrum and said I ruined a perfectly good wall. So I was shocked to see his bedroom actually resemble a kid’s room and not some showroom that looked like it was never lived in.

The light fighting was a moon. Stars covered the walls from his projection nightlight, sitting on the bedside table.

“Just let him stay one night?” Valen said behind me, making me jump.

“When did you do all this?” “Today, Valerian helped,” “He let you decorate it?”

“Yes, he even helped me pick; he wanted a room like mine,” He chuckles.

“You have stars on walls?” I laugh.

“No, I have grown out of that now. I also sleep with the light off, too; I am officially a big boy,” he chuckles, and I elbow him.

“No, I was telling him about my room when I was a kid while we were at the store. I watched him pick out the most boring stuff for a kid I have ever seen,” Valen says before shaking his head.

“You mean like his room at home?”

“You said it, not me,” I roll my eyes before moving toward his bed. His bedspread also had the galaxy on it. Leaning down, I kiss him tucking his blanket up higher. With a sigh, I stood up before turning to look at Valen.

“One night, and he has to go to school. If I get a phone call tomorrow saying he isn’t at school, it will be the last time, Valen,” I warn him. Valen beams like all his Christmases came at once. I shook my head, going to see if Marcus would run me home when Valen stepped into my path.

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