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Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 43

Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son Chapter 43

Valen POV

Well, that was not what I expected as we left the Cinema. What the heck did I just sit through? It was damn kids musical with rainbow-colored trolls singing about rainbows and farting glitter. Marcus found the movie far more entertaining than he should have. I wanted to drill my own ears out, but the girls loved it, and Valarian glared at the screen the entire time, not impressed. I was with my boy, definitely not my cup of tea.

“Will you stop sniffing her? You are creeping me out, ” I snap at Marcus as he places Casey back in the car. She fell asleep towards the end of the movie. Marcus spent the IAST and had to carry her out.

“I need to need to know the soap Everly and Casey’s mother use. The smell makes my mouth water.” He says, sniffing her hair again.

“Or maybe it’s her shampoo?” He says thoughtfully.

“There is something wrong with you, ” I tell him, and he growls at me, which makes Casey stir and jolt awake as he clips in her seatbelt before climbing into the passenger seat. Marcus started humming and singing along as Taylor belted out one of the songs from the movie. I raise an eyebrow at him.

?What? It’s catchy, ” He says, bellowing out the song like he was auditioning for the voice. His hands moved like he was orchestrating the damn musical. We stopped at the traffic lights and nearly jumped out of my skin when he tried to hit some high note, and the girls in the back stuck their fingers in their ears while turning my head to look at him.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Do you think it has a soundtrack?” He asks. I was about to say no, not wanting to hear a single one of those prancing troll songs again when Casey leans forward between the seats.

“Yes, it has one on Spotify. You can d******d it. Mum d******ded it for me,” Marcus turns, blinking at her before a devious smile splits onto his face, and he hands his phone to her.

“No,” I tell him before suddenly Casey was using the voice commands on his phone, and next it was bloody blaring through my car speakers. I growl while they all bop along to the lyrics I knew would be stuck in my head on repeat for the next few days.

” Right, that’s it, I am dropping you home,” I tell Marcus, unable to take much more of him encouraging the girls to belt out each track. I pull up out the front, and he pouts.

“Out,” I tell him, and he turns, ruffling Valarian’s hair, and he growls, trying to fix it. He then turns to the girls.

“Got any more movie recommendations,” “Frozen, Frozen, ” They chanted.

“It has a singing snowman,” Casey tells him.

“It’s a movie date, also. Ask your mother what soap she uses. I need to get me some that, ” He says, and Casey sniffs herself.


“Your clothes, ” He says before reaching over and tugging on her braid. He sniffs it. “Huh,”

“Maybe ask about which shampoo too?”

“Okay, weirdo, ” Casey says, and he jams his fingers in her underarm, making her giggle.

“What’s that? Huh, what you call me?”

“Fine, fine, you’re not weird,” She shrieks as he tickles her.

“That’s right, I am awesoooommme, and way cooler than Mr. Cranky pants here,” He sings before punching my shoulder. Casey and Taylor giggle before he hops out. I shake my head, heading back to the Hotel. I now had to take Everly to the doctors. Even if that meant kicking and screaming she was going, I would toss her over my shoulder if needed and drag her ass out.

Pulling up at the Hotel, Zoe was waiting out the front. I had messaged Everly when I left the Cinema to let her know I was on my way over, so I was a little peeved that she was waiting when her appointment was in fifteen minutes.

Getting out of the car, Zoe was already at the door and retrieving her daughter before she unclips Valarian’s belt before I had a chance to even get him out.

“Where is Everly?” I ask.

“In the kitchens helping the chef prepare for the dinner rush, Did they behave?”

“Yes, of course. Ah, Everly’s appointment?” Zoe bites her lip before pointing toward the restaurant.

“I don’t think she is going. She said she had to wait for an electrician, though Macey said she would handle it. Also, the dinner rush is approaching, and she has to sort out next week’s rosters; we have a few off sick at the moment.” I slam the door, which makes Zoe jump, and I didn’t mean to startle her, but I was livid. I specifically told her what time, and she insisted on working rather than looking after her health.

“You right with Valarian for a few hours, “

“Of course, he can help me in the children’s playgroup,”

“Valarian sulks. “Why can’t I come with you and mum?” He asks, and my heart twinged at his upset face.

“Because daddy is about to drag your mummy to the doctors kicking and screaming,” I tell him.

” But she said she would go? ” Valarian says. I sigh, and Zoe shrugs before grabbing both of their hands.

“Good luck,” She called over her shoulder as I stalked toward the restaurant. I shoved the doors open before walking into the kitchen, and Everly was rushing around doing god knows what.

“Everly,” I called out to her, and she looked up. The entire kitchen stopped and looked over at me.

“Busy, not now, ” She says, turning back to her task of helping the chef.

“Nope, ” I growl, knowing she was planning on ignoring me. I walk over to the steel table she was stationed at before grabbing the knife from her hand. I could see the wide-eyed kitchen hands looking at me, but she was going. It wasn’t up for discussion.

“What do you think you are doing?” She snapped at me, trying to reach for the knife I pried from her grip. I toss it in the sink.

“You have an appointment, “

“Rebook, I am busy,” She growls, and if looks could kill, she would have turned me to dust. Good thing they don’t. I growl back at her before grabbing her around the waist as she went to reach for another knife from the block before tossing her over my shoulder.

“Valen, stop,” She shrieks before punching my back as I start walking out.

“Don’t you dare; this is humiliating. I work here, put me down, “

Are you going to walk?”

“I told you I am busy; we are down three people today, “

“Wrong answer, ” I tell her before stalking out into the restaurant. Luckily it wasn’t filled for her, and I wouldn’t have cared if it was.

“I’ll walk, I will god damn walk, ” I ignore her, shoving the door open and honestly enjoying the view of her ass in my face; if only she were sitting on it.

“Valen, stop. I said I would walk, “

“Nope, I don’t trust you,” I tell her, walking toward my car when I feel her teeth sink into my back.

“Ah, you bloody cannibal,” I snap at her before biting her ass. I must say I enjoyed her shriek more than I should as she rubbed her plump ass. I swat her hand away, wanting to rub it myself, which earned me a growl as I ran my hand over her butt.

“Don’t bite unless you want to be bitten back,” I tell her as I open my car door.

“I can feel it bruising, ” She snarls before I deposit her in the passenger seat. I slam the door and point at her through the glass.

“Move, and I will put you over my knee if I have to,” I warned her. She looked at me before realizing what I said, and the look of horror on her face was comical.

“You wouldn’t, “

” I would,” I tell her before opening her door again.

“Go on, run and find out Everly, ” I dare her, and she looked like she was seriously considering it. I plug her seatbelt in when she folds her arms across her chest and glares out the windshield.

” Good choice, I spank hard, ” I tell her pecking her cheek and side of her mouth.

“You are crossing the line, Valen Solace, “

“And you are getting on my last damn nerve. Do I need to make you pinky promise from now on?” She rolls her eyes, and I shut the door before climbing into the driver’s seat.

“Wait, where is Valarian, ” “Zoe,” I answer, starting the car.

“By the way, we are going to registry tomorrow. I am changing his last name, “

“Like hell you are,”

“Hyphenate it then. Either way, he is getting my name,” I tell her, pulling out of the car park.

She never bothered arguing after that and remained quiet. When I pulled up at the Hotel, she looked at me.

“I thought we were going to an appointment?”

“We are. The pack doctor is coming here, ” I tell her, and she glares at me.


“Suit yourself, ” I tell her getting out and walking around to open her door.

“Which is it, Everly, I carry you or you walk,” her canines slip out, and her eyes blazed with her fury.

“I will walk,” She snaps before getting out and slamming my door. She stalks off toward the entrance.

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