Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son by Jessicahall Chapter 13

Valen POV

2 months Later

Her hands kept clawing at my clothes as we stumbled into my room. Her fingers fiddling with my buttons and her lips licking and sucking my neck like a leech. Why does every woman’s touch repulse me? I watch as she peels her dress off over her head before giving her a shove making her knees hit the bed. She tumbles backward, and I had to fight the urge to laugh as her arms flailed about. Yeah, that was s*xy, not!

Stripping my pants off, I climb on the bed and tear her panties off. She squeals at the sting of the lace, but I couldn’t care less. I needed to burn my anger off. Alpha John once again put me in a bad mood tonight. But I was already regretting bringing this bimbo home as I climbed between her legs, shoving her legs apart. I wanted as little of her touching me as possible, yet her hands pawed over me. Ah, let’s just get this over with. She was mauling every inch of me, wrapping her body around me like a damn octopus and trying to suck on my face like a leech.

I stared down at my dick, cursing it under my breath and willing the bastard to work. This was becoming embarrassing. I was going to be known as the limp dick Alpha. Why the F*ck was I having this problem? I have never in all my years ever suffered from erectile dysfunction. Did I break it? What the F*ck was going on with me lately? I thought maybe I was too drunk the first time, but two months have gone by since, and I still can’t get it up.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” The blonde piece I picked up from the club whines at me. I felt like telling her it was her clinging on to me and touching me with her grubby paws. Bloody whores are always all over me, yet I have had no interest in women lately, F*ck please don’t tell me I am going to be mated to a man ; it is too late to suddenly switch sides; I mentally curse my broken cock. They do nothing for me anymore. And her whining was beginning to aggravate me.

“Will you just shut up? Better yet, get the F*ck out !” I tell her, becoming annoyed. I don’t know if I was annoyed at my broken dick or her whining nasally voice. I should have known better than to hook up with an Omega, such cling ons, but she has nice tits. Too bad her personality was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

” Did you not hear me? Get the F*ck out,” I snap at her. She jumps from my bed, snatching up her clothes and darting out. Her eyes are wide and tear- filled. F*ck her ! When my bathroom door opens, I flop back down on my bed, and my Beta, Marcus, walks in.

“Man, you need to get laid. You have been nothing but a prick since that redhead was here.”

“What redhead?” I ask, tossing the blanket over to cover myself.

“You know the night you booted that rogue girl out of here, ” He says, and I try to think back to that night. That was actually the last time I successfully had s*x.

Every other attempt has been a failure. I prop myself up on my elbow.

“I think that bitch gave me a disease,” I tell him. “Huh, the rogue girl?”

“No, the redhead, that bitch broke my dick,” I snapped, annoyed. Marcus laughs, shaking his head.

“Well, go get tested or something, because if you don’t get laid soon, I am seriously thinking of quitting being your Beta,” Marcus says, and I scrunch my face up at the idea. No way was I getting anything shoved up my dickhole. Marcus turns about to leave when I notice how he is dressed. All done up like he is about to go on a date. Giving him the once over. He was an alright-looking man, I suppose. He gets about as much pussy as I do. Relief floods me when my dick stays dead, phew definitely not gay. It just means that bitch gave me something.

“Where are you going?”

“I have a date because my dick still works, so I plan on using it,” He announces to me. I growl at him, waving him off. Marcus chuckles and leaves; I watch as he walks out of my room before getting up.

I jump in the shower trying to wash my annoyance away, my thoughts drifting off the Alpha meeting a year ago. It was a costume party; she was dressed in a fairy outfit and covered in glitter . Her mask covered most of her face, but she had blue-grey eyes and plump, pouty lips. I felt drawn to her the moment she walked onto the dancefloor , the way her hips moved, and she danced like she didn’t have a care in the world.

I was like a moth to a flame, and we were both obliterated. I wished I knew the woman’s name or which pack she was from to track her down. I have not been able to forget her for some reason. She always randomly popped up in my head, and the way she looked riding my cock and the way her perfect tits bounced above me. I wish she had taken off the mask to picture her better, yet I awoke to her gone. She disappeared, and I had nothing to go on.

Peeved was an understatement. Usually, I was the one that did the morning dash before they woke up, but that woman was long gone by the time I woke up, just the faint lingering scent.

I awoke to Marcus sitting at the small table drinking coffee and smirking at me. “Cinderella slipped away this morning looking rather guilty. It looks like someone finally pulled one over the big bad Alpha,” Marcus had mocked me and then laughed, thinking it was hilarious. The one-woman I actually wanted to know escaped me.

Just the thought of her had my dick stirring to life instantly. I groan, looking down at my hard-on.

“Now you decide to work,” I growl, annoyed.

Getting out, I wrap a towel around me before mumbling and heading back to my bedroom. A growl escapes me when I see the Omega sprawled out lying on my bed. F*cking Marcus ! He must have sent her back up here. Looking down, it was still hard. I shrug. I will just think of my mystery fairy.

“What’s your name?” I ask her, and she looks at me like I just proposed to her, bloody Omega’s. I asked for her name, not her hand in marriage.

“Tatum, ” She tells me while shuffling to the end of my bed too eagerly.

“Well, Tatum, you have two seconds to either start sucking my dick or get the F*ck out,” I tell her.

She drops to her knees in front of me. Her hands reach for my cock, and she wraps her hand around it before wrapping her lips around the tip. I grip her hair before thrusting it into her warm wet mouth. I close my eyes, refusing to look down, knowing the moment I do, it will be over, and I will go limp again. Instead, I thrust into her mouth, thinking of my mystery fairy.

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