Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell Chapter 223

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell
Chapter 223 Thank You For Being You
After the Elders had been informed of Linus’s trial being scheduled for the following
day, and no new issues were raised, Ann and Lexi left the council chambers.
Lexi had seethed silently, a murderous aura exuding from every pore on her body as
Ann had tried to wrap things up quickly so she could get her friend somewhere
relatively safe so that she could explode without judgment. Ann glanced across at her
friend, who strode furiously forwards, the vivid crimson of her eyes still burning
“Do you want to go and hit things until you feel a little better?” Ann asked softly. Lexi
“Unless part of the beating involves a knife in between the eyes of those bigoted
motherf*uc*kers then I’m not in the mood.” She hissed, not breaking her stride.
‘She’ll probably end up pinning Allen to the bed and giving him the wildest night of his
life to cool off.’ Maeve sniggered as Ann sighed quietly.
“How about a drink? Do you want to go into the city and find a bar to drink in until you
stop caring? We can go and watch the pretty boy’s at the dance bar that you like?”
Ann suggested playfully.
Two things that never failed to put Lexi in a good mood were copious amounts of
alcohol and the beautiful men that frequented some of the livelier spots in town. It
wasn’t really Ann’s cup of tea, but she would do anything to ease her friend’s pain, if
only for a short time.
Lexi snorted again and stopped, whirling to face Ann.
“I highly doubt that Allen would approve of me gallivanting around town to drool over
the pretty boys that I can look at but not touch, and Adam will like it even less if I drag
my best friend along because she’s probably got a teeny tiny little bun or ten in the
oven baking that he helped to make.” She snapped.
Ann blinked at her friend in shock and stifled a laugh.
“A bun or ten? Goddess Lexi, are you trying to kill me? If I’m carrying ten pups I’m
going to be so huge that every time I stand up I’ll fall over with the extra weight! We
aren’t animals you know… physiologically speaking our pregnancies are much like a
human’s.” Ann explained, her mouth twitching upwards into a smile as much as she
fought against it.
“Well… I don’t f”**’g know the semantics of it, okay? I’m just being facetious.” Lexi
pouted sullenly as she folded her arms in front of her.
Ann sighed and threw her arms around her, pulling her into a hug, and although Lexi
stiffened and resisted it initially, eventually the tension dissolved from her shoulders
and she wrapped her arms around Ann, burying her head in her shoulder.
“Lexi, it will be fine, I promise you. We’ll find them and make sure that their poisonous
attitudes can’t spread any further.” Ann soothed as muffled sniffles came from the
position that Lexi’s face was buried in.
Thankfully the corridor that they were in was relatively empty, with only the odd omega
passing at either end and after a few minutes had passed, Lexi withdrew herself from
Ann’s arms and hid her face as she wiped her eyes. “You should be more careful,
Queenie,” Lexi muttered as she pointed vaguely to an area on Ann’s top, “I think you
spilled something on your shoulder. Careless of you to be honest.”
Ann snorted and smirked up at her.
“Yeah… I’m such a clutz. Whatever happened to my Queenly composure and grace?”
“f****d if I know,” Lexi shrugged as she turned and smirked halfheartedly at her, “You
never were very graceful though.” she teased.
Ann laughed as she grabbed hold of Lexi’s arm and they set off down the corridor
once more. “Are you sure there’s nothing that I can do to help you feel better? I feel
responsible for putting you in this situation and this is exactly what I didn’t want to
happen.” Ann grimaced.
“I mean… technically, if you want to be pedantic about it all then, yeah, if I had never
met you, I would never have been sucked into this… this… well, whatever this
b*ullsh*itte*ry is, but at the same time, I would have had a f”“*g miserable childhood
and would have grown into a bitter and twisted harlot with an insatiable need for a
different man each night,” Lexi remarked casually.
Ann side-eyed her as they walked and as soon as she noticed the look that was being
directed at her, Lexi jabbed an accusing finger in her direction as Ann held up a hand
in defense and laughed.
“Don’t.” Lexi warned as she tried not to laugh, “Don’t you dare say a word. You know
damn well what I meant without correcting me.”
“I mean… I don’t see much of a difference right now if I’m honest.” Ann smirked before
yelping as Lexi slapped her on the shoulder as they both collapsed into giggles as
they turned into yet another branch of corridors. “You know, I think I will go to the gym
to let off some steam,” Lexi announced suddenly with a look of determination on her
“Ooh! It’s been a while since we pounded on anything!” Ann exclaimed excitedly.
“Other than our men?” Lexi replied with a raised eyebrow as they both sniggered
conspiratorially. “I’m not sure you should be sparring in your condition though,
Queenie.” she continued as a flash of concern registered in her eyes.
“Geez, how many times do I need to say this? It’s not even been confirmed yet!” Ann
moaned in exasperation.
“It’s also not NOT been confirmed… if you get what I mean,” Lexi replied with a
meaningful look before continuing in a softer tone, “You know I’d never forgive myself
if I hurt you.”
Ann sighed and reluctantly nodded her head as they stopped in front of the entrance
to the training suite. “I know, Lexi.” she said softly with a look of longing towards the
doors in front of her, “I guess I’ll leave you to break the equipment on your own then
and I’ll go and find Adam for some ‘last night together’ fun.”
“Jesus… did you not already get your fill of him over the past few days?” Lexi asked in
shock with her eyes wide.
“I mean I did… but now… I don’t know. I guess confrontation kinda makes me horny.”
Ann shrugged with a grin.
“So it’s true what they say… it’s always the quiet ones that you need to watch. I
suppose you can go and have a go at breaking your mate then while I hammer it out
on the equipment.” Lexi quipped as they sniggered dirtily together.
They stood in awkward silence fora few seconds before Lexi reached out and took
hold of Ann’s hand, squeezing it gently.
“Thank you.” She said softly with a smile as Ann frowned at her in confusion.
“For what?”
“For being you,” Lexi replied simply with a shrug as she leaned in and gave her a
quick hug, squeezing her tightly for a second before releasing her and disappearing
into the door of the fitness suite.
Ann stood in front of the doors with a bewildered look on her face, before a faint smile
began to grace her lips.
Perhaps Lexi really was starting to soften up a little bit.
Whether it was the mate bond or the fact that she actually had the opportunity to
change things for thousands of others like her, Ann wasn’t sure.
But, she did know that together, they would be able to make so many changes that
would improve the lives for so many within the kingdom, and oppression of those
different from those who sat in positions of power would no longer be tolerated.

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