Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell Chapter 222

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell
Chapter 222 You are Wrong
The murmurs in the council chamber had faded to an almost deafening silence as Ann
and Lexi made their way to their allotted seats at the front of the room.
Although the Elders wouldn’t have noticed, as Ann took her seat, she picked up the
minute details in Lexi’s body language that showed just how uncomfortable she was in
this position, but she hid it well.
To the casual observer, she would still appear as the fiery and opinionated halfDaemon that people had heard so many whispers about lately.
“Thank you all for coming.” Ann’s voice cut across the chamber, echoing loudly above
their heads. “It’s not as if we had much choice, your grace. If you could give us a little
more notice…”
“Oh, it’s notice you want?” Ann smiled serenely although her eyes flashed with a
dangerous light as Maeve simmered below the surface, “Perhaps if you had cleared
the Rogues at the first instance then meetings wouldn’t have to be called so abruptly.”
The rustle of cloaks could be heard and awkward muttered apologies as they cleared
their throats and waited for
Ann to continue.
“It brings me no delight in pulling you all up on your shortcomings whilst you managed
the kingdom under my father’s rule, but it cannot be glossed over that the issues we
face now are largely due to your incompetence. My father, as terrible as his reign was,
was one man, there are close to a hundred of you Elders and you cannot tell me that
not one of you could act to intervene.” Ann continued levelly as she cast her eyes over
those gathered before her.
“As a result, we are currently facing attacks on two fronts..”
“We know this your Grace, and we have been working diligently to find a solution…”
“Have you?” Lexi snorted, her voice cold, “Because the attacks are still happening and
people are still dying.”
“There has not been an attack since before Felix arrived. Well, not one where we
suffered significant casualties. There is plenty of time to..” the elder sneered
disdainfully, his dislike for Lexi clear in his tone.
“So, the head of the Alpha that took care of the town of Elwood that arrived, wrapped
neatly, and presented to a current diplomatic guest…that’s all a lie? Perhaps the
blood-soaked cloth it was wrapped in was all a dream as she unwrapped it over
breakfast. Better yet… perhaps the inhabitants of Elwood are not in danger at all and
are merely playing a game of hide and seek.” Ann sneered as she cut off the Elder
that had raised his voice.
“I… we weren’t aware of…” He stuttered helplessly as he looked to his peers for
support but found none as they sheepishly avoided his eyes.
“Yes.” Ann replied with an almost mocking smile, “There’s a lot that you aren’t aware
of. If this has escaped your notice then perhaps the second attack within our own
borders has also failed to register on your radar of interest?” The elder sat down and
lowered his head under the intensity of her cool gaze and low murmurs began to
ripple around the room.
“What happened?” A female voice rose in concern.
“When did this occur? Have we responded, your grace?” A male voice rose from
somewhere towards the back.
As expected, the less senior Elders away from the front seats seemed to be amenable
to working with her. It was those that had never truly been sat at the helm of the
kingdom and had acted as they were supposed to in their positions, instead of seizing
what little power they could for themselves.
Ann knew that she would have to eventually reshuffle the way that Elders were
allocated their positions, seniority should not only be decided by the amount of time
you have held the post, it should also take into account the diligence with which they
conducted themselves in their roles too.
The blatant corruption would, however, take time to weed out. There was no quick fix
available to her at the present time.
“It was close to a containment facility. They called for backup and notified us that the
village was in trouble, fully anticipating an attack on their location at any time. Since
they first radioed in, we have heard nothing, and have been unable to reach anyone
there either.” Ann explained seriously.
The Elders were clearly thrown by this news, and the noise in the chamber rose
higher until Lexi grew tired of the incessant ringing of their voices and shouted above
them all for silence.
The noise dissipated almost instantly and with a satisfied smile, Lexi sat back, her
eyes falling on those who still offered their disgruntled whispers.
“A rapid response team has already been sent to the containment facility and we have
two teams being assembled as we speak to attend both sites. One will provide what
backup they can and to the team already dispatched and the other will head in the
opposite direction to the border and clear out the town, rescuing what survivors there
may be.” Ann continued, her voice soft yet commanding.
“We would have been able to arrange this sooner if the numbers of our men hadn’t
been cut so drastically.” Lexi seethed, “As it stands, we are pulling resources from
Dark Moon and a few other allied packs in order to make the numbers up and ensure
that our efforts are not hampered by a lack of numbers.”
A quiet scoff emanated from somewhere amongst the elders, and as one, people
visibly stiffened, terrified that they would be accused of the hateful noise.
“And what the f**k would a filthy half-breed know about the numbers concerning the
governance of a kingdom run by wolves. You have no place here.”
All eyes that were visible to Lexi and Ann were fixed on them. Even if they agreed with
the statements, the Elders were smarter than to announce it so publicly after Linus
had been imprisoned so quickly and the way that Cornelius was dealt with at the last
Whoever this was clearly had a death wish, and by the looks of the sweet smile that
spread across Lexi’s face, she was more than happy to fulfill it for them.
“Come up here and say that to my face.” She purred, her eyes searching the crowd
with interest. The sound of another scoff emanated from somewhere in the middle and
a second voice joined the first. “Do you think we’re stupid? No. Announcing our
opposition so openly will only end up with us imprisoned, or worse. We know what you
Daemon’s are capable of and it will be a cold day in hell if you think that we won’t fight
against this from the shadows.”
As soon as the last words fell, a group of about twenty Elders stood, all with their
faces covered as they turned and silently made their way to the exit at the back of the
“Don’t think that we will let this go, your grace. As much as you have the right to sit on
this throne, we also have the right to object to your choices. This is the true meaning
of the Elder’s council, to act in the interests of the people, and in our opinion, no one
who is not of our species can act in the best interests of the kingdom.” The voice rose
once more as they filed out one by one.
“You are wrong,” Lexi seethed as she stood angrily from her chair, “I have lived in this
kingdom since I was a baby, as have thousands of other hybrids! Who better is there
to speak for them?”
A dark chuckle answered her fury.
“Perhaps you should have been killed when your mother was.. .it would have saved
us all a great deal of trouble.” The voice purred as the figure stepped out of the room
and the doors closed behind them.
“Guards! Stop them! Find them and bring them to me!” Ann roared as the guards
leaped into action. She turned to her friend and reached for her arm.
“We’ll find them, Lexi, don’t worry.” she tried to reassure her but Lexi’s face was
twisted in fury as she focused intently on the door.
“Oh, I’m not worried, Queenie. I’m planning all of the ways that I’m going to make
them squeal just as soon as I get my hands on them.” She smiled as her eyes flared a
brilliant red, casting an eerie glow across her face that made Ann’s stomach turn in
She hoped desperately that this would not be the time that Lexi lost control of her
abilities. It would be devastating for everyone involved, including herself.

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