Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell Chapter 219

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell
Chapter 219 Reinforcements
Adam and Allen’s faces were stony as the door closed to the cell, and Lexi was still
fuming about Linus’s comments.
“Don’t let it get to you,” Ann said gently, “Those comments were meant to infuriate and
provoke us into a reaction. Most likely so that he can claim mistreatment at our
hands.” she continued with a grimace. “He’s a disgusting piece of s**t. How can an
Elder hold such a high position and still live by those archaic standards? It’s people
like him that make the world such a horrendous place for people with mixed heritage
to live in…” She fumed before pausing and turning to Ann with a sigh of regret, “I wish
you’d have let me rearrange his face just a little bit.”
Ann smiled wryly and raised an eyebrow at her as Lexi smiled half-heartedly at her.
“I would have settled for choking him until he passed out, you know…” Lexi offered as
Allen looked at her with a mixture of pride and horror.
“No, you wouldn’t.” Ann laughed, “You and Maeve seem to be cut from the same
cloth. You both make it incredibly hard for me to respond rationally and calmly when I
have you both baying for people’s blood constantly.”
‘It’s not their blood I’m baying for… it’s mainly their balls.’ Maeve interjected with a
smirk, ‘Castration is incredibly effective in softening the male’s attitude.’
‘Maeve, that’s horrific.’ Ann admonished, ‘People can change given enough reason,
but you have to give them a reason to change They aren’t likely to do that if you’ve
mutilated them, you’ve only given them a reason to hate you.’
‘Like I give a shit.’ Maeve snorted, ‘I’m merely saving future generations from having
to deal with their bloodline’s stupidity. Stupid shouldn’t breed.’
Ann pursed her lips and turned back to Lexi with a helpless look.
“It appears I stand corrected. Maeve wants them castrated… you want their blood.”
She shrugged as Lexi sniggered.
“Come on, now that’s out of the way, we need to catch up with Bartholomew and see
how many people are actually attending this afternoon.” Ann grinned as Adam threw
his arm around her and they made their way out of the cells.
They set a relaxed pace, chatting seriously amongst themselves about the council
meeting later that day and discussing the arrangements for the planned trial on the
next day.
As they turned the corner into the corridor that housed Bartholomew’s office, they
could hear the distinct tone of raised voices emanating from the office’s direction.
Picking up the pace they hurried towards his door and pushed their way in, only to see
Felix and Grayson involved in an intense argument whilst Bartholomew looked on with
a troubled expression. The arguing paused as they turned towards the newcomers,
and quickly attempted to compose themselves. “What’s going on?” Ann asked warily
as they entered and shut the door behind them. “You do realize that we could hear the
commotion from down the corridor?”
Both men’s faces were set in grim expressions as they bowed toward Ann and
greeted her stiffly. “Our apologies, my Queen, there’s been troubling news from the
border, and within our territories too, it seems,” Bartholomew explained with a troubled
“News? What news?” Ann asked with a frown, her heart hammering in her chest in a
painful mix of anxiety and fear.
“It seems that the rogues have launched another attack along our border. They’ve
taken the town of Elwood along our shared border and sent the head of the Alpha
wrapped in a pretty little box.” Felix fumed as Ann’s face fell. “It was handed to my
wife over lunch by an unsuspecting Omega as it was addressed to her.”
“Is she okay?” Ann asked before rolling her eyes at her own stupidity, “I’m sorry. That
was a stupid question.”
Felix grimaced as he ran his hand through his shock of hair.
“She’s a little shaken, but thankfully that’s all. She has a strong stomach.”
“That’s not all, your highness, one of the hidden containment facilities notified us of
the towns close by being attacked and requested reinforcements early this morning
and… well… there’s been radio silence since then.” Grayson interjected as Ann’s
mind whirled with possibilities, but in her heart, she was positive that the attack at the
containment facility had something to do with Narcissa.
“Have reinforcements been sent?”
“Yes, your highness, they were dispatched within half an hour of receiving the distress
call. Two of our rapid response teams have been sent and will report back when they
arrive.” Greyson answered stiffly as Ann paced slowly. “How far out is the site?” Adam
asked with a troubled expression.
“Half a day’s travel at least.” Greyson answered quickly, “The only issue is we’re down
to two rapid response teams within the capital, and releasing them to the villages on
the border will leave us with a shortage of specialists and relatively unprotected here.”
“So, you’re going to leave those people to their fate and allow those f’****g rogues to
take another town and kill more innocents?! For all you know there are women and
children still alive within that village that need saving!” Felix argued.
“For all you know, we could be playing right into their hands with this! What if it’s a
trap?” Greyson argued back.

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